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Keep Moving...Belated Birthday...Take It To The Limit


Friday July 28, 2023


Friday morning and the last weekend of July is on us and it’s bring the heat with it here in Nashville. Temperatures will be hovering around 100 all weekend.



I had a bunch of nothing calendar so that’s what I mostly did. I got a college degree in “Doing’ Nothing”…so I’m pretty danged good at it.


I did get to the Y yesterday where I heard something that made me smile. Two older ladies were walking down the hall and one was walking but complaining quietly about how slow her walk had gotten. That’s when the other one said, “aww honey…as long as you’re moving it’s all good.”  Ain’t that the truth now? 



I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my brother Gary down in Florida here yesterday so a belated Happy Birthday. I don’t know why it too two OLD ladies walking in a hallway to remind me of his birthday…but there ya go.   


Very lucky to have him as a brother. We played softball together, we were danged officers in the FFA Chapter together, played music together, went to college together, fished…you name it. He retired Air Force as an officer and had a huge successful career after that in business. Proud to call him my little brother. A very LOOOOONG time ago I used to be able to beat him at golf. These days he plays like a pro and I play like Charles Barkley. I’m hoping he didn’t hurt himself trying to blow out all the candles…because insurance won’t pay for those injuries. Don’t ask me how I know. 




I was sorry to read that the founding memory of The Eagle's Randy Meisner passed at 77. Most notably when he was with the band he sang “TakeIt To The Limit”. And he didn’t always want to sing the song. That led to a backstage argument-fight with Glenn Frey that eventually led to Randy quitting the group and going solo. Vince Gill now sings “Take It To The Limit” in the revised version of the Eagles that are still touring. The Eagles are by far my favorite pop group. Their harmonies alone would make one a fan, and then there’s the great songs they wrote.


If you’re a fan, watch their documentary movie “The Historyof the Eagles” which lays it all out there…the great music, all the warts…the fights…the breakups…the drugs. Pretty hardcore honest look at the band.


RIP Randy Meisner.




It’s summer and with that comes news that COVID cases are increasing. The good news is that for now it’s at a small rate.


According to the CDC tick spit has rendered nearly a half million people allergic to red meat and milk. (I grew up with ticks. Had no idea they were spitting)


According to a skin expert men are more likely to develop bags under their eyes than women. (Are those puffy eyes or are ya just happy to see me?)



Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of Mac N Cheese. So this story could not possibly escape my attention. Get this. A Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging Kraft Mac and Cheese took longer than 3.5 minutes to make. Some woman was counting the time it took to open the box and pour in the ingredients. Geez. I hope the judge also banned her from ever having Mac N Cheese again. Tell me we’re not a lawsuit happy country.



The FAA is suggesting we don’t get on plane with fully charged devices due to the risk of cabin fires. There’s been an increase of those I guess. I thought it might be “fake news” but I’ve seen more than one story. Here’s ONE. Decide for yourself. Usually by the time I wait to board a plane my devices are not fully charged anyways as I’ve run the battery down some killing time in the terminal.



Car manufacturers are threatening to remove the AM Radio in cars. It’s on the Senate floor today where they’re trying to vote against that. And I sure hope they will.


My career started on AM Radio. All 1,000 watts of it.



AM is still where folks go for news, weather warnings, politics (okay that may not be a plus)  emergency alerts, sports and more. CD players are already gone and I’ve had to adjust to that. Can we please keep the AM in the cars?  Geez.



It’s coming. The black and yellow busses. Babysitting for parent…school. This weekend should be a big weekend for parents getting out to buy school supplies.


One Mom tweeted out, “We should be seeing significant recovery in the economy now that I’ve done our back to school shopping”. Ain’t that the truth?  I don’t know how many dollars parents have dropped on books that were never opened through the years.



I’m writing with my Gulf Shores pal Brent Burns this morning online. He and I will once again be part of this big funny event at the Parrot Head gathering in October down in Gulf Shores “Fools on Stools”. All funny guys singing funny songs on stage. Some appropriate…some…not so much. But it’s a funny night for sure and it always sells out.



So Brent and I have an idea for a song today that we think is funny and would be a great song to do at this gathering as a duet. And possibly record as a duet. So hopefully we can nail that musical thought today.



Mega Millions is worth close to a billion dollars. The drawing is tonight. So, if there’s no blog here Monday you’ll know my numbers hit. In other words…I’ll see you here Monday.


Have a great weekend.  












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