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A Lulu Of A Night...Meeting of the Minds...Hall of Famers


Tuesday October 24, 2023

And a good Tuesday morning from Gulf Shores, Alabama. 79 with sun today. It’s been nothing but postcard weather since I’ve been down here on the Gulf Coast.




I made about a 5 hour trip from Port. St. Joe, Florida to Gulf Shores, Alabama and immediately stopped at the Shrimp Basket for their white fish basket that my brother Gary put me onto years ago. Little side of red beans and rice and I was fueled for the rest of the day.




I dove into MOTM the big Parrot Head gathering with my first show last night at Lulu’s.



I sat in with my buddy Brent Burns and we entertained a very packed house. Folks had to wait to get in.



We had such a great time playing some new songs, and many fan favorites that we’ve written and Brent has recorded through the years on his album. 



And I saw a LOT of old friends including Kevin King who programs CAT Country Radio over in Pensacola along with his wife Taska. He told me it was 20 years ago that I turned down his offer to be their first morning host at that radio station as they launched that new station on the Gulf Coast. I wound up at the last second getting a contract I could not turn down to be the Morning Guy for a second time at WUBE in Cincinnati. They were so good about it, and we have been friends now for all of those 20 years. And I am so happy for all the success that radio station has had.  I’m planning on making a trip over to see their new studios later today.


So a great show. And we’ll do another one this Friday evening at Lulu’s. 



Here’s my schedule for the rest of this week here at MOTM


Wednesday evening 9 pm show “Fools On Stools” at the Civic Center.



Thursday afternoon presenting the Trop Rock Award for best Trop Rock Radio Station at the Trop Rock Awards Show at the Civic Center.




Friday afternoon  I’m with Kelly McGuire for a set in his songwriter show on the beach at The Hangout at 1:30 pm.


Friday 3 pm back with Brent Burns at Lulu’s. 




Thank you Colleen Fuchs for snapping some of those pictures above of Brent and me performing last night. Colleen and her husband host a great house concert in southern Missouri that Brent and I played a couple of years ago. Great seeing you guys last night!




Of course every Parrot Head here in Gulf Shores is thinking about Jimmy Buffett whom we lost as he’s the guy responsible for the entire sub culture of Trop Rock music and fans.  And Lulu’s where we played last night is owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister Lulu who was in the house for a short bit last night. Nice lady.


With all of that came the news yesterday that they are going to build a new Margaritaville here in Gulf Shores. So Lulu and her late brother Jimmy will both have places down here.



The Country Music Hall of Fame added 3 new members this week. Tanya Tucker, the great songwriter Bob McDill who penned songs for Don Williams, Ray Charles, The Grateful Dead, and countless others and Patty Loveless. All three belong there without doubt.



One cool thing happened at the “live” concert at the Ryman to honor them. Bob Seeger surprised Patty Loveless by coming out of retirement to walk on stage and sing one her songs. Doesn’t get any better than that. Congrats to all three recipients.




According to a new study from Apple. Depression is 60% lower for those who play pickleball. Grab a paddle.


Research is suggesting that some acid reflux medication may increase dementia risk.


Experts are warning that mosquito born illness has crept back into the U.S. It’s being partially blamed on climate changes and urbanization.





It now costs 52% more to buy a home than to rent a place. Everything’s expensive. That’s why you may want to take advantage of the free “fries” every Friday from McDonald’s for the rest of the year. With a $1 purchase on Friday through their app you get free fries. Take those tremendous savings and go buy a house. You’re welcome.



Kim Kardashian is rolling out Skims for men. Shapewear to make men look falsely slimmer. A girdle for guys basically. I might wear one on stage so I can sing some higher notes. Maybe.



It’s not New York. I was surprised. Chicago has more rats than any other U.S. city…for 7 years in a row. Congratulations. Los Angeles is #2. Then NYC.


The only rat I’ve ever seen was in the Big Apple though. I was there covering the Garth Brooks Central Park Concert and while I was broadcasting in an empty hotel suite early one morning for WMIL Radio in Milwaukee a rat ran across the back wall. My partner Scott Dolphin and I gave a running commentary that morning “live” on the air.  You had to be there.



I’m a big fan of the old TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. It was popular. I didn’t know until this morning though that 1/3rd of the country tuned in to watch Jed, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie Mae.


With that here’s a great Jed Clampett line for the show.


Elly, Nature made you a girl, and here lately she’s been getting more and more positive about it.”



Fashion Designer Vera Wang Says That “Vodka, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts And Hard Work Keep Her Looking Ageless At 74. (Now there’s a diet I can stick to!)



It’s been hard on this baseball fan not getting to see the playoffs which has been exciting. I’ve been working while most of the games have been on. Last night at Lulu’s the TV’s were on over the bar so I could see the Texas Rangers defeating the Astros to get to the World Series. Tonight it’s game 7 for the Phillies and Astros and I have the night off…so I’ll be looking for a comfy seat in front of a TV.


That will be after a little run over to Pensacola to grab lunch at a great Irish restaurant McGuire’s followed by a trip to see the CAT COUNTRY new studios I mentioned above in the blog. Yep…another tough day on the Gulf Coast…but somebody gotta do it.



Have a great Tuesday!


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