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Ballpark Night...Tipflation...Show Tonight


Thursday July 6, 2023


Thursday morning has rolled in. And I’m getting ready to roll 2 hours east for a show tonight. 92 degrees here today. And yesterday on back to back days the world broke heat records.



Pretty day in Nashville yesterday but hot of course. But it was comfortable last evening at the Sounds baseball park where I watched the Nashville Sounds Triple A affiliate team for the Milwaukee Brewers play the Columbus Clippers and they ae the Triple A Team for the Cleveland Indians. I left in the 8th inning with the home team comfortably winning 9-3. By the time I had gotten home the visitors had an unreal rally and took the lead 10-9 in the bottom of the 8th!  And this morning I see the final score was Nashville 15 Columbus 14!  I should have stayed a bit longer.


I have some happy places on earth…ballparks would be one of those. And this happy place has cold beer and hot dogs. What’s not to love?



Plus…I got this freebie last night. The four country music celebrity mascots that race every night at the ballpark. George Jones, Reba McEntire, Johnny Cash, and Dolly. You’ve got to love baseball giveaways.




This new summer single that I co-wrote with Adam and Amy Pope is getting some summertime spins. Thank you to Radio Trop Rock for playing “Alabama Coast”. And thank you Adam and Amy for recording the tune!




Thank you Clare Cunningham for recording two songs we wrote together with Steve Dean that’s landed on her brand new album. Clare is going to perform the entire album “live” at the City Winery this Sunday evening at 7 pm and I’m looking forward to being there for that. Congrats Clare.




Since the pandemic folks are working less. They’ve readjusted after Covid. According to a survey in May Americans are averaging 34.3 hours of work per week.


A study startling reveals that nearly half of all US faucets contain potentially harmful chemicals.


More than 1.5 million Americans lost Medicaid coverage in the spring of 2023 due to the end of pandemic policies and guess what else? Paperwork problems.



That what the headline writer should have done with this one. What?




Those “do you want to tip”?  machines are everywhere. Folks wanting a tip for everything. It’s gotten so crazy that someone has coined a phrase for it. “Tipflation”. I’ve mentioned it before, but some self-checkout counters now ask if you want to leave a tip for doing all the work yourself. For the record, I always tip me 20%.



The Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted what all Disney fans have been thinking. That they raised their prices too much. Ya think? One day tickets at Disney World now range from $109 daily to as much as $189 daily. And then you get the ole “Do You Wanna Tip?” (I’m guessing)


I think I’ll put little kiosk at ever seat when I perform shows that will ask “Do you want to tip for this song”? after each song I play.



Bloomberg says that the world’s richest folks have become 852 BILLION dollars richer so far in 2023. Leading the way to make deposits is Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.



There’s a quota shortage for the military. Not as many signing up to serve. They’ll miss their goal this year. 80% of those who do volunteer come from military families. But some reports are saying that those military parents are now advising their kid not to join…most noticeably families in the south.


“Adorable Hedgehog Ballooned To The Size Of A Football Due To Trapped Gas”. And I’m pretty sure there is no Beano available to hedgehogs.



I’m jumping in the van with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and we’ll drive about 2 hours east to Livingston, Tennessee where we have an “Evening in the Round” show at Americanaville.



 7 pm show…dinner show…and the food there is terrific. We hope to see some of you there tonight.



Have a great Thursday!



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