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New Writer...New Song Release...Heavy Metal


Wednesday July 26, 2023


Last Hump Day in hot July…Wednesday. 95 scorching degrees here today.



I wrote for the first time with Eric Marshall of the bluegrass group Carson Peters and Iron Mountain who are on the Billy Blue Record label that I’m writing for these days as part of their publishing arm.



 Eric was in Mt. Airy, North Carolina last night where he’s from. Yep…Mayberry…Andy Griffith. Eric grew up playing the banjo but plays upright bass in the group with his son and the other members. Eric was writing in a home he bought that he was raised in, so he’s been there all his life. Something kind of cool about that. I really enjoyed getting to know him son last evening and writing a new bluegrass song together that might be something the group will record someday. We’ll see.



I’m excited to share the new single coming from Darin & Brooke Aldridge that I wrote with them “Wildflower Too”. Speaking of North Carolina, both of them are from that state as well and we captured some of that in this new song as you can hear in the chorus of the song “Grew up in Carolina…”. They just recorded the heck out of our little song and I’m so glad that a lot of folks are going to hear how great this duo is in this song. Awesome. 



And the publication Bluegrass Today gave it a great review, so thank you for that. Click HERE to read that article then you can scroll down and watch and listen to the new song “Wildflower Too”.



That’s coming up soon down in beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida. I’ll be there again this year with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier…our “Hits & Grins” trio. They rolled out this poster yesterday listing all the great songwriters who will be playing. A lot of hits belong to that list of folks you see below. 


Port St. Joe/Mexico Beach is so pretty. So make plans to pack your shorts, flip flops and sun screen and come join us this year on the Forgotten Coast.





A lot of years ago my beach buddy Brent Burns and I recorded this song “Drunk Tourist” that Brent put on one of his albums. That song is about folks who go to the beach, overindulge in alcohol, and what they do afterwards. And it’s a beach vibe song all the way. Well get this.


Brent gets a note from some young “heavy metal head bangin” kids who have a band called “Washing Machines” I think who found the song somehow and recorded their own version of it. HEAVY HEAVY METAL VERSION complete with loud screaming and noise. When I first listened to a little of it I did not think it was our song. But I finally heard a few of the lyrics (not easy) and sure enough it’s our song. The most bizarre incident ever with a song I’ve been involved with. You just never know where a song might go once you’ve written it. Wow.




Every expert is warning about the heat and taking precautions. Gosh, wasn’t air conditioning a great invention? They’re saying the Florida ocean right now is like sitting in a hot tub with temperatures over 100 degrees. And in Phoenix they’ve gone 25 days now with the temperature 110 or more.


A new study is suggesting that women who drink two glasses of non-alcoholic muscadine wine a day tend to look younger in the face. It helps with elasticity and water retention.


The CDC is warning of a salmonella outbreak from ground beef in a couple of states. Couple of folks have died from it in the northeast.



They caught a couple of women shoplifting a ton of stuff. Wonder where they put the “stuff”?




No winners. So the Mega Million jackpot has now grown to 910 million dollars. If I win I swear I’m going to pay off at least half of our Amazon Prime bill.



How about this new Chevelle 70/SS that Chevy is rolling out?  Everything old is new again. The Camaro has been back for a while, now the Chevelle. I saw a lot of both growing up in High School. Was always a little envious of the boys who owned those and drove them to school and then parked it next to my big green Bel Air. Yea. For the record the Camaro and Chevelle were a little cooler looking. But that old Bel Air had bench seats, three on the column, no air conditioning, and AM Radio and I chalked up a ton of miles on it with no big repair bills that I remember. Still…I’d take this Chevelle every time.




There is a such a day. It’s coming up August 5. And to celebrate French’s Mustard will offer up Mustard Skittles. Uh huh. I’m not that fond of skittles and hate mustard so look for me near the Payday rack in the candy store that day.



Farmer Moves To Big City (in China), Tries To Raise Cattle On Apartment Balcony. I can only guess he’s got hay bales stacked in a bedroom.


I’m writing for the first time today with Todd Tilghman for the first time. Some of you saw Todd win “The Voice” season 18. He’s a singing pastor…and man can he sing. Check out his voice in this video. I’m hoping I’m hoping I don’t suck today! 



Have a great Wednesday!


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