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Tuesday July 25, 2023


Tuesday morning arises. And the heat is already rising with it. 94 the high today and now on Friday they’re saying Nashville will hit 100 degrees!



Monday was a day free of anything big. I set up a couple of new songwriting appointments in the future and then did some catch up stuff. I had to make a trip to the DMV for an issue and was dreading that. Anyone that’s been to the DMV can relate as depending on the day and time you go you might need to pack a lunch because it can be a LONG wait sometimes. BUT…my wife and I were pleasantly surprised. No wait. Right to the window. Then we realized that the changeover to license renewals and registration have mostly converted to an online deal so the rows of people sitting in plastic chairs with a number in their hand may be gone. And there’s not a soul that’s going to miss that! So I raised my coffee cup saluting “progress” yesterday morning.

It’s nearly the end of July so I thought I’d post my performance schedule for the next couple of months. And hopefully you’ll be able to come by and catch one of these.


August 11 & 12…Little Rock, Arkansas for Freedoms Sings USA writing songs with veterans. On Saturday evening there’s a free concert at the Douglas McArthur Military History Museum where the veteran’s songs will be performed.



August 18 && 19…Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. All the songwriter events this year over the two day event will be held in the historic Gatlinburg Inn.


August 26… “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself will play at the Terry & Wanda Seay House Concert in their beautiful home in Franklin, TN. This is a Saturday night show. Everyone brings a little potluck something and contribute at the door for the entertainment. Really cool house concert.



September 9…I’m with Linda Davis and Lang Scott in Waynesville, Ohio at the Keep It Country Farm.



September 18-20…in Indianapolis for an artist show case with “Evening in the Round” alongside Linda and Lang. Private showcase.


More details on all of these events and others are on my website.



Those in the know are claiming an AI heart scan could catch blockage problems years before they appear calling it “unbelievable.”


The American Society of Nutrition did a study on 700,000 veterans and found 8 simple things that could extend one’s life by 24 years. 24 for males, 21 for women according to their findings. Those simple 8 things include being physically active, free of opioid addiction, no smoking, managing stress, good diet, no regular binge drinking, good sleep hygiene and positive social relationships.


Pickleball injuries are increasing big time as the sport has gotten so popular. Lot of older folks running on a court with a paddle. One PhD says, “If you’re not fit, don’t play, because you’re gonna get injured”. (And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to have to confess to my doctor that I got injured playing a sport that has the word “pickle” in it. )







AMC Theaters were all set up to charge more for better seats at the movie. Their rivals would not jump on board with that idea and forced the AMC chain to change their mind. All seats still the same price.


Gosh. With streaming at home, and so many movies available, even first run movies to watch on one’s couch one has to wonder what the heck they’re thinking. Hopefully a bucket of popcorn won’t jump to 50 bucks to make up for it.



It is hard to ignore the heat. Imagine living in Phoenix right now where they say folks can get 3’rd degree burns if they happen to fall on asphalt or concrete? Wow. Scientists are saying it’s our own fault because we’ve caused this climate change. Somebody tweeted “It’s hotter than a jalapeno’s arm pit”. Yep…it do be hot.



The website UPGRADEDPOINTS says the cheapest beach town in America is Cedar Key, Florida which is on the west coast about an hour from Gainesville. It’s based on VRBO rental prices I think. With the weather being so scorching hot I’d be more interested in finding out where the cheapest cool place is in the country. 




Tragic news here. This Sunday will be the final time NYC holds their body painting days. Folks take their clothes off, get painted by an artist then go for a stroll. No more after Sunday. Dang!  Just when I was going to sign up for that!



I’m online writing with Eric Marshall who is the upright bass player for the bluegrass group Carson Peters & Iron Mountain. Carson Peters is just 19 years old, and Eric’s son Ben is about that age as well. Eric is also a vocalist and writer for the group that’s on the Billy Blue Record Label who’s publishing company I write for. So he’ll be looking at me from a computer in Mt. Airy, North Carolina where he lives, and I’ll be staring back from Nashville. Looking forward to it.


Have a great Tuesday!





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