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A Canada Farm Song...The Bluebird Cafe Show...Baseball in Nashville


Wednesday December 13, 2023


Wednesday is here. Middle of the week already. Sunny with a high of 57 here today.



Full day that started with a writing session with talented Andrea Pearson. Andrea is so danged talented as both a writer and singer. She’s a very in demand background vocalist and has sang and hung out with the biggest stars including folks like Celine Dion as I found out yesterday. Here’s an example of her singing.


Andrea brought a great personal story with her yesterday about the place she grew up in Ontario just north of Minnesota. Her family has a farm up there that they’ve had for generations that’s in need of lots of repair including an old barn she showed me a picture of. So we wrote a song about her old home place that she loved so much that I’m pretty sure she will add to a new album she’ll be working on next year. And she’ll be able to film a video of it at that old farm.


It’s easy for me to relate to that kind of sentiment as I grew up in a small town in Missouri surrounded by farms and old barns. I’m glad Andrea chose me to help her write this song with her.



We wrote yesterday at my publishing company in Hendersonville which is one of six areas that got hit by that Saturday night tornado. It was my first look at some of the damage. It looked like a bomb had hit in several place less than a half mile from Daywind Studio where I write. Tons of power trucks and volunteers were on several sites cleaning up. Just mind blowing the damage a tornado can cause. And a common thread of conversation now in Nashville seems to be, “when did we become tornado alley”…as it seems we get at least one every year now. 




It is always a treat to get to play at the mecca for songwriters…the Bluebird Café. And that’s where I was last night with three great songwriters. Father and son Barry and Will Hutchens and my longtime friend Jerry Salley. The Bluebird is set up in a true “round” meaning all four songwriters sit in a circle in the middle of the small intimate listening room. It’s up close and personal.


Gosh there were a lot of great songs and stories and laughs last night in front of that sold out room…that’s always sold out. Though I’ve written with Barry and Will who are from North Carolina I really had not had the pleasure of seeing them play and sing their original songs. They were TERRIFIC. Both have great traditional warm country voices and Barry plays great guitar. Just a pleasure to hear that.



And of course Jerry Salley just killed the room as he always does with one great song after another including the song “It Takes A Woman” that he wrote with Chris Stapleton that’s on Chris’s new album right now.


My wife was there at a table with my brother in music Lang Scott who’s married of course to Linda Davis who couldn’t make it because she was under the weather a bit last night. Get better Linda. And my co-writer friend Adam Pope of the Adam and Amy Pope duo was also at my table. Thanks to them for coming out.


People from all over the world come to Nashville and most want to see a songwriter show at the Bluebird…if they can get a ticket. I mentioned working in radio in Milwaukee last night and after the show I met a family who were there from Milwaukee at the Bluebird for the first time. So we shared a lot of Wisconsin stories as they listen to the radio station I worked for up there WMIL. They couldn’t stop telling me how great the show was last night.


So quite the fun musical evening in Nashville last night y’all.




The WHO is saying the earths rising temperature will make dengue fever a massive threat this decade. It’s carried by mosquitoes…and it’s a painful thing.


Research in the UK suggests eating green bananas can lower your cancer risk by as much as 60%.


A new study has found a strong connection between ADHD and hoarding disorder.



This one from comedian Jack Whitehall.


“I’m sure wherever my Dad is, he’s looking down at us. He’s not dead, just very condescending”.



iTunes just listed the most played Christmas songs of 2023.  Here’s their top 5.


5…DJ Play a Christmas song by Cher.


3…Wrap Me Up by Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor


3…Christmas/Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra


2…Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee


1…All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey


I know…I haven’t heard the bottom 3 songs myself.



I’m trying not to get too excited by I read this morning that our Nashville Mayor has been in talks with the Chicago White Sox owner. The Sox may move out of Chicago and if they do?  Nashville could be a place they land. The Major League Baseball Meetings were here in town at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort and reportedly Nashville came up a prime place for a new Major League team. Please!  Santa…make it happen! Sorry…now on to the rest of today’s Blog.



Get this. They’re apparently going to sell 2,024 pieces of the suit Donald Trump was wearing in his mug shot in Georgia. Each little piece will cost you $4,653. The proceeds will go into his political fund raising jar…I suppose. Hey…you can probably deduct in on your taxes. So you got that going for you.


BUT…do read the fine print. The company that’s supposedly selling it says in fine print that there’s no guarantee you’ll get it. Buyer beware.




Reality TV show producers are apparently eager to cast George Santos on some of their shows saying the ousted congressman would be a great villain on reality shows. Can’t wait to see him mixing with the Kardashians



But I saw gas at $2.40 a gallon last night near our house. Meanwhile in a more upscale part of town I was in last night they wanted $3.40 per gallon. Gucci folks apparently have to pay more.



A Chevron station sold not one but TWO winning Mega Million tickets in Encino, California. How is that possible?  No word if it was the same person cashing in but I’m pretty sure they’ll be investigating that. The payout is 477 million.



East Tennessee Aglow Over Growth In Nuclear Jobs. Yikes.



I’m cowriting with David Morris from out east who’s from out east. He was long time news correspondent in Washington and is now writing bluegrass tunes and bluegrass articles. It’s kind of like writing with a professor. We’ll have fun today chasing a new song.


Have a great Wednesday