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Mo Mo Dog...Writing With A Fiddle...Birthday Girl


Wednesday October 12, 2023


Thursday morning with an all-day road trip in front of me. Up to 80 today before it really starts to cool off here in middle Tennessee.



I wrote with my “Voice” friend Emily Ann Roberts yesterday who had asked if it was okay for her talented fiddle player Jordan Larsen to sit in with us. Indeed it was okay. Jordan also plays guitar well so it was nice having him in the mix of a new song we wrote. Funny thing. When I walked through the door at Jordan’s parent’s house where we wrote yesterday he introduced me to his dog who was named guess what?  Mo Mo. Yep. The name of my first danged record about that Bigfoot in Missouri I’ve blogged about here several times. Too funny!  So with that, we hit it off right away and it was on like Donkey Kong after that. And we got a really cool song out of the day with Jordan playing fiddle on it. Bonus.




Emily shared that she and her family have been praying hard for some young folks who are in Israel in the middle of all that horror over there. They went over with a volunteer charity group to work and got caught in that complete insanity. So all prayers and hopes are that all of them are okay. That kind of news sobers up a day pretty quickly. I’m too simple minded to EVER understand why people can’t just get along with people. Never will.




I meant to wish my sister in rhymes and music Victoria Venier yesterday on her birthday but forgot. So “Happy Birthday” Victoria. She’s part of our “Hits & Grins” trio and we have burnt up a million miles on the road sharing laughs and shows and songs and I’ve managed to somehow endure her loud “ROLL TIDE!!!!!” whenever anything Alabama comes up. 



Victoria is a great singer, writer, producer, arranger, horse woman, marital arts expert, downhill snow skier and it goes on and on. Not much she can’t do really. One of my favorite songs she sings in our shows is one the two of us wrote with our “Hits & Grins” buddy “In Memphis”. She put it on the TnT Duo album which features her and Tabitha Fair who sings all over the world and in studio with the BIGGEST stars in the music business. Check THIS PERFORMANCE out.


Happy belated birthday Victoria!



One person won the 1.76 BILLION dollar Powerball jackpot last night. Wasn’t me. Sigh. Someone just north of LA is the sole winner. In the words of Homer…



Experts say to add cinnamon to coffee. It helps keep the heart healthier.

California became the first state to ban 4 additives linked to disease. Those would be words that for the most part I can’t pronounce. Brominated vegetable oil, Potassium Bromate, Propylparaben, and red dye 3.

New York officials announce legislation that links mental health issues in teens to social media use.



My wife and I took out insurance policies on each other. Now it’s just a waiting game.


Okay…one more


“It’s been 20 years and my wife apologized for the first time ever. She said she’s sorry for marrying me. Still. Progress.”



How about Alaska Airlines rolling out a coffee that they say will taste better in the air? That’s what they’re saying. I’m now waiting for a Scuba Diving company to announce they have a coffee that tastes better under water.



The publication Have Clothes, Will Travel just listed 11 cities that readers voted to be the most boring cities in the country.


They are:

San Jose, CA

Jacksonville, FL

Fargo, ND

Columbus, Ohio

Austin, TX

Seattle, WA

San Diego





I’m thinking some of these voters have not traveled to enough cities. I’ve spent time in most of these cities and I don’t get it. San Diego is one of my favorite cities period. To each their own when it comes to boring I suppose.



Disney just raised prices on a bunch of things…again. They raised prices on some things more than double what the inflation rate is right now. And a single day adult ticket to get into Disneyland jumped up to $194 per day!  Add $35 dollars to park with it. Wow. I see more trips to Chuck E Cheese in the future.



I’m on the road all day today. Driving with Victoria Venier to Little Rock for a visitation for our “Hits & Grins” partner Steve Dean's  Dad who passed away last week who we knew and loved. Frank Dean.


Have a great Thursday!




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