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Girl Rhyming...Little Rock...Mexico Beach


Wednesday July 12, 2023


Hump Day Wednesday! Sunny and warm with a high of 93. You’d think it’s July or something.



I was in the writing room with a lot of girl talent yesterday. Those girls would be Addie Levy Pratt and Emily Ann Roberts. Addy brought both her fiddle and mandolin (she plays banjo and guitar as well). and Emily brought in her great voice that a lot of the country heard on “The Voice” when she was on Blake Shelton’s team and finished second one year.


And Emily brought in her great voice that a lot of the country heard on “The Voice” when she was on Blake Shelton’s team and finished second one year.



I brought an idea. And it involved the town of Knoxville where both girls grew up near and spent a lot of time performing. So they both loved that and we were off and running and finished up a really fun up-tempo bluegrass tune yesterday that my publishing company will have no problem pitching to artists.


And to show you how good these girls are here’s a littlesomething from Addie.


And here’s a little musical something from Emily Ann who happens to be “funny” as well as talented.


Great day of writing yesterday.



Well I hate to announce this, but our “Hits & Grins” show that was scheduled for July 28 at the Kentucky Opry in Benton, Kentucky got cancelled yesterday. They had a conflict, so they are going to reschedule our show. As soon as I get the new date I’ll let you know.



This event is coming up in August in Little Rock where I’ll be joining Freedom Sings USA to write with veterans. This year we’ll be back again at the Douglas McArthur Museum of Military History there. Saturday night there’s a free concert at the Museum where all of the Nashville songwriters will perform the songs they wrote earlier in the day with a veteran. If you’re anywhere near on the evening of August 12 come join us to salute these veterans.




I did watch the All Star Baseball game last night and enjoyed seeing the National League FINALLY beat the American League on a late inning HR. Last night FOX mic’d up several players in the field during the game and that’s always interesting. They even put a microphone on a pitcher and that was really fascinating to hear him talk about what he was thinking and what he was going to throw pitch by pitch.



New data is showing the number of norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships is now at its highest level in 10 years.


A drug that makes teeth grow is close to the clinical trial phase.


And doctors in Singapore found an ENTIRE Octopus stuck in a man’s esophagus. Wow. I know they eat Octopus there…just didn’t know they swallowed them whole.



The Powerball is now worth 725 MILLION dollars for the next drawing. And…Megamillions is now at 500 million. I always ask the clerk for the WINNING ticket. I don’t think they’re listening well.


Someone did pass down some great lottery advice when they shared, “the best way to double your money in the lottery is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket."



Do you have boxes outside your door because it’s Prime Days?  This morning I saw that there are great deals on tents, above ground pools, and pickleball accessories. I don’t camp, I don’t have the lung strength to blow up a pool, and I hate pickles. So I’m not buying.



Now those Jim Cantore folks are predicting a pretty bad hurricane season down on the Gulf. I’ll be there a few time late this Fall and early winter so I’m hoping they’re wrong.


I’ll be playing at beautiful old Port St. Joe, Florida again in October with “Hits & Grins”. Port St. Joe is right next to Mexico Beach which got wiped out by hurricane Michael a few years back, forcing the folks to cancel that great songwriters event that year. It’s nice to see the Mexico Beach is all the way back again. Beautiful place in old school Florida. So much so it was named Best Beach Town in 2021.



I know that Steve Dean, Victoria, and myself are looking forward to returning there this October 19-22.




Tomorrow is National French Fries day. If you use a McDonald’s app, or the Wendy’s App…or a few other fry places…you can get FREE French fries tomorrow. Who couldn’t use free French fries?


And if that’s not enough “free” excitement…next Tuesday you can get a free Slurpee at 7-Eleven stores as they celebrate their 96th birthday. 96 years of brain freezes and red or blue lips on customers.



I’m writing with young Taylon Hope who just graduated High School and is now in the Belmont music program here in Nashville. We’ll write today and then Friday afternoon we’ll both be on stage for a matinees show at the Listening Room Café here in town.



Have a great Wednesday!


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