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Darin & Brooke...A Vets Concert...Rich Men


Tuesday August 29, 2023

Tuesday has arrived. 87 for the high today. Meanwhile Idina is getting closer to land fall down in Florida. And yes, Jim Cantore was spotted at a Florida airport yesterday. Idina is at Cat 1 this morning and strengthening.



I wrote online last night with my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge in North Carolina. Those two are in demand and stay busy and have a slew of shows on the road coming up. They did tell me their new single that we wrote together “Wildflower Too” was just added to the playlist on Bluegrass Junction on Sirius-XM…and that’s a significant thing in the bluegrass world so I was glad to hear that good news.


And their gospel single “Jordan” is getting all kinds of acclaim and nominations for awards and rightfully so. I have zero to do with this song but it’s so good. It also features Ricky Skaggs and Mo Pitney. If you’ve not seen it…check it out here.


And yep…we did finish a new song to stack on their pile of songs. They are working on multiple albums right now…gospel, mainstream bluegrass and even Christmas. Did I mention they were busy?




The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that I’ve played for a lot of years in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach is coming up November 9-19. I’ve got 3 shows slotted so far. Two with “Hits & Grins” on November 9 at the Flora Bama Main Listening Room and November 11 at Lulus.  



On November 10 though I’ll be part of this great show for Freedom Sings USA at the Flora Bama Main Listening Room with several other songwriters performing songs we’ve written with our veterans to salute them over what will be Veteran Day weekend. This should be a very moving concert, so if you’re coming to the festival this year, do come catch show.




The CDC is now concerned about a meat allergy that’s shown up in Virginia. It’s contracted through tick bites and it can be life threatening.


In other grim news from the CDC, they’re now saying the new COVID-19 variant could evade existing immunity.


New data says that 99% of COVID-19 deaths reported by the CDC were not just due to the virus. And they report that COVID deaths are at the lowest since March of 2020.



I’m pretty sure some dude got out of his car and amended this sign. What ya think?



The Wall Street Journal just listed their top 3 Airlines. Number 1 is Delta followed by Alaska Airlines and then American. Worst 2?  Those would be Jet Blue at the bottom with Frontier second from last.


Meanwhile American Airlines was just fined 4.1 million dollars for dozens of tarmac delays trapping passengers.


I’m at that point in my life where if it’s possible, I’ll drive over flying every time. I’m waiting for Uber Airlines to develop myself.  Plane pulls up to your location, you get in and take off.



I might jump on the NASA jet they’re talking about building. It will fly at Mach 2 and Mach 4 speed. That’s 2 to 4 times the speed of sound meaning one could fly from New York to London in less than 2 hours!  And if NASA is making it, you know the flight attendants will be serving passengers Tang right?



That Virginia artist Oliver Anthony who’s made a lot of noise when his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral just saw a 31% increase in streams after it was used at the Republican debate the other night that Oliver was not happy about. That song and performance has surely hit a nerve.


And now I’m hoping they’ll play my song “If I Had Boobs” at the Democratic debate when it rolls around. A fella can dream can’t he?



It’s up to 363 million right now. And a Kentucky woman was just charged with stealing $123,000 worth of lotto tickets. Meaning none of her tickets were winners. Dang the luck.



I’m writing with my buddy Jerry Salley this morning along with a funny friend of his he wants to introduce me to Mark Bondurant who’s in town from Ohio. And he is funny. Here’s an example of his song humor. So I can see why Jerry wanted to get us in the same writing room today. This could get stupid.


Have a great Tuesday!









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