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Ballpark Night...Ohio Show...Grasshoppers


Thursday August 3, 2023


Hello, you old Thursday morning. Bracing for thunderstorms here in a bit, and we have a lot of rain in the forecast over the next several days. 88 for the high in Nashville today.



Wednesday was a hodge-podge day that had me tweaking a song for an artist, getting to the gym, voting for the CMA Awards coming up later this year…and oh yea…catching a little baseball.



Turned out to be a beautiful evening to sit behind home plate and watch the local team take on the Durham Bulls…the same team featured in Kevin Costner’s baseball classic “Bull Durham”. 



If you’re a baseball fan like I am you should try to catch a game at our beautiful minor league ballpark just to see the coolest scoreboard ever. 



Our Sounds lost last night but with minor league ball it doesn’t seem to matter as much. It’s more about the experience itself. Here’s to more of that.




I get a chance to go back to Ohio where I lived a lot of years in Cincinnati. I’ll be playing a show in Waynesville, Ohio on Saturday September 9 with our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.


We’re playing at this very cool venue called “Keepin ItCountry Farm” owned by Richard and Donna Lynch who have a band that’s the cornerstone of the place they’ve built. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it from some of my friends who have already played their venue. So I’m looking forward to being there with my great friend Lang and Linda.




The Director of the CDC is saying it’s likely that the agency will be recommending we take the COVID booster shot this fall.


A Navy Fitness leader say to not overwhelm ourselves when we try to lose weight. Take it one step at a time and don’t consume too much info on the subject. (I’ve paid someone to try and lose weight for me and that does not work. So you know)


There’s new AI ultrasound technology now that’s the first to land FDA approval to help enhance prenatal care. More AI…all the time.



“Once, my father came home and found me in front of a roaring fire. That made my father very mad, as we didn’t have a fireplace.”



Get this. Researchers found about 7 new species of grasshoppers in the Texas Hill Country. Dr. JoVonn Hill of Mississippi State and the Mississippi Entomological Museum is in charge of the study and decided to name two of the species after some Texas Hill Country stars. Notably Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker. One grasshopper has been named Melanoplus nelson (Willie) the other is Melanoplus walkeri (Jerry Jeff). A different kind of honor there for sure.


Come to think of it. I helped write a song called “Crickets” for Joe Nichols. Wonder if I can’t get a new species of Cricket named Melanoplus Whyte?



Taylor Swift’s Era Tour has made a LOT of money. So much so that experts say it boosted the economy…big time in the cities she played. And it did so well she decided to give out some BIG bonuses to her staff. Dancers, caterers, riggers, you name it. How much of a bonus?  55 Million.


And now I’m wishing I had not turned down the offer to be one of her dancers on that tour. What was I thinking?!



That would be the folks at Subaru who announced that by 2028 they plan on having 8 new models of electric vehicles to choose from. Soon as I find an EV car with an 8 track player in it…I’ll buy.



I read an old article that was online this morning originally posted in the old McCall’s magazine. The article was giving women tips on how to find a husband. My favorite was, “read the obituaries to find eligible widows”. Wow…to heck with reading your horoscope.


And then there was a list of “Hot To Get a Guy To Know You’re There”. My favorite in that list was, “Wear a band aid. People want to know what happened.”.


So from this day forward I’m never going to view an obituary or a band aid quite the same way.



I Got A Tattoo Of Calvin Klein Underwear To Always Look Like I’m Wearing Them.


Wonder what the tattoo looks like for those that want to look like they’re going commando all the time?



I’m writing with my fellow Cincinnati Reds fan Brian White who’s had a lot of his songs recorded including “Watching You” for Rodney Atkins that he co-penned with my buddy Steve Dean and Rodney himself. Brian has had a ton of Christian hits through the years as well including this one "Looks Like Jesus" that featured another friend Jimmy Fortune with this Southern Gospel Quartet that was number one multiple weeks on the Christian Music Charts.



And Nathan Woodard who’s a Christian songwriter with Daywind in here In Nashville and has also had a lot of his gospel songs recorded will join us. I kind of think I know what kind of song we might be tackling today.



Have a great Thursday!


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