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House Concert Saturday...Funny Song Project...Baseball In Nashville?


Wednesday August 23, 2023


A “hot” Hump Day coming at ya from Nashville. 99 for a high.



I was online with Pennsylvania bluegrass friend Troy Engle writing a new bluegrass tune that turned out great. Troy is one of those guys who can pretty much play every instrument with strings attached. And sing. And write. And produce records. Unreal. He’s played for several big name artists in his career including the late Tom T. Hall who we both loved. These days Troy is back home in PA and has a bluegrass band with some members of his family and others and they play several dates every year. Here’s an EXAMPLE of that for you.


Always fun hanging and creating with Troy.



A reminder that this Saturday is the big house concert in Franklin, Tennessee with “Hits & Grins”. Victoria Venier, Steve Dean, and myself hope you’ll join us if you’re in town. BYOB…admission at the door.



 Our Australian friend Katrina Burgoyne will open for us at 7 pm and I’d bet the ranch she sings this funny song we wrote “Wife Trial”.  Our show is at 8 pm. Terry and Wanda Seay built a beautiful home with a performance room just for these house concerts and a ton of famous writers have played at their house. Now it’s our turn Saturday evening.




I’ve been in talks for a while now with a friend and producer about doing a new album. A bluegrass-comedy album that already has a funny title. Although not a done deal it looks like it’s going to happen and be bigger in scope than I had imagined. My friend came up with a really great concept idea for this project that I’m really excited about. So fingers crossed…and as soon as I can I’ll share more details. But this could really be fun and crazy good. (How's that for a tease?)



One expert says sipping lemon water may be the best thing ever to improve gut health.


A spinal surgeon says we should pick the aisle seat on airplanes for our backs sake. We tend to get up more and walk or stretch in the aisle than the middle seaters and window folks who don’t like to ask for folks to move so they can get out.


A new study reveals that the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle may lower death and cancer risks.





The owner of the White Sox is making noise about moving the team to another location in Chicago or possibly sell the team. And the city named?  Nashville!  C’mon with it! Music City has a group working hard to get a Major League team here with folks like former Oakland A’s pitcher Dave Stewart, former manager Tony LaRussa and Pat Williams who owned the Orlando Magic NBA team for a long while. And the owner of the White Sox and Tony LaRussa are close friends. So why not?  Bring em’ to Nashville. Fingers crossed big time. 




How about a reboot of the funny TV show Frasier?  It’s happening on Paramount + soon. Kelsey Grammer will be back in the role based in Boston and not Seattle this time. Most if not all of the remaining cast members will be different faces. Really funny show so I’ll be checking that out. 




The website GOBANKING listed the Top 10 Cars Most Likely To Break Down at 100,000 miles or so.


They are:

Nissan Altima, BMW3, Land Rover Discovery, Fiat 500, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Fiesta, Chrysler 200, VW Tiguan, Mini Cooper, and the Tesla Model S.


Meanwhile this car has a BILLION miles on it and is still running, without ever having an oil change!




A NASA Director came up and said she’s never seen, heard, or knows about any aliens poking a hole in a lot of those conspiracy theories. Although those that believe we’re hiding aliens somewhere in Ohio will never believe that. Some folks are pretty sure that they’ll be able to sit at a card table someday and play poker with an alien, the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.


And here’s the reason some believe. A scientist yesterday says he believes we may have found life on Mars 50 years ago and killed it.


Now, I’m a guy who recorded a song titled “Mo Mo The Missouri Monster” so I sort of kind of have to believe…right?




Those who know these things say that would be Cedar Key, Florida near Gainesville. Cheapest beach town to rent a room or condo or beach house. Renting might be the way to go over buying since all of a sudden we’ve got several of those tropical storms forming up. They are predicting an active hurricane season now which means my old friend that Brent Burns and I wrote about will be showing up again on your TV screens. Jim Cantore.



A Mom shared this funny true story.


A woman in the bathroom stall next to me was struggling to get her toddler to use the bathroom. “You need to go,” I heard her plead. “It’s been two days”!  The toddler responded, “But my poop wants to stay home”.


I had a writing appointment that got cancelled with a Grand Ole Opry star today because of illness. An appointment I’ve been looking forward to for a while. The good news is it’s been reschedule for the end of October. I’ll let you know who that is and when as the date gets closer. So an off day coming up!


Have a great Wednesday!




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