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Road Trip Packing...Back To Writing...Tattoo


Tuesday November 7, 2023


Tuesday morning and it’s packing day for the road trip to Gulf Shores that starts dark and early tomorrow morning. 78 for a high today in Music City.



We had some kind of perfect weather day in Nashville. Sunshine, mid 70’s and the leaves have turned. Gorgeous time for taking a drive almost anywhere. The view outside my window has a peek of the blue water over Old Hickory Lake, and the trees lining the shores are bright orange and red in places. Post card stuff.



And I had a picturesque drive out to Thomm Jutz’s place about 30 minutes from me who’s house is tucked in the trees complete with a recording studio. It was my first co-write in a bunch of days as I was gone and then came down with a long cold so it felt good to be back rhyming with someone again. And Thomm has become one of my favorite writers in town.  I had a start on an idea he loved so we went that direction yesterday and I could not be more pleased with the song. Thomm teaches songwriting classes here at Belmont and man are those students lucky to be in the room with him. So good.



Thomm played with one of my favorite artists for several years, the late Nancy Griffith. And he had several co-writes on one her award winning albums. So he got to play and sing along on big hits of hers like “From A Distance” as well as on some of the songs he wrote for her. Pretty cool.


It was a good day yesterday collaborating with Thomm.



I was glad to see this little package arrive in the mail…the new 4-song EP from my northern Missouri friend Becky Denton that includes a song we wrote titled “Houdini”. The song was born out of the idea of how “Houdini” the great escape artist could escape from anything. But, if you’re the girl in love with him you don’t want to let him get away. The recording turned out so great, so thank you to Becky and her talented husband Will



And a special thanks to arranger Bob Funamura for the incredible arrangement and production on our song. Take a listen and see and hear what I’m talking about.




Brenda Lee’s classic hit “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is 65 years old!  How can that be. Iconic forever. And to celebrate they recorded a new VIDEO of the classic complete with drop by appearances from Tanya Tucker and Trisha Yearwood.


My old guitar player David Powelson from back in the Missouri days played guitar around the world for Brenda for a bunch of years. He told me once that in Japan she’s still like a MAJOR rock star. And in more places than Japan. I interviewed her a few time, had the pleasure of having a pre-concert meal backstage with Little Miss Dynamite and David in Milwaukee when she was performing there. She could not be more down to earth or nicer.

So here’s to you Brenda…and here’s to Rockin’ round that Christmas tree for a lot more Christmases.



A study has concluded that drinking too little water is linked to several health risks.


Another study that smoking marijuana raises the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.


More research is showing that eating avocados with their high magnesium and potassium content is beneficial to those fighting type 2 diabetes.



A woman just got a tattoo of her new boyfriend and stamped it on her forehead. If you look up the word “optimistic” in the dictionary?  You’ll see her picture.


If she breaks up with him and folks ask whose fault it was…she can simply point at her own head. So she’s got that going for her.



Funniest tattoo song I ever heard right HERE from my crazy friend and comedian Heywood Banks who explores what happens when you get a teeny tiny tattoo and the gain weight. Check out the song.



Already. Apple decided to not wait until Black Friday. You can buy a 15 inch Mac Book Air online right now for $1,249. Computers are so fast and so good these days I’m at the point of if mine needs a repair of any kind?  It makes more sense to look for a deal on a new one…especially if mine has several years on it.


With that…here’s the computer question of the day.


“If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I had to reboot my computer. Oh wait. He does”.



Yep...a couple of new balloons will be flying high in this year’s Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade in New York coming up in a couple of weeks including this bad boy. Hopefully he’s not dropping flour while he flies.



Four Charged In Theft of Gold Toilet From Winston Churchill’s Birthplace. Yep. Cigar…gold toilet…goes well together if you’re the Prime Minister of a country.




Packing for the Gulf Shores trip. First show tomorrow night is the house concert in Foley, Alabama with Brent Burns. BYOB and BYOC…bring your own chair. Show time is 6 pm.



And Friday night will be special with our Freedom Sings USA gathering at the Flor- Bama to honor some of those veterans that we’ve written songs with and for.



 Including this song I wrote for Airman Christine Brooks who served in the Air Force making bombs and munitions and is now a nurse at the VA hospital in Clarksville. Check out her song and VIDEO.


Have a great Tuesday



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