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Clown Song...Bluebird Cafe Show..."Wildflower Too" Arizona Style


Monday November 20, 2023


Monday morning and it’s already Thanksgiving week. Some heavy rain expected in Nashville today with a high of 69.



Friday morning I got to write with one of my favorite co-writer Tim Stafford online. He was home in Knoxville after finishing his songwriter class that he now teaches for both Eastern Tennessee University as well as Appalachian State. Such a busy man these days. Tim was named “Songwriter of the Year” at the IBMA (bluegrass) and he and his band Blue Highway just wrapped up the second year of their big multi-day festival they hold in Stone Gap, Virginia. Big crowds. And he teased that he may invite me next year as they have now included a songwriter round at the festival. That would be fun.



We had a fun day of writing as I brought an idea about clowns and the circus and love all rolled into one quirky thought that turned into one fun quirky song.


Tim and I have had a couple of cuts together including this great cut “Details that was recorded by Wisconsinite Nick Dumas and his band Branchline. Pretty sure we have some more cuts coming our way in the future.



My friends and co-writers…and Father and son Barry and Will Hutchens reached out to me over the weekend and invited me to play at the world famous Bluebird Café on Tuesday night December 12 and I think our mutual friend Jerry Salley is going to be joining us as well. Always an honor to play in the best songwriter room in America. Every writer should get to play there at least once in their lives…it’s that great an experience. Keep in mind you have to act EXTREMELY quick to secure tickets as every show there sells out in a blink. I’m looking very forward to this.





The thing I like about writing songs is that you never know where they might land. Darin & Brooke Aldridge’s current single that’s getting played a lot right now is “Wildflower Too.  In fact I heard the host on “Bluegrass Junction” play it this weekend on Sirius-XM and then say he could listen to this song I wrote with Darin and Brooke over and over again and never get tired of it.


Well check this out. A young family group named “The Arizona Wildflowers” out in Arizona must have heard the song and fell in love with it too. Check them out on this VIDEO of them singing our song. And check out the very young upright bass player. Love him.  So cute. And I love what they did with this song to make it work for them.  There’s lyric in the song, the first line in the chorus that goes, “Grew up in Carolina” which is where Darin and Brooke grew up.  These kids sing it as “Grew Up In Arizona”. Love that. Way to go kids!




I just confirmed a date back home in Missouri. I’ll be playing the Gateway Country Music Association’s Winter Show on Sunday June 21 at the Wright City Lions Club near where I grew up. Show time is 2:30 that afternoon. I’ll be doing the second half of their show. The GCMA was formed by my second set of parents Dean Raymer (my last manager) and her husband Dodge who have been a part of my life forever. The association promotes traditional country music back in the Show Me State and is supported by membership and concerts like these. I’m a proud lifetime member myself and I’m glad to be able to go back and help the GCMA raise a little money.



At Yellowstone Park they’ve found some Zombie deer. First time ever in a National Park. Visitors are being warned to avoid the wildlife. CWD disease affects 10 to 15 % of the mule deer population in Wyoming and humans don’t want to catch that.


The flu is soaring in at least 7 states…ahead of schedule and its rising in other states.


The CDC is reporting that measle deaths globally have spiked 43% in one year. Wow.



Apparently nothing is allowed in this store.

Now Barbara Streisand and Cher are once again saying they will leave the country if Trump wins the election again. To my knowledge nobody who’s ever said that during any election season has actually followed through. And the bigger question is, would anybody really care if they followed through on that threat?  Don’t think so.


And here’s a funny question with no good answer someone once asked about elections. “Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for President and 50 for Miss America”?



Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You’re one of them.



I was saddened to read the Rosalynn Carter passed away at the age of 96 this weekend. No matter one’s political affiliation I’m sure most felt that she and Jimmy were kind human beings. And I think the two of them may have accomplished far more once Jimmy left office and they began their constant humanitarian efforts that have benefited countless Americans. RIP.




I Spent $300,000 On Plastic Surgery…Renewing My Driver’s License Is A Huge Hassle Now.


I’m writing online with Rick Lang today out in Maryland. We’ll be working on a little bluegrass-gospel idea he sent me yesterday hoping we can make something good out of that. I have one more writing appointment tomorrow morning and then it’s going to be “feet up” for a while right through Thanksgiving weekend.


Have a great Monday!













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