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Poke In The Arm...New Song Release...Mr. Knight


Thursday November 2, 2023


Thursday morning arises in Music City. It’s just 29 degrees as I begin this blog early this morning but it will warm up to 61 and keep warming up for several days after. Back in the 70’s come the weekend.



It was one more day of cancelled appointments because of this lingering cold. I finally got so tired of feeling bad that I called my Doctor who got me in and gave me a little steroid shot combined with a prescription and the good news is I think I’m feeling a bit better this morning. What’s the old saying?  “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Yep. That’s how I’ve been feeling.  I’m grateful for a little relief this morning knowing I have four shows starting next Wednesday down in Gulf Shores.



I got a nice surprise in my e-mail this morning from Australian artist Alan Mackey who is set to release a song I wrote with him and young producer Angus Gill last year titled “She Always Danced Alone”. Sounds great!  And lyrically it sounds like a mini movie as it’s over 5 minutes in lengthy…which is long for a song. But it works I think as it kinds of draws you into this scene about a Spanish senorita who’s mysterious in the fact that she only dances alone. There’s a reason why that’s explained in the song. Australian star TC Cassidy is also singing on this record which is a treat and nice surprise. Thank you Angus for producing the heck out of this idea we wrote.



Can’t wait to share it with you within the next couple of weeks.



After spending a bunch of days with the biggest Jimmy Buffett fans down in Gulf Shores at the Meeting of the Minds, it’s nice to see that the CMA is going to tribute him at the CMA Awards Show on November 8. I’m going to have to tape it as I’m playing show that night with Brent Burns but it’s a really nice gesture from the folks producing the CMA Show that will be hosted once again this year by Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan





The put out an official video of his newest song “Bubbles Up” that captures Jimmy’s lifestyle. I don’t know if I know of anyone who got more out of life than he did. Check out this VIDEO and you’ll see what I mean.



Research is suggesting that getting a manicure is a healthy thing because people tend to talk to their nail salon tech person about their lives and that helps boost positivity, relaxation and more. Who knew?  Imagine how healthy one must feel after sitting in a chair at the beauty shop with Agnes.


Mayor Adams in NYC is drawing up a plan to increase life expectancy for New Yorker to 83 years of age. Right now it’s 78. No idea what that plan could possibly be. But maybe eliminating rats is part of it?


My Doctor told me yesterday her office is busy right now with folks dealing with a cold like I am or folks dealing with COVID or the flu. I asked if she had any RSV patients and she said, “thank goodness, no”.



I grilled a chicken for two hours yesterday. It still refused to tell me why it crossed the road.



The Texas Rangers took care of the pesky Arizona Diamondbacks in 5 games last night to become World Series champions. Too many big bats in the Rangers lineup for the D Backs to compete with. Congrats to them. And now my question is, “how many days until Opening Day?!”



One of the best and most controversial coaches of all time passed away yesterday. Bobby Knight was 83. I worked and lived in Indiana for a couple of years. He was legendary there of course. I saw his team play in the quarter finals in Cincinnati one year. I watched him as much as I watched the game.


When he threw that chair across the gym floor in one of his fits of anger? I wrote a parody of the George Strait hit “The Chair” that we played a ton on the radio, with tons of requests from fans to keep playing it.


I saw him walk into a restaurant on the beach in Malibu where I was covering the ACM Awards show one year in LA and every pair of eyes stared.


I agree with what a New York Daily News columnist concluded about him this morning when he said, “He was hard to love, impossible to forget”. RIP coach Knight.




Nice to see a truck equipped with a strong rear end isn’t it?



For Christmas buying? Probably not for all the Christmas ads that are already out there. One this morning caught my attention. Matching Christmas pajamas for you and your sweetie. Uh…I don’t see me doing that somehow. Anytime I see a couple wearing matching anything I’m suspicious about their intent. Probably just me.



Don’t just leave a bunch of Halloween candy sitting out front of your house without supervision…or bear spray.



A security expert suggests we use emojis in our passwords to make our passwords more secure. So my password now is…



250 Pound Dog Eats An Entire Chicken Daily As Owner Spends Nearly 5 Thousand Dollars On Food. (I’m guessing this is why some folks adopt gerbils as pets)





One more day of rest trying to kick what’s left of this cold. And I’ll be prepping some and getting ready for the Frank BrownSongwriters Festival that begins next Thursday down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach where over 200 songwriters will be performing.



Have a great Thursday!









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