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Funny Songwriting...Shows Ahead...Small Towns


Tuesday August 15, 2023


Tuesday morning be here. A little rain moved through yesterday morning that’s led to just an 82 degree high today. That will seem amazing after the intense heat we’ve been having.



I checked into my publishing company early for an online writing session with Brent Burns. It’s always fun writing early with my friend because more time than not when he shows up on my computer screen he has bed hair and I have to suppress a laugh. Of course he makes me laugh a lot…period which is a good thing. We do that to each other.


Brent talks on stage some nights to his older Parrot Head crowd about how early they have to be and reminds them that “once it gets dark, it really doesn’t get any darker”. So we ran with that thought yesterday and wrote something pretty funny to add to the stack of fun songs in our catalog.



The big Parrot Head gathering is coming up the week of October 23 in Gulf Shores and Brent and I will be playing a couple of funny shows. One is the “Fool on Stools” show which may already be sold out. And Brent and I are working on a second one with a date to be announced soon. Probably at Lulu’s where he works a lot. Looking forward to that.




I added the weekend of January 26 & 27 to my calendar as Freedom Sings USA will return to write songs with veterans at the Memphis VA. I’ll be part of a group of songwriters making that trip. We were there for the first time a few months ago, and it went over so well with the veterans they were nice enough to ask us to come back to write with other veterans. Happy to do it. And that means sometime after that we’ll have written enough songs to record a complete album which is always special.




It’s the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival that will be held this year at the Gatlinburg Inn which is where the song “Rocky Top” was written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. Friday and Saturday and once again I’ll be there with “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. This year the festival is not spread out all over town but all the shows will be held at the Inn. Different…a boutique kind of festival now if you will. And we’re all looking forward to being part of this this weekend.




Apparently a wearable AI device is on the way could allow at home breast screening tests.


Yep…three shots this Fall. That’s what they are suggesting. Flu, RSV and COVID with new boosters arriving soon.


Long COVID is devastating and far from over according to some recent research.



When they start talking about a heat dome. And a huge part of the country is under one with temps from 90 to 100 and hotter. Wonder if there’s an AC Dome anywhere?



This one was sent to me from my sister Vickie out in Virginia. Made me laugh.




It’s just hard to see what those fires have done to the island of Maui, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Over 90 dead now and still counting. Officials are saying the count could double or triple.


My wife and I spent a few days in Kaanapali a lot of years ago which is just up the road a scant few miles from where all the devastation has occurred. Green and lush just like they advertised. Mind boggling to see what has happened there.



HGTV just listed the 20 best small towns to retire in. Carmel, Indiana was listed where I used to live very close to in Indianapolis as is Franklin, Tennessee which is just south of Nashville…upscale and crowded. Bozeman, Montana is also on the list. Our “Evening in the Round” show stayed in Bozeman when we did a show there several years ago at a beautiful Music Ranch there with the mountains surrounding it.



 And Bozeman is very cool. Winters I’m sure get very long, but it’s gorgeous. 



Here’s the rest of their small townlist




A guys says, “I’m really excited for the amateur autopsy club I just joined. Wednesday is open Mike night!”



An off day of writing after a cancellation changed my calendar last night. So a free day with a little minor league baseball game on tap tonight.


Have a great Tuesday!





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