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The 4th...The Road Ahead...Spam Anniversary


Wednesday July 5, 2023


Wednesday is here…first Hump Day in July. 91 degrees today in Music City. Hillbilly singers are sweating.



A lazy 4th of July here at the Whyte House. We live off Old Hickory Lake here in Nashville so there are firework shows surrounding the lake so we see fireworks at multiple places on 4th which is kind of cool. Folks do stock up though, so we will be hearing fireworks a few more nights in a row. Might be a south thing…not sure.



I’ll be playing a songwriters round next Friday afternoon July 14 here in town at the Listening Room . Show time is 3:30 hosted by young friend Taylon Hope who is hosting. Taylon’s Mom and Dad came out to hear a “Hits & Grins” show a bunch of years ago and Taylon was maybe 14 years old or so back then. All grown up now and enrolled in the music program at Belmont University where my daughter got her vocal degree. Lance Carpenter a great young writer from Arkansas and Aliyah Good will also be a part of this in-town show.  Aliyah comes from good blood as they say. Her Mom is Jamie O’Neal who had several hits of her own including this personal favorite of mine “There Is No Arizona”.  I don’t get to play in town a whole lot…so I’ll look forward to this. And if you’re in town next weekend…buy a ticket and come join us.  The Listening Room is a terrific venue with pretty danged good food and cold drinks to boot. 




And with that announcement here’s a peek at my July and August show dates.


July 6 Americanaville in Livingston, Tennessee with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott “Evening in the Round”


July 14 Listening Room Nashville


July 28 Kentucky Opry in Benton, KY with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier “Hits & Grins”


August 11 & 12 Freedom Sings USA in Little Rock writing with veterans


August 18 & 19 Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival



August 26 House Concert in Franklin, TN with “Hits & Grins”


Details on all of these shows and how to get tickets can be found in the “TOUR” section of my website.




A new study suggests that being lonely is more harmful to diabetics than smoking and or diet.


Yet another study says that there’s an exercise that could help prevent Alzheimer’s. Resistance training.


A doctor confirms that watermelon is pretty good for you. A cup of diced watermelon has less than 50 calories and offers about .6 grams of fiber and .9 grams of protein. And it has less sugar than most other popular fruits. Cool. I love watermelon. And so now I’m waiting for a doctor to say that mac and cheese is healthy as well.






So…they found cocaine in the White House. Nobody’s sure where it came from…they say. Not sure but I think they may have found the cocaine in the Nose Garden.



Word is that actor Tom Hanks may be filming a Big 2. That’s the movie where a young Tom Hanks plays the piano with his feet. FYI…I play piano with my feet just as well as I play one with my hands.


And yes there could be an Indiana Jones 6 movie after this one with Harrison Ford based on one of the new characters in this latest movie. Word is the last installment of Harrison Ford’s version is holding its own at the box office but it’s not earth shattering numbers so far for sure.



29% of New Yorkers believe that Seniors should not be working. Wow.


Another 20% think Seniors should never wear a Speedo either but that’s another survey entirely.



On this date way back in 1937 Hormel introduced the world to Spam. Man, I ate a bunch of it when I was young. I’m pretty sure it was the spam sandwiches my Mom packed that caused the stain in the bottom of my lunch sack I toted to school And I’d still eat a fried spam sandwich on white bread today if it were offered up! I’m thankful to Spam because it inspired me to write this song about it.



Doing a little packing for a show tomorrow night in Livingston, TN with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott at Americanaville. 



And tonight I’m doing a 4th of July holiday kind of thing…going to a baseball game. I’m going to ask of there are any hot dogs left after Joey Chestnut ate so many yesterday.


Have a great Wednesday!


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