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Baseball, Buffett & Bluegrass...Talladega T-Shirts...Road Trip Today


Monday October 2, 2023


Monday morning and I’ve got an early morning road trip in front of me. And it’s October!


8 inches of rain fell in NYC a couple of days ago forcing subways to close and folks were seen wading in water INSIDE LaGuardia Airport Terminal. Never a good thing when you have to row to your gate to catch your flight.



Mine started Friday morning with a writing session that produced two new bluegrass up-tempo tunes with bluegrass-gospel songwriter Mike Richards. Mike brought in a verse to a song and I brought in a verse and chorus to a second song and we whittled away until both were written.


I mentioned in one other blog about how Mike is an appraiser. So much so that he’s appraised a few items on the American Pickers Show including a Babe Ruth baseball that he authenticated for the show’s host Mike Wolfe. So I took the baseball I had signed by the late Phillies reliever and World Series champ Tug McGraw with his son Tim McGraw’s signature on the other side. His eyes lit up, and he’s going to appraise it for me but asked, “how many of THESE do you think exist?”  I’m thinking not many.


So he’s a huge baseball fan like I am, has all kinds of sought after baseball memorabilia in his collection and I found out Friday morning what huge Jimmy Buffett fan he is with a collection that includes some very rare Jimmy Buffett songs and memorabilia. So it’s a REALLY good day when I get to hang out with Mike and write and talk music and sports.




Check out this snapshot of some guys at Talladega Raceway promoting the song I wrote with Brent Burns Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked,But So Does Beer that's on the Brent Burns CD "My Jukebox At The Beach that was named the Trop Rock Album of the Year" at Key West a couple of years ago.  Brent sells the shirts on his website if you’re interested. 


And thanks for loving our song guys! In the words of Darrel Waltrip “Boogity boogity boogity. Let’s go racing boys!



In last Friday’s blog I mentioned Toby Keith singing the song “Don’t Let The Old Man In” at the People’s Choice Country Awards. “Live”. I searched but could not find that video for Friday morning but HERE IT IS. I encourage you to watch. 

It’s emotional when you realize what’s really going on. Toby wrote this song for Clint Eastwood and the movie “The Mule”. So Toby wrote this BEFORE he got stomach cancer. He’s lost a lot of weight and is still battling for his life. So the words to the song pack a personal and emotional message now for Toby himself and lyrics are words to live by for all of us. We can’t slow down age. The end is inevitable for all of us. But life is so precious it’s worth fighting that “old man” death off as hard as one can. Savor every moment of life. Get up and do something every day. In Toby’s own words, “How old would you be if didn’t know the day you were born”?




A team of scientists at Rice University with the help of a large grant are developing an implant to cure cancer in 60 days with a goal of slashing deaths by 50%. Wouldn’t that be something?


A study says that climbing stairs cuts heart disease risk by 20% and may be better for you than counting steps.


Get this. The French government is combatting a “bedbug epidemic” in Paris and is urging calm.



It’s going on in Germany right now. And here’s the proof. My daughter Heather and son-in law Casey at a Beer Garden in Germany with a pretzel and a beer.



 My wife and I will get over there some time next year and a beer garden is a must see…though I think I’ll pass on the lederhosen. Although my son in law Casey makes that look work somehow. Prost!




Those who are into Halloween by now are already thinking about their costumes Some of the hottest costumes they say for this year will be Barbie (you’ll see a bunch of those wanting candy at your door) Taylor Swift, and Little Mermaid. (I’m betting you might see some Travis Kelce Kansas City Chief outfits too…standing next to a Taylor Swift shout “Trick or Treat” at you this year as well.


For guys Oppenheimer, Einstein and Buzz Lightyear are hot costumes.


Me? I’m not a Halloween guy. Not a costume guy. And it took a LOT of persuading to get me to wear this danged outfit a few years back with Linda Davis & Lang Scott



Happy Birthday to former President Jimmy Carter who turned 99 years old this weekend. He’s been in hospice for a while but he’s defying the odds right now and made it to try and blow out 99 candles. No matter one’s political preferences I think most know that he and his wife Rosalynn have done a lot of good in the world. Their Habitat for Humanity efforts alone are pretty remarkable.


And if it weren’t for Jimmy Carter I wouldn’t still have a can of Billy Beer laying around the house here somewhere.




In Arkansas over the weekend Cleovis and Arwilda Whiteside celebrated their 84th wedding anniversary. 84! Wow. Arwilda’s advice to those who are thinking about getting married?  “Pray”. She says, know how to get on your knees, and get you a bible because that bible is going to take you through all kinds of storms.” And yes, they are the longest married couple in the country.



And get you a cool name like Cleovis or Arwilda while you’re at it.


Then of course there’s this from a husband on marriage, “My wife and I are clear on this. I don’t control her life, and I don’t control mine”.



No winners again. The jackpot is now at 1.4 BILLION dollars. BILLION. Here’s some sage advice in case you’re the lucky one.


And I do love what this guy tweeted. “If I won the Powerball I would buy a new basketball team in Miami and call them “Humidity” so I can say “it’s not the Heat, it’s the Humidity”.



You could take some of the winning and retire like one Australian couple retired. Instead of buying a space in a retirement home they did the math and found out it was cheaper (and more fun) to just hang on a cruise ship. They’ve been on 51 straight cruises now. 500 days at sea so far and they’re not done sailing yet. A maid cleans your room every day, lots of food choices, cold beverages, free entertainment, and ports of call. I kind of get what they’re thinking.



Actor Tom Hanks is warning us that there is an AI figure of him selling a dental plan…or trying to. It isn’t’ Forrest y’all…ignore the AI guy.  It’s an online commercial, so you’ve been warned.



A woman has sued Disney World for a wedgie. Uh huh. She went down a water slide at Typhoon Lagoon and got a wedgie severe enough she says that she had to be hospitalized. I’m guessing the doctors used a set of tweezers…but I have no idea really. She wants $50,000.


Can’t wait to see disclaimer signs at water parks that read: “Beware, you may get a wedgie. Not responsible.”



I’m jumping in SUV with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and headed to Maryville, Tennessee over in the Knoxville area for a showcase for theater buyers in hopes they’ll love what we do enough to book us in some of their theaters for the 2024-2025 season. Wish us luck!



Have a great Monday!









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