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Indianapolis Showcase...ACM Awards...Disney Bear


Tuesday September 19, 2023


And a good Tuesday morning to you from Indianapolis. It’s 49 degrees right now in Indy with a high of just 77. Very fall like weather and nobody is complaining.



Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and I made the 4 to 4 and a half hour trip from Nashville to Indianapolis for a big Artist Showcase here where buyers from the Midwest gather and listen to a bunch of acts over the next couple of days and then book the acts they want into their theaters for next season. We’re one of those acts they took a look at last night at our 15 minute showcase at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indy. And we’ll be one more showcase for them tonight before going home on Wednesday morning. 



There are a lot of acts here from all over the country performing and a ton of booking agencies are here as well including ours Alkahest Entertainment out of Chattanooga. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was on just before us. Yep…a guy dressed like Lincoln delivery words of wisdom from Ole Abe. So that shows you how diverse the acts are here.


Another act was Rocky Peter who some of you may remember from American Idol in 2015 who did very well. He could not have been a nicer young man and it was fun to hang with him for a bit. He told us how great his American Idol experience was and that he loved the judges that year. Keith Urban, J-Lo and Harry Connick Jr



Our little show was at 8:50 here last night and we had the room packed with buyers, many who said great things after the show, so we hope that will convert to them adding us for some of their concert series. One in particular came up to me telling me he had a theater in a very small town in Iowa and had found me on the internet and was a fan and how much he loved our show. So I’m hoping he’ll bring us up there which might allow me to kick one more thing off the bucket list and go see the Field of Dreams baseball sight up there in Iowa!  Here’s hoping.



It was cool for me to be back in Indianapolis after working for two short years here on the morning show at WFMS Radio. Been awhile, so it was great seeing the War Monument downtown and hitting some of the great restaurants. My wife and I and our daughter have some great memories of city. The Colts, the Pacers, the Indy 500, their great State Fair where I flew in the Burger King Whopper hot air balloon once all the while broadcasting “live” while I was floating above the State Fair, and we certainly enjoyed visiting the downtown area and all it has to offer. Indianapolis is kind of sneaky great if you’ve never been. Oh, and did I mention they also have a couple of Skyline Chili parlors?




A study reveals that physically demanding jobs increase one’s odds to contract dementia. Salespeople, nursing assistants, farmers were all near or at the top of the list of those kind of jobs.


Another study reveals that morning workouts between 7-9 am are better for losing weight than other dayparts.


According to the Mayo Clinic a healthy diet that includes nuts enhance artery health, reduces inflammation related to heart disease, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and more. So open a jar of Jiffy for me.



How about the black bear that wandered into the Magic Kingdom and climbed a tree forcing the park to close down the rides for a bit until they could safely move him?  And no it was not one of these bears.



 It was the real deal black bear which are prevalent in Florida. You just don’t see many at Disney World. A little extra bonus for that expensive ticket folks paid for.



The MGM hotel in Vegas is losing as much as 8.1 million a day from that cyber-attack hotels have been forced to deal with there. Slot machines in particular have been hit hard. Hard enough to win money in Vegas even with no cyber-attack going on.


I’m more of a craps player if I’m in a Casino…and it’s been a long time. The great thing about craps is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time before you’re out of chips. Sigh. There’s a reason they call the game “craps” because that’s usually the word coming out of my mouth after the dice stop rolling.



These days I roll the dice on a Powerball ticket when the payoff gets so large that I have zero chance of winning. Right now the pot is at 631 million so I’ll be donating my money once again. They should send me a thank you card.



Katy Perry just sold her catalog of songs for a pretty penny. A LOT of pennies. It sold for 225 million bucks. Wow. I’ve got a catalog of music as well. If anyone is interested in buying?  I’ll take a lot less. A LOT less.



Pretty sure I’ll stop tweeting soon as Elon Musk is saying he will start charging us a monthly fee to tweet anything on what is now called X. Pretty sure you’ll see a lot of last tweets saying “bye” once that happens.



An article reveals that Gen Z drivers feel the urge to check their phone every 15 minutes. I can only figure they’re trying to “tweet” something before they start getting charged for that.  



One more showcase tonight at 8:20 at the Hyatt with our “Evening in the Round” show. Wish us luck.



Have a great Tuesday!


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