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Reds Win!...New Show...Heat


Thursday July 20, 2023


And a good Thursday morning to you from Cincinnati, Ohio. 89 for a high today in the Queen City.



I made the 5 hour trip from Nashville to the Queen City…Cincinnati an joined my friend Brian White to catch a baseball game at Great American Ballpark…home of the Cincinnati Reds. 



First stop hitting town of course was to hit a Skyline Chili parlor and down a 3 way with a chili cheese dog. It’s the law in Cincinnati I think.



Brian is a huge baseball fan like me and we went early to tour the Reds Hall of Fame which is really great. Checked out the statues of the Big Red Machine, the World Series trophies and all the memorabilia on display.



Then it was on the game that we won 3-2 last night. So Brian and I are taking credit for ending the Reds 6 game losing streak. Really fun game last night at the stadium that sits right on the Ohio River. 



Brian had to leave last night to get back to Nashville to play a charity event at the Bluebird Café. Me? I’m hanging to catch the afternoon Reds-Giants game with a couple of old softball buddies up here and then I’ll be back in Music City tonight. 




All but confirmed. Our “Hits & Grins” trio will return for a show in Hot Springs, Arkansas next March at the beautiful Woodlands Theater which is in the Villages at Hot Springs…a massive complex full of homes, retirees, golf courses, fishing lakes and all that goes with that. It will be the second time the trio has played in the Villages, and the 4th time for me. I always look forward to going there to play music. More details coming soon.




Extreme heat of 105 or more will affect 80 million Americans today. That’s 20% of the country sweating.


A doctor claims that there are 11 common things that can damage your brain…including drinking coffee.( Is there anything more confusing as to whether coffee is good or bad for you?!)


The FDA panel is officially recommending we all get their new Fall booster shot this year. (I’m going to invent a shirt where the sleeve will be rigged to roll up on its own for those who get so many shots)



Someone in California hit the Powerball. They won 1.08 BILLION dollars. 3rd largest ever. For the rest of his life he won’t sit around waiting for Amazon Prime Days to help him save money.


Yep…a Senior dude…71 years of age is going to be the “Bachelor” on the TV show. 71. What’s the old joke…what do you call someone getting married when they’re 80?  Answer: An optimist.

I’m going to bet we see some ED commercials on the new Bachelor show. Just a hunch.



That would be Nashville folks. It’s easy to see from the construction. Now that’s been confirmed as officials say that the Nashville population is increasing by 100 people each and every day. This may be why I get these phone calls and letters in the mail from folks wanting to buy our home.  It may also explain why I can expect to sit in traffic no matter what time of day if I’m trying to get to downtown Nashville.


What to do when you’re stuck in traffic?  One expert says do car exercises. Right. I always get really funny looks from other folks stuck in traffic when they look over and see me break out my thigh master.



And now they’re saying that Artificial Intelligence will be capable of writing news articles. Which means sometime in the future we’ll hear Donald Trump say, “Fake AI News!”.



4 members of a Florida family have been convicted for selling a fake COVID cure. And they sold the FAKE cure through their online church. Folks…anytime someone at an ONLINE church tries to sell you something or ask for money? Time to switch churches. Wow.


Part of the reason I wrote and recorded this song on my first comedy song CD titled “Sometimes Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me”.



I need to re-home a dog.

It’s a small terrier and tends to bark a lot.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll climb over my neighbor’s fence and get it for you.



Back to see the Reds play the giants this afternoon with a couple of old softball buddies here Jack and Jim Menninger. Both of them were inducted into the Northern Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame. That’s how good they were at that game. It’s going to be fun catching up with them at the ballyard and trying to get a second win for my Reds before I head back to Nashville after the game today. 




Have a great Thursday!









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