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Warm Weather Returns...Lots of Deer...Roll Back The Clocks


Friday November 3, 2023


Friday morning and the first weekend of November approaches.  66 for the high with a low of 35 tonight but we’re going to hit 80 early next week.


That should make for a great outdoor house concert this coming Wednesday at the Lyons Den with Brent Burns down in Foley, Alabama!  Bring your chairs and your coolers and get ready to laugh with us.



Another day of rest but I definitely turned the corner on this lingering cold. So much so I got out of the house for the first time all week and the sun that was shining felt good. Helped make me feel a bit more normal. Pretty sure by the time this weekend ends I’ll be feeling like my old self again. I’m going to credit that steroid shot I got on Wednesday as being the solution…finally.



I did sit on the couch and watch the Texas Rangers clinch the World Series in Arizona. That too made me feel a bit better…having baseball to watch. Already counting the day until Spring Training begins. And I’m hoping my schedule will have a hole in it that might get me out to Goodyear, Arizona to watch the Reds in the warm sunshine.



Some good news on the cancer front. A new prescription medicine for treating cervical cancer has been showing positive results in clinical trials. It was linked to a 30% overall reduction in the risk of death compared to chemotherapy.


They’ve concluded that brain power dropped for the over 50 year old’s during the COVID-19 pandemic. And I didn’t have that much to begin with.


The FDA has banned the food additive BVO (Bromated Vegetable Oil) that’s a citrus drink additive that is or was found in many popular sodas. Most of those have already gone away from it by now.



I don’t know about y’all…be we got deer. LOTS of deer. And it’s not just us. In Hendersonville which is right across Old Hickory Lake from us they are reporting 40-80 deer per square mile. On two of their peninsulas it’s 80-84 deer per square mile!  The problem? Animal attacks, the threat of illness and property damage. And then there’s the amount of deer that run into cars on the highways…or vice versa. We’ve got an absolute herd that hangs in our front and back yards with a couple of big bucks. Bring a deer stand and put on some camo. But don’t tell my wife I gave you permission.



For those who love music on vinyl? This could be for you.



They found Sam Brinkman-Fried guilty on all charges over Crypto fraud charges. Sentenced to 110 years in prison. And the judge never allowed him to post bail with bitcoins either.



In February of 2024 magician David Copperfield is going to make the moon disappear. A trick he says he’s been working on for 30 years. The event will support the Save The Children Foundation. I’m placing a bet that when the trick has been completed 7 out of every 10 watching will ask, “How did he do that?!”



The Wizard of Oz debuted on this date all the way back in 1956. And it’s still fun to watch. I couldn’t sleep for a month after those danged flying monkeys showed up on our black and white screen.  Hard to imagine the film without Judy Garland in the lead role playing Dorothy. But originally they wanted Shirley Temple but smartly changed their way of thinking realizing Shirley did not have the vocal skill that Judy had. Wise choice at “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” would not have been the same.


And now there are so many great vocal renditions of this classic song. Here’s one I really love from artist Eva Cassidy. Just her and a guitar on a stool singing that gorgeous melody. Check THIS VERSION out.



Garth Brooks is a “go big or go home” kind of country rock star. We’ll get a little more of that when he opens his new nightclub here on Lower Broadway on Black Friday November 24. You’ll be able to watch the launch “live” on Prime Video. His bar is called “Friends in Low Places”. So instead of looking for a deal on a big screen TV…watch Garth instead on Black Friday.



And remember what my friend said who also suggested that I turn this phrase into a song…”Black Fridays Matter”.



Chris Stapleton is sober these days and he says he did it without going to rehab. Will power. I love what he said about this, “I got into a daily drinking contest with myself…and I lost”. Good for Chris.


A LEANER       

A woman was raging on her airline flight after she leaned her seat back and the person seated behind her kept pushing the back of her seat. She stood up and went into a rage about how she has a right to lean back her chair if she wants. And she obviously does as the Airlines refuse to change that option that annoys most passengers.


Anyone else get on a flight and pray that the flier in front of them does not tilt their chair back? I keep hoping Cracker Barrel will start flying planes. Better food and planes with enough room that everyone can sit in one of their rocking chairs. And every pilot can be named Uncle Herschel.



Advent calendars are selling like crazy right now getting ready for that Ho Ho time of year. If you have a beer drinker on your Christmas shopping list…this might be the way to go.



Connecticut Residents Report Feral Pigs Shredding Their Lawns. Surely there’s an easy solution to this problem. Think bacon folks.



Once again, a completely open day to kick what’s left of what’s been ailing me. But we have beautiful mid 70’s weather all weekend and it’s gorgeous in Tennessee with the leaves turning and falling. I see getting a little walk in outdoors today to soak up some more vitamin C. Next week it’s back to being very busy, so I’m going to take advantage of the downtime and the weather.


Don’t forget we roll back the clocks this Sunday so it can get darker earlier. Sigh.


Have a great weekend!


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