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The Bear...Safe Haven..."Houdini"


Friday September 15, 2023


The weekend has arrived…it do be Friday all day long. 85 the high today but come Monday the high will only be 79!



I wrote a fun new tune with Jenny Tolman at her house yesterday morning along with her 7 month old baby boy Bear who is now crawling and reaching and making more noise. Too cute for the room. Always fun writing “fun” songs with Jenny who has a funny creative wit about her. She’s recorded one such song like that “If I Could Invent A T-Shirt” that we wrote with her talented husband Dave Brainard. Dave normally writes with us, be he had a recording session going on in their basement with an artist yesterday, while Jenny and Bear and me were writing upstairs. So a lot of music was going on in their home yesterday morning. 




That song that I wrote with Jimmy Fortune, Sydni Perry and Hillary Scott of Lady A has been a blessing in my life for sure, and it’s been a blessing for others through the years as well. The song was written about Hillary’s grandfather who passed a few years ago whom Hillary considered to be her “Safe Haven”.  Yesterday would have been his birthday and Hillary posted some great pictures of her with her grandad when she was little  with our song “Safe Haven” playing underneath those pictures on her Instagram post. 


That song is on on the "Love Remains" album recorded by Hillary and the Scott family with Lang Scott, Linda Davis and Rylee Jean Scott that won two Grammy awards. 


He was a big fan of hers as well as his son Lang Scott and his daughter in law Linda Davis. So proud to be a part of this song that continues to touch hearts and honor his memory.



My friend from Missouri Becky Denton just released a new 4-song project today titled “It Feels Good”. 



One of the four songs is a song the two of us wrote a few years ago titled “Houdini”. Becky sent it to me last night before the project was officially launched this morning and I was smiling as the song turned out so great in the studio. And her vocal I think shines on this dreamy track. Love it.  Thanks for recording it Becky!




The CDC has confirmed that the COVID vaccine prevents death in only 1 out of a million people.


Some researchers are saying that “being lazy” can help you live longer. Now that’s my kind of research!


Some doctors are now using artificial intelligence to help them know which patients have a higher chance of dying during their hospital stay.



It’s about to come ashore on the east coast. Looks like water will be the biggest problem and it’s appearing like most will get lucky. It was once a Cat 5 strength beast and that’s dwindled down considerably. A blessing. 


With that in mind…here’s my favorite joke ever about hurricanes.


What do a tornado, a hurricane, and a redneck divorce have in common?

Answer: Somebody’s gonna lose a trailer.



I give you this funny trailer song I wrote with Brent Burns…”DoubleWide In The Sky”.



That less than half the young voters are enthusiastic about voting for anyone this year. And 53% would consider voting for a 3rd party option. Can you blame them?  Hard for them to relate to a 78 and 80 year old candidate. And they’ll be older come election time. For them I’m sure it’s like voting for one of these two dudes.



It’s National Cheeseburger Day!  No mail, schools out….okay that might not be true but it should be!  At Burger King you can get a free burger with a $1 purchase. At Mickey D’s it’s 50 cents for a double cheeseburger. And the best burger deal may be at Wendy’s where you can get one for a penny.


And I’d bet on Monday Jimmy is having one in paradise.



Honda is rolling out the Motocompacto briefcase scooter. Just like it sounds. It will run 12 miles on a battery. Cool…but does anyone carry a briefcase anymore?  Maybe a backpack scooter would be more relevant today.




I’m writing with producer-writer-guitarist-singer Thomm Jutz today at his studio. Always a pleasure to be creating anything with him. Here’s a little sample of his work from an album he recorded with a mutual friend and co-writer Tim Stafford to give you an idea of his talent and music.


And then the weekend rolls in before a Monday morning trip to Indianapolis. More on that come Monday morning here on the Blog.


Have a great weekend!


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