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Mr. Miller...Fahrt...Bull Out The Window


Friday September 1, 2023


Friday morning…the beginning of Labor Day weekend and that means that you couldn’t avoid a mattress sale if you tried. 83 for a high today in Nashville.



I spent the morning with my young Kentucky friend from American Idol that Luke Bryan fell in love with during his audition… Alex Miller. I never know when Alex will be coming to Nashville because of his schedule being so busy. So I’ll get text every now and then where he’ll ask on fairly short notice if I’m open?  And I love Alex and his music so much that if at all possible I’ll rearrange my schedule if need be to make that happen. I had to do that yesterday and I’m glad I did as we wrote a really great “life lesson” kind of song.


Alex has been nice enough to record three songs I’ve been on a writer with him or some other writers, but his current single “I Know A Guy” that I did not write is just so good…and radio friendly and radio is starting to notice. Chicago started playing it some this last week, and those big markets are really tough to get for “country” artists so I’m happy for him. And I WISH I was a writer on that. Credit the great Walt Aldridge who wrote “Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde” for Travis Tritt and this great song for the great Earl Thomas Conley.


And on top of all of that Alex is truly a great entertainer-musician. If you ever get a chance to go see him…do. 




Idalia has pretty much come and gone…that means Jim Cantore has come and gone as well. At least for now he’s left Florida. As the “JimCantore” song says that I wrote with Brent Burns, “Its never good when he comes to town.”


However, he may be back as there’s a tropical storm named Joe forming in the Atlantic along with two other disturbances. That time of year when folks down south are “Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season”.



A new side effect of the COVID strain of Eris they say is night sweats. Something new to add to COVID symptoms.


And there’s yet another strain of COVID. This one is named Pirola. How bout we name the next strain “Go Away” COVID?


A new study tells us that marijuana users have as much as 20% of lead and cadmium in their blood and urine.



This one from my daughter Heather who posted this sign on an amusement park ride over in Germany where she lives now. I’d try to avoid riding in the back seat.  Maybe the word "fahrt" means something different in German...I hope.




With inflation being high 6 of 10 Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In the last month alone the cost of a beer in a restaurant went up 4%. Prescriptions and drugs up 3.4%. A cost to the dentist shot up 5.3% in the last month. And have you checked the price at the pump lately?  Average is 3.83 nationally right now going into Labor Day weekend. One needs a job that requires their paycheck to be adjusted with inflation to keep up.



A married couple on a tight budget were shopping in a supermarket. The husband picks up a case of beer and places it in the shopping cart.


The wife complained, “Put that back, we only have enough funds for essential items…not luxuries like beer costing $20.”


A little later while walking through the cosmetics aisle, the wife picks up a beauty cream and places it in the cart.


The husband says, “I thought we were on a tight budget and only buying essential items right?


The wife responds, “This item is essential. It makes me look beautiful”.


“Well,” says the husband, “the beer also makes you look beautiful and it’s half the price of that cream!”


Sort of like what this songs says that I helped write, “ExerciseMakes Me Look Good Naked But So Does Beer”. 



A woman over in Knoxville, Tennessee now owns the Guinness record for longest competitive mullet?  Competitive?  Is that an Olympic event now?  Her
mullett almost touches the ground. Last time she cut her hair? 1990.  Proof again that there’s a record  to shoot for EVERYTHING.



I grew up in a small town in Missouri. Lot of farm land. Driving on two lane and gravel roads I’ve been behind slow moving combines and tractors and chicken trucks and trailers full of cattle or horses. Heck, I’ve seen bullhorns on the hood of a Cadillac that Chuck Berry owned once.  But…I’ve never once seen this.



It happened in Nebraska. Someone called the police. The owner got some citations and told police that the bull was his buddy named “Howdy Doody”. He put a hole in his windshield so “Doody” could stick his head out as they drove around. Gotta love it. Imagine sitting at a stoplight, checking your rearview and seeing that behind you.



I’ll be writing with my beach pal Brent Burns online today in Gulf Shores. So I’m pretty sure something stupid is about to go down. Our big Fools on Stools event is coming up in October for the big Parrot Head gathering and we’re looking forward to that…all comedy songs…all night. And I THINK it may be sold out!




College football is back. I’ve got a spot picked out on the couch for Saturday. Watched a parts of a couple of games last night. Already that time of year.


Have a great Labor Day weekend!




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