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On The Radio Again...Oak Ridge Boys...Flying With No Clothes


Tuesday July 18, 2023


Tuesday…all day today. With more heat on the way.



Monday morning started with a radio interview on KRED Radio out in northern, California with Brady Seals as we joined an old radio friend Rollin Trehearne to talk about the new single from Brady “Deeper Shade of BlueCollar” that we wrote together an idea that came from my wife Kathy. Rollin played the song and we talked a good long while on the air laughing and cutting up. And after the interview concluded Rollin tossed out the idea of how he would like to bring the two of out to California to do a songwriter show. Just say when Rollin. And thank you for the air time!





I started a new song with my “Hits & Grins” partner Victoria Venier alongside Jerry Salley at my publishing company. Victoria had an idea we have wanted to write since the last time the three of us sat down together and yesterday we tackled that. Took us a bit to get this one off the ground and going in a direction we all agreed on so there’s work to be done to get this one finished. We’ll get back at it again in mid-August.


Jerry was just back from a few weeks on the beach with his family so he was sporting a new tan. Victoria was just back after she went to her hometown of Dixon, Illinois to surprise her brother Mike who went into a local golf Hall of Fame over the weekend. She surprise him, then round a round in the golf cart so she came home tan as well.


So yesterday I was truly the only Whyte person in the room.




Yesterday Jerry Salley told me something I had not hear officially that Darin & Brooke Aldridge’s next single release will be a song I wrote with this great Grand Ole Opry called “Wildflowers”. Now that’s a great way to start a day. I’m such a fan of these two, and these days we write quite a bit together and it’s a pleasure to call them good friends. They’re impossible not to love. The new song should be out in a couple of months…I’ll let you know. But I can’t wait for folks to hear this new effort from them.



The Oak Ridge Boys are going to be in studio today with my friend Jerry Salley singing harmony parts on a bluegrass-gospel song that Jerry and I wrote together with our New Hampshire friend Rick Lang that will be included on a new album full of gospel-grass songs that will be release late this year on Billy Blue Records. It’s got a southern gospel quartet feel to it and their harmonies on this should just be spectacular. So…I had a REALLY good day yesterday. Thank you Jerry for sending the song to the Oaks…and thank you Oak Ridge Boys for saying “yes” to singing on our tune!




I found this little video last night of TC Cassidy an Australian artist singing an unplugged version of a song she recorded that I wrote with her Australian record producer Angus Gill “Turn Out The Lights”. I love this sweet waltz-lullaby song about that deals with the loss of a loved one. When Angus sent it to TC she immediately wanted the song in a big way. And last night I found out why. I had no idea that she had sung this song at her Father’s funeral. He battled dementia at the end and she said even during that if he heard this song he would say, “that’s my girl”. It was his favorite song of hers. That pretty much means the world to a songwriter that a piece of music can touch lives like that. You write the songs and they go out and sometimes the writer never even hears some of the stories like this one. This one surely touched my heart last night. Watch TC sing it HERE.




Researchers are excited about a new drug Donanemab  that’s going into FDA clinical trials this Fall. The believe it could be game changer for Alzheimer’s. Wouldn’t that be great?  They’ve found so far that people who have taken it have a 40% lower risk of progressing from mild cognitive impairment to mild dementia or from mid moderate. The downside is there could be severe side effects.


And now some are warning that bird flu is coming back. Great.


Research is bearing out common thinking. It shows that positive thinking can make you healthier.



President Lincoln was approached by a woman after a political speech…If you were my husband I would poison your tea. Lincoln replied,…if you are my wife I’ll gladly drink it.



Japan Airlines is offering a program that would allow flyers to rent their clothes for up to 2 weeks for about $30. 8 outfits in 3 sizes will be delivered to the flyer’s hotel room. That would allow travelers to travel very light. Certainly nothing more needed than a small bag to carry on. I could see that working on. 8 pair of shoes waiting for my wife? That would mean she’d only need a bag that was big enough for 8 more pair of shoes. Sigh.



93 or 94 in Nashville today. I’ll take that over the 18 consecutive days in Phoenix where the temperatures have exceeded 110 each day!  Even the cacti are wearing sunglasses and sunscreen.



That’s right. The Powerball is now worth a BILLION bucks after no winner again last night. They just keep on selling me the wrong ticket time after time after time.



I Have 100 Barbie Dolls And I Only Dress In Pink…I Worry It Turns Off Men. (Uh huh. But not if their name is Ken.)



I’m in a recording studio today writing something new with Andrea Pearson and Josh Shilling. Andrea has been doing a ton of background vocals lately and Josh has been out on the road with Wynonna playing piano and singing harmonies. So I’m sure both will have some cool stories to share today before we try to rhyme anything.



Then this afternoon I’m packing a light bag for a two day trio to Cincinnati to catch a couple of Reds baseball games. One with songwriter Brian White who’s from Cincinnati and then one other game with two longtime friends and brothers Jack and Jim Menninger who I used to play softball with. They were a little better at it than me and the proof is they’re both in the Northern Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame! 



Going to be fun.


Have a great Tuesday!







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