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Knoxville Girls Rhyming...Apple On The Tree...Big Coaster


Tuesday August 22, 2023


Tuesday morning is rising up hot and steamy in Nashville. 97 degrees today. But…we’re better off than a lot of folks. Hurricane Hillary is dumping a bunch of water in the West-Southwest. Tropical storm Harold is edging up to Texas, and 144 million Americans are under a heat alert. So with that in mind, no complaining AND I’d like to thank whoever invented AC.



What fun morning writing a new up tempo quirky little bluegrass tune with Emily Ann Roberts an Addie Levy yesterday. Addie brought her fiddle, and the tune we wrote needs a LOT of fiddle in it so it was great that it was sitting in her car so she could go get it and saw away on the song.


Addie and Emily Ann are both from the Knoxville area originally. Addie has played since she was very young at Dollywood and still does every now and then but she’s moved to Nashville and is playing and sitting in with several bands. Only a matter of time before some big artist grabs her to play in their band.



And Emily Ann is so fun, sings crazy good, a “Voice” winner and she’s excited because her new album is out in just a few weeks now. Here’s a song off that album that I love. “Whole Lotta Little.”


Hard to call what we did yesterday “work”…too much fun to call it that.



Speaking of fun. Nana Mascitti who raised my young friend and co-writer Lauren Mascitti and is her running buddy, filmed me at the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg this past weekend singing a song that Lauren and I wrote with the great Jimmy FortuneApple On The Tree”. It made folks laugh big time. Listen and watch and you can laugh too.





December 15 & 16  I’ll be in Chattanooga with Freedom Sings USA writing once again with our veterans. The details will be up on my calendar here on the website very soon including info about the concert Saturday night December 16 when the songwriters sing the songs we’ll write with those veterans. 




A Pfizer vaccine is the first to win FDA approval for pregnant women to prevent RSV in babies.


Lionsgate…the movies studio in LA have rolled out mask mandates again for their employees. Here we go again.


A study is showing that MRI scans for prostate cancer could lead to a major cut in deaths in men over 50.



A guys admits, “I don’t control her life, and I don’t control mine.” Aww…the secret to a long marriage.



I’m going to have to really save up. This new Rolls Royce was yacht inspired they say. It shows in the price tag. 30 million bucks folks. That means I’ll have to keep driving a vehicle that was inspired by a canoe.




The folks that know about these things just listed Boca Grande as the best small beach. Located in Florida south of Tampa it’s an  island beach community. Expensive. But beautiful. 



I played there last year with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as we did two shows. We weren’t there long enough to see all of the island, but when we woke up for coffee the morning after our shows there we were treated to a beautiful sunrise over the water and dock that were part of the little hotel we stayed at. And it was enough to make all of us hope we get booked there again so we can spend a little mor time there.



Last night some folks going to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game were admitted for the first time by facial recognition. No ticket needed. They’re calling it “Go Ahead Entry”. Wow. Getting crazy out there. Some sports fans like to collect a real ticket as a souvenir. I’ve got a couple of Super Bowl tickets I’ve hung onto myself somewhere. Might be the end of that on the horizon.



That Americans want a minimum of $80,000 a year now to switch jobs. I came to learn that one never really knows what their worth until someone else tries to hire them. Leverage is a very good thing.



Cedar Point Amusement Park in Cleveland is the place to go for roller coaster enthusiasts. And they are getting ready to all Top Thrill 2 next year, a new coaster that will most surely put your heart in your throat. It features a weightless backwards fall of 420 feet!  Check this bad boy out. And if you go, might want to take a paper bag.




I’ll be rhyming with my friend Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania in  a few minutes on the computer. Troy and I have written a bunch of songs together, and STILL we have not met face to face. It’s funny how you can make close friends on an Apple Mac Book Pro.



Have a great Tuesday!





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