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Saturday Night Show...Reasons For Men To Cry...Coffee in Church


Thursday October 5, 2023

Thursday be here. A little rain in our forecast which will bring cooler temperatures with it. A high of 79 in Music City today.



I spent some time at my publishing company talking catching up with my publisher who had just returned from the IBMA Bluegrass Convention in Raleigh. Apparently they had a very large gathering this year of artists, writers, groups, publishers, labels, and pretty much anyone connected to bluegrass…and anyone who loves bluegrass music. Nice to hear that as the genre continues to grow and grow spurred by some great young artists like Billy Strings, Molly Tuttle, Sierra Hull, and others. 




So it was nice to get caught up on that, and hopefully my calendar will let me attend the event next October. Always good to sit with your publisher for a while and take stock of what artists are looking for songs and which songs are being pitched to those artists out of your catalog.



Show time is 8 pm this Saturday night for “Hits & Grins” at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee.  Danny Wells, a great songwriter will be taking Steve Dean’s seat as Steve will be in Arkansas for his Father Franks funeral. We’ll all be thinking about Steve when we’re on stage Saturday night.



Puckett’s has great food, and it’s a great listening environment as well. It is a Saturday night and they often sell out. So if you’re thinking about coming do make a table reservation. Here’s the link…hope to see you there.



The official Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival full schedule is out now as you can see below. Our “Hits & Grins” trio will play three shows there. One on Friday October 20 and then two shows on October 21. And then I’ll have one more show Sunday with another group of writers. Venues and details are below or you can find out more in the “Tour” section of my website.



I’ve been playing this songwriter’s festival every year with the exception of the inaugural year. Truly a fun festival to play, the venues are terrific, and Port St. Joe Florida on Forgotten Coast is a beautiful place to be in October. I’m looking very forward to returning there again in a few weeks.



The National Alert went off on phones yesterday afternoon and so far nobody has turned into a Zombie as had been predicted in a conspiracy theory…the latest conspiracy theory. Anyone who was vaccinated should have somehow been turned into a Zombie when the phone alert went off. Although after taking a nap yesterday my wife thought I looked like a Zombie when I rolled out of bed. So there’s that.


A new Iowa study says if you get vaccinated for COVID-Flu…whatever you should try and exercise for a bit afterwards and not just sit down and relax. The exercise they say helps maximize immunity.


They stopped printing COVID-19 vaccine cards. The CDC is no longer rolling any of those out.



Credit the powerful image of Toby Keith for this. His song “Don’tLet The Old Man In” just landed at the number one spot on the iTunes chart. This on the heels of watching him sing this song on the People Choice Country Awards last week. When the song first came out after it was used in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Mule”…it hardly impacted the charts. But now with all of us knowing how Toby is battling stomach cancer and watching him sing it?  It just made this song he wrote more emotional. And it shows on the iTunes chart.



I read a funny satirical piece from the Babylon Bee listing okay reasons for men to cry. And I love the Babylon Bee's slogan, "Fake News You Can Trust". Here’s some of my favorites of valid reasons for men to cry.


 If you’re a Chicago Bears fan.


At the Vietnam Wall or the World War II memorials.


When you manage to mow your lawn in perfectly straight diagonal lines.


 Field of Dreams (gets me every time)




The truth about trumpet players.



Apple just issued new software to deal with their new iPhone 15’s overheating. Although it is kind of nice to be able to fry and egg on a cell phone.



South East Technical College located in Carlow, Ireland just became the first college to offer a degree in “Influencer”. It was bound to happen. A lot of folks are trying to make money that way.


Now I’m waiting for the first college to offer a diploma for “Selfie” majors.



A pastor in Minnesota has stirred things up by questioning if drinking coffee in church is appropriate? I have no problem with coffee in church myself. I don’t go a lot, but the churches I do go to all serve coffee these days. And admittedly the caffeine helps get me through a boring sermon or two. You’d think churches would have more important things to worry about.


However, the one guy who was grinding his own beans in the pew in front of me?  That might not be appropriate.



Nothing of note on my calendar today so I have no excuse for not getting to the gym today. And on the way there I’ll need to give my Quick Store more of dollars as the Powerball just hit 1.4 BILLION bucks with no winner again in last night’s drawing. That’s the third largest Powerball jackpot ever.  I call it my contribution to state education.


Have a great Thursday









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