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Cowboy Stuff...House Concert...Pedal Taverns


Thursday August 10, 2023


Thursday be here. Anyone remember that great old country song from DottsyStorms Never Last”? Well they’ve sure hung around here too much. More of it yesterday and early this morning. Looks to be clearing this morning and we’ll hit 88 for the high in Music City.



Pretty quiet around the Whyte House on Wednesday. Got to the gym but I think I need to change my workout routine of filling up a coffee cup and taking a chair to watch everyone else sweat hoping I’ll shed a few pounds while they’re lifting and grunting. Sometimes I’ll softly grunt with them even but for some reason I don’t see any pounds slipping away. Disappointing to say the least.



I did take a little time to tweak a “cowboy” song idea I have that I’m writing with my friend Victoria Venier who owns horses and is totally into the west and the culture that goes with wide open ranges like the kind they still have in Wyoming and Montana. I’ve always loved cowboy type music. Had a couple of those recorded by my friend Paul Bogart including this one “Buckaroo Lullaby”. Paul went to college on a rodeo scholarship when he was young and still ropes some in competitions so he’s the real deal cowboy wise.


Heck, I love those cowboy shows they have out west too and have seen a few. Couple in Colorado, one in New Mexico and yet another in Arizona. Those kind of shows where they feed you with beans and biscuits etc. And then a cowboy group gets up on stage and sings those old western songs from the Sons of the Pioneers. Think “Ghost Riders In The Sky”.


So I’m hoping this new “cowboy” song might find a home someday with someone who loves to sing those types of songs as well.



Most of the shows I’m a part of require traveling. So it’s always cool when I get to play IN Nashville. Doesn’t happen often enough. But, I have one coming up with “Hits & Grins” in Franklin, Tennessee with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for Terry and Wanda Seay at their house. This couple LOVE songwriters and may have the best house concert in the country. They actually built a new house with a special room just to hold their shows. This one will be held Saturday evening August 27. It’s a BYOB-potluck-donation at the door kind of thing that starts at 7 pm.



And opening for us is my Australian friend Katrina Burgoyne who wrote songs like “Wife Trial” with me that I’m sure she’ll be singing that night. Come join us!



For the first time ever this Fall will offer up THREE vaccines. A new booster for COVID, the flu and RSV. Some health officials are fearful of an intense respiratory season so you’ll have plenty of chances to roll up your sleeves if you so choose.


A new study says heart conditions and death have ramped up 30% since 1990 and they blame that on air pollution.


A nutritionist says there are 7 foods that help keep your skin looking younger. Avocados, tomatoes, berries, dark chocolate, green tea, fatty fish, and almonds.



One of the big attractions here in Nashville are those pedal taverns that roll down the street with loud tourists and or a LOT of bachelorette parties. Pedaling, drinking, shouting…crazy. Every day…every night. Well, Brad Paisley decided to surprise a bachelorette party and jumped on board one of those things. Check this out.



A woman goes to her doctor and the doctor asks, “what’s wrong”?  She says, The woman takes her finger and points saying, “Doc, it hurts here and here and here too.”. The Doctor says, “you have a broken finger”.


How big has that movie full of pink been?  Huge. So huge that there’s been a 603% spike in people their new daughters by that name. Barbie. Not so much for Ken. No respect. And there’s been no spike in parents naming their little boys Oppenheimer either. Go figure.

I think there should be Oppenheimer diapers for babies considering how much they explode.



A 35 year old writer ask a few 90 year old folks for their best advice they would give to their younger selves. Two caught my attention.


Never raise your voice, except at a baseball game. Love that.


And this one. You may win the argument, but if you lose a friend, what was the point?  Couldn’t agree more.


One of the reason I hate politics and avoid talking politics if I can is that it can ruin friendships. And I simply do not have a friend I’m willing to lose over something as silly as politics. I never watch any of the so called “news” channels because I don’t think they are really NEWS channels. They should be called “This Is What I Think Channels”. And then four or five people yell on screen for an hour. Nope…I’d rather turn on a baseball game and then raise my voice.






I’ll be on the computer writing with my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns today. We’re working on a new funny song that we plan on playing together at MOTM, the big Parrot Head gathering coming up in October down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach. In other words…we’re up to musical trouble today.


And then it’s time to pack for a trip to Little Rock tomorrow morning. 



Have a great Thursday!




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