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One Room Church...More Frank Brown...Upcoming


Tuesday November 14, 2023


Hello Tuesday. Another sunny day on tap with a high of 69. Mid-November?  I’ll take that every day.



I wrote with Brian White and Bobby Starnes yesterday at Brian’s place which is already decorated for Christmas!  The boy may need to seek professional help.


Though I’ve written with both of them this was the first time for the three of us in same room. We wound up writing a bluegrass-gospel idea I had titled “One Room Church” and part of the song paints a picture of the New Hope Baptist Church in Missouri where my family attended on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday nights, Bible School, revivals…basically if the church doors were open?  Our parents took us. Both guys can relate as Bobby is from east Tennessee and could picture his own small church and Brian is a major Christian songwriter so he was able to plug into the thought as well.



The song turned out great, and Bobby has already pitched song to a well know bluegrass group who he says is looking for songs like this right now. So, fingers crossed. But it was a good fun day to be rhyming together.



Still basking in the glow of the fun had at this year’s Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores. It’s always one of the trips I look forward to every year.


The night we had for Freedom Sings USA was especially memorable where this group of writers you see below sang a bunch of the songs we have written with veterans through the years on our retreats.  L-R is Bobby Tomberlin, Wood Newton, myself, and Mutt Cooper…ex-Navy guy.


And this second picture was also taken backstage with some great friends. L-R Mutt Cooper, Lauren Spring (great singer and member of the Krickets) Erin Salley and her husband Jerry Salley who’s the head of Billy Blue Records who I write for and myself.


And then there’s this VIDEO of my friend Brent Burns singing one of our songs “Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked, But So Does Beer” on the Flora-Bama stage with me and Victoria Venier. And you can see and hear how hard the audience laughed at this silly tune.


Yep, I came home with a years’ worth of memories for sure.



Here’s what I have on tap show wise for the rest of 2023.


Nov 16…Private House concert in Nashville


Dec 9…Puckett’s in Franklin TN with “Hits & Grins”.  8 pm show.



Dec 15 & 16…Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat in Chattanooga.


Dec 21…Starstruck Farms (Reba’s old place) in Nashville with Steve Dean & Lauren Mascitti. 8 pm show with a buffet prior as part of the deal.



The CDC is reporting that 22 toddlers were sickened by lead in 14 states linked to applesauce pouches.


They also announced testing for COVID, the flu and RSV will be available at 4 major airports now. Boston, DC, John F. Kenney in New York, and San Francisco.


A new study is claiming that standing AND sleeping are better for you than sitting. Get up and move.



Everyone else notice that the price of gas is going in the right direction for now? Down. $2.75 or so at some pumps here. Why it fluctuates all over the place is beyond me. Makes me want to buy one of those old farm tanks like my Dad used to own and fill it up with gas while it’s cheaper. Cause we all know it’ll go back up again. 



Great gas joke.


A newly engaged gal showed her ring to her friends. She says, We’re so excited! We registered at Shell, Mobil, and BP.”



Chuck E Cheese is getting rid of their mechanical band. The animatronic show that’s been as a big a part of that place as the ball pits. I don’t know if the Rat Band is going on tour or what the deal is. One California location will keep their band and that’s it. I guess if the Beatles could retire…they can too. 




Man that sport is everywhere. Now we’re going to get a huge indoor place in Nashville with 33,000 square feet that will have 8 indoor courts and a restaurant. Sort of like Top Golf except with paddles and an older crowd I guess.


I just don’t have it in me to try a ball-sport that starts with the word “Pickle”.



Uranus was brighter than it’s ever been they say last night. Who knew?  Nobody told me if I looked at Uranus it would be so bright. Not that I have ever wanted to look at Uranus mind you for all the obvious reasons.


Sounds like some kind of redneck joke don’t it?  “Hey Bubba, man Uranus is really bright tonight man.”



Some folks are complaining that Oreo is skimping on the crème filling they put in their cookies. Yes. They’re demanding more crème. I’m sure that’s especially frustrating for those who like to separate the cookie and lick the crème filling as opposed to those of us who eat Oreo’s the correct way by dunking the entire cookie in milk and then eating it.



I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a big fan of the Manning Cast on ESPN 2 where Peyton and his brother Eli watch the Monday night football game and have fun with their special guests. Last night Buffalo made a TERRIBLE mistake at the end of the game allowing Denver to win it with a second field goal chance after the kicker missed it the first time. Their reaction HEREshows why I’d rather watch them than the regular game broadcast with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Highly entertaining.



Jones Soda is offering up Turkey and Gravy Soda. You can’t make this kind of stuff up folks. Just $45 a bottle if you’re interested. But, if you order a six-pack I’m sure you’ll get a free side of giblets.



Black Friday sales on mattresses are on sale early…they’re saying. My question remains, is there NEVER a time when mattresses are NOT on sale?



I’m off to write with a couple of TV stars today. Alex Miller whom many remember from being on American Idol.


And Emily Roberts who was a big winner on “The Voice” on Blake Shelton’s team will also join us this morning. And of the two of them, Alex from Kentucky, and Emily from east Tennessee I’m not sure which one has bigger southern accent…y’all.


Have a great Tuesday!





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