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Son Of A Son Of A Sailor...Ohio Show...Botox Moms


Monday September 4, 2023


Happy Labor Day! 92 for a high here in Music City today.



Mine jump-started with an online songwriting session with Brent Burns who was home in Gulf Shores pre-packing for another great trip of his. This one has sixty something folks going with him to Greece and beyond, part land, part sail. And then he has a trip on the Canadian Railway across the Rockies with another great Trop Rock artist Sunny Jim, and then yet another trip with a bunch of folks to Hawaii with a couple of other Trop Rock artists. So you can see how tough my friends life is.


Brent had called a month or so ago with a funny idea that we turned into a song Friday morning that should make folks laugh when they hear it. At least we hope so.


If you’re coming to MOTM “The Meeting of The Minds” in Gulf Shores in a few weeks, look for me and Brent and some other fools on stools.



And there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll be adding another show in November down there. Details to come.




I got up early Saturday morning, logged onto my computer and got the sad news that Jimmy Buffett passed. Such a big fan. I’ve got every piece of music he ever put out. Recorded a song of his on the only album I ever recorded “Making Music For Money” that turned out to be the title track. I could share thoughts and memories one of my favorite artists forever. Instead, I’m just going to share what I posted on my Facebook Page.


Completely bummed this morning after reading that Jimmy Buffett passed. Gosh. I remember when a friend of mine way back when asked if I had listened to any Jimmy Buffett? I had not. He went home and brought back the first three Buffett albums. On vinyl. "White Sport Coat & Pink Crustacean", "A1A" (one of my favorite albums of all time) and "Living and Dying in 3/4 Time". I dropped a needle on them that night and was completely hooked. In particular I can remember backing the needle up and listening to "He Went To Paris" and "Pirate Looks At40" over and over again.


Because of radio I had a chance to be around him some. Emceed a show of his in Cincinnati at Kings Island once. And Cincinnati of course launched the Parrot Head movement. I interviewed him multiple times. Always sharp, always funny.


Did anyone ever have a better life than Jimmy? A lot will be written and said about him over the next several days. Here's my favorite thing he said. "Don't postpone joy. Embrace it". Boy did he ever. And he inspired a ton of folks to try and do the same. I'll see a bunch of them wearing flip flops doing just that in a few weeks at the Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head Event in Gulf Shores.


We should all be so lucky to live with the kind of joy he did. Thanks for reminding us Jimmy.



At 5 pm on Saturday a lot of Parrot Heads nationwide lifted their drinks to honor their musical hero. Think, “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”. And how ironic was it that he died from skin cancer?  76 and lived his entire life singing and living in the sun for the most part. I’m sure he wouldn’t change that.


So I spent a lot of time this weekend reading some wonderful tributes to Jimmy from fans, loved ones, Parrot Heads, and good friends. Everyone seemed to have a story of how he touched their lives personally or through his music and lifestyle that launched a billion dollar business.


One of my favorites came from Jim “Moose” Brown who co-wrote 5’Oclock Somewhere that was Jimmy’s first #1 record and it was with Alan Jackson. Moose in his post talked about how grateful Jimmy was for that song and even surprised Moose by showing up unannounced at a #1 party for the song in Nashville at ASCAP, one of the performing rights organizations here. Jim was on the piano singing the song when he felt a tap on his shoulder and it was Jimmy who sat down and sang it with him. He did stuff like that a lot.


And the best part of that whole story is the note that Jimmy wrote to Moose that you can see in this #1 plaque for the record. Made me laugh too! The note, if you have trouble reading it says basically, "Go out and buy some new furniture and a Lazy Boy. You're rich!"



I remember being SHOCKED when news came that Elvis had died. But the only other musician’s death that has saddened my like Jimmy’s was that of Glenn Frey because I knew with his passing that it was the end of the Eagles as I knew and loved them. Their lives intertwined. So much so that the Eagles chose Jimmy to present them into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Museum…and Jimmy gave this great and funny speech.


Jimmy’s song says, “Come Monday", it’ll be alright”. But it’s Monday…and to me and a lot of his fans it still doesn’t feel right that he’s gone.



That would be this Saturday night in Waynesville, Ohio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott at the Keepin’ It Country Farm owned by Richard and Donna Lynch who promote traditional country music at their venue. We’re looking forward to being there this weekend and hearing Richard and his great band as well. Get your tickets!




At least one High School football game had to be cancelled over the weekend. COVID. Again.


Over the weekend Dr. Fauci admitted to the lack of COVID evidence but wants us to wear a mask again anyway. The study revealed that wearing a mask during the pandemic made zero difference. Going to be tough to get a lot of folks to mask up a second time.


Research is suggesting that the common sleeping pill may reduce the build- up of Alzheimer’s protein.



A new poll just out says that the average American worker has not had a pay raise in 3 years. Well, at least the price of everything hasn’t gone up during that time right? Right.



The reason you see folks cross their arms across their bodies on a water slide is because you go faster AND it’s safer. No limbs dangling around that could hit something and get injured. Who knew? And I think if you duct tape your Speedo to your butt before you down a water slide that it prevent you from getting a wedgie. Don’t ask me how I know.




I want to share this great black and white photo my daughter Heather took and posted on her social accounts. This was taken at Europa Theme Park in Germany where she lives. Never thought you could take a picture of a danged roller coaster and make it look this remarkable. Good work kid.




Some Botox doctors are seeing an increase of Mom’s getting Botox treatments. Why? Because they don’t want their faces to look worn out in the pick-up line at school. Wow. Times have changed. My Mom had five of us. I’m sure she was worn out a LOT. No Botox back then. Mom’s solved the problem by having us walk home from school or take the bus. Pre-needle times I suppose.



“My Husband Would Rather Eat Expensive Eggs Than To Pay To Freeze Mine”. I got nothing for that.



It is Labor Day. So no laboring!  At least that’s my plan…and maybe I’ll do a little “Havana Daydreamin”. 



Have a great one.









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