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Bowling Green Show...Gatlinburg...Americanaville Show


Tuesday June 13, 2023


Tuesday morning be here. Expecting a high of 80 with sunshine today.



My songwriting appointment got cancelled at the last second, so that gave me some time to drag fallen limbs and branches up a hillside half acre at our house yesterday morning trying to clear the lawn after that windstorm that hit us Sunday evening and knocked out our power while downing a bunch of limbs. Geez. ‘


All in all…I would have much rather have been writing a new song. My back is talking to me in a very colorful language this morning. Something like, “What the heck were you thinking!”



Lauren Mascitti and her “Nana” whom many of you saw when Lauren was on American Idol a few years ago, jumped int car with me to play the “Water Wheel Round” hosted by Dan Modlin in Bowling Green, Kentucky at Lost Cave.



Man what fun night in an intimate listening room environment. Great crowd and the songwriter show had too many great moment to remember.



I will say the best line of the night went to my young friend Lauren Mascitti who spoke a little bit about her personal life when she said, “I’m single as a Pringle”!  Still laughing. And still trying to figure out how we use that line in a song sometime in the future. 



My thanks to Dan for having me and Lauren as his special musical guests last night. And seeing an old mutual radio friend of mine AND Dan’s was a bonus as Kevin Ingram who calls all the Commodore baseball and basketball games showed up. We worked together for a few short years in the WSM building in Nashville. Kevin was on the “talk” radio station, I was on the country radio station WSM-FM at the time. Just a really great time last night.



The Gatlinburg Songwriters festival is sneaking up on us. Our “Hits & Grins” trio will be playing the downsized version of this great festival August 18 and 19 this year, with all the shows and events taking place at the historical Gatlinburg Inn where Felice and Boudleaux Bryant wrote “Rocky Top” all those years ago in one of the guest rooms that I’ve written in myself a time or two.


 Pictured below is our trio along with songwriter friends Irene Kelley and Wil Nance who will also be on the official roster along with others. Make plans to join us in the Smoky Mountains!




Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and myself have a show coming up at the Iron and Oak Center in Livingston, Tennessee with our “Evening in the Round” show. That show is on Thursday July 6. Click on this VIDEO and see and hear Linda with all the details. 



A study says that women who started taking the pill in their teens have a 130% higher risk of depression.


Some health experts are suggesting that red meat and sugar are linked to the rising rates in colorectal cancer.


And yet one more study says that cutting carbs out of breakfast may help stave off diabetes.



Father’s Day is sneaking up this weekend. Get Dad something he’ll like this year. Not something from this list of “Awful Father’s Day” gifts. And to my daughter in Germany…I really do not want one of these. Thanks.




The numbers have rolled in. We had a LOT of country music fans in town for the festival this year…breaking records again for attendance. Over 90,000 fans per day going to the shows to see their favorite stars. And 2.5 million was raised for music education from that money that got dropped during the four day run. And there’s no telling how much money was spent on beer, cheap cowboy hats, boots, sunglasses, SPF, and fanny packs. And I’m thinking the UBER drivers had quite the lucrative four days as well.



That would be Pat Sajak who’s 76 now. He’s been the host of the Wheel of Fortune for 4 decades now but this is it. 41 seasons in all of watching folks spin that wheel and 40 years of it with Vanna White turning over the letters. He’s going to continue as a consultant for a few years, but no more camera time for him.



Actress Angie Dickinson who’s 91 years young says the secret to staying healthy for her is “clean eating and staying out of trouble.” Hmm. I think I can manage one out of two…and I’ll let you guess which one. 




“Man Demands His Wife Call Him A Pilot Even Though He’s Never Flown A Day In His Life.” Okay then. Think I’ll start asking my wife to call me “Eye Candy” then.



I’m off to write with a young artist named Taylon Hope today. Taylon just graduated High School and has enrolled at the Belmont University music program where my daughter went to college. Looking forward to rhyming with here today.


 Have a great Tuesday!




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