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A Trio...Sold Out Show...Jimmy Stewart Story


Wednesday December 6, 2023


Here tis…first Hump Day in December. Wednesday and it’s a tad cool. High of just 49 today.



I wrote with these two talented folks you see below…Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Bearfield.  Both so talented and both so very busy these days. Lauren is writing all the time, is a part time nurse, and plays a ton of shows. Kristen works for the International Bluegrass Music Association and that takes a lot of her time but she still writes and performs herself, most notably with a wonderful girl group called High Road. It was great to catch up with both young ladies and then write something very fun together. Kristen brought her mandolin yesterday so it was great to have that on the little recording we made before we left yesterday evening.  Fun day always with these two.



Lauren Mascitti will be joining me and Steve Dean for a Christmas show at Reba’s old place at the “Grand Ole Barn” on December 21 here in Nashville. 8 pm show time, but before we play a note they serve up a great buffet. Call your friends, reserve a couple of tables, and come out and check out Reba’s old digs and see our show as well. Here's a link with all the info you'll need for this show. 



I found out yesterday this Saturday night’s “Hits & Grins” show with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier at Puckett’s in Franklin, Tennessee is completely sold out. Not a table left. So I hope you got your tickets in time. 



We’ll be adding a few Christmas songs that night, we’ll celebrate Steve’s birthday, and maybe he’ll bring a Ding Dong or two since we gave him so many of these at his pre-birthday party we had Monday evening. Maybe. 




So Uber Eats in somewhere will deliver food to your Christmas door this year in a festive way. Check out these bad boy reindeer.




An Alzheimer’s blood test could hit the market in early 2024. The test detected the common dementia with 100% accuracy in clinical trials and could be key in improving outcomes.


A new survey says most people in America’s Heartland will not get the COVID shot update.


The Federal Government says free COVID tests are coming to schools soon in an effort to keep it from spreading.





The sleep app “Calm” is now offering up a Jimmy Stewart bedtime story to help you fall asleep. AI has generated the late actors voice with permission from the family. His is aptly titled “It’s A Wonderful Sleep Story”. How about that?



I can’t wait for the “Don’t Wanna Sleep” app that features Gilbert Gottfried telling a bedtime story.



Disneyland in California shut down 35 rides Monday evening after a 3.5 earthquake. I’m sure the folks going through the Haunted Mansion blamed the ghosts. Pretty sure I don’t want to be riding the Matterhorn roller coaster while the ground is shaking.



A woman who was shoplifting in a Wal Mart store got arrested. She was trying to shoplift with more than 70 police officers who were there for their annual “Shop With A Cop” event. Yep…bad bad timing on her part.



In Michigan…near Detroit they built a one mile stretch of road that can charge an electric car while you drive on it.  The road is embedded with rubber copper coils that charges the EV’s. So if all our roads had that you could drive forever and never have to worry about finding a charging station. Wonder what they’d charge us for driving on a roads like that? 



Runaway Kangaroo In Canada Punches Cop In His Face. (And I think they found illegal drugs in his pouch)



I’m writing with Darin and Brooke Aldridge online later this evening. I’m so glad to see the success their having with “Wildflower Too” their current single that we wrote together a couple of years ago. They’ve got their first Christmas album out right now and will have a new bluegrass album out next year that we’ve been trying to write songs for over the past few months. We’ll try to come up with one more that might be in that pile for consideration when the time comes tonight. 



Have a great Wednesday!