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Studio Time...Shows Coming Up...Barbie


Wednesday April 5, 2023


Here we go…first Hump Day in April. Up to 82 today, but tomorrow the highs are only going to be mid-50’s. With that, more storms are on the way.



Gosh, what a day of recording. I went over to my co-writer Josh Shillings house along with Andrea Pearson yesterday to record a song the three of us had written. Josh had already recorded a male version, and yesterday in Josh’s home studio Andrea laid down a female version of the same song. 



The two of them are truly gifted musicians and vocalists. And it was fun for me to watch them, and then lay down a harmony part to go with those wonderful voices of theirs. And they’re the kind of young artists that are truly FUN to be around. So, a lot of talent mixed with a lot of laughs yesterday. Once again, I was amazed to find myself in a room with such gifted nice folks. And the recording could not have turned out better.



As a bonus, Andrea and I got to meet Josh’s wife and his youngest girl who was taking a school test with her Mom but got up and played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ for us on the piano before we left. Yep…she’s likely to be in music somewhere down the line too.


So now we’ll start pitching the song in hopes that someone will love it as much as the three of us do.



The next few months are going to keep me on the road a bit. Here’s what’s ahead.


April 14 & 15 Shiloh, Illinois with Freedom Sings USA…writing songs with veterans


April 20 Schreier Theater in Morgan City, LA with “Hits & Grins”


April 22 MK Brown Civic Auditorium Pampa, TX with “Hits & Grins”


April 30 Commodore Grill Nashville…a benefit for songwriter Gerald Smith


May 4 Culpepper Virginia with “Hits & Grins”


May 6 West Point Virginia with “Hits & Grins”


May 11 Bucyrus Ohio with Linda Davis & Lang Scott

May 15 Canton Illinois with "Hits & Grins"

Complete details on all of these shows and others are on the website here under the TOUR tab.



A new study out concludes that alcohol does not provide any health benefits and that drinking wine or whatever even in small amounts is not healthy. In fact, Dr. Chris Tuell who is the Clinical Director of Addiction Services at the University of Medicine and the University of Cincinnati says, No amount of alcohol is good for you.” (So I can no longer lift my glass and says, “here’s to your health?”


The WHO is sounding yet another alarm claiming that we have too few drugs for deadly superbugs that seem to be developing and spreading.


A neuroscientist suggests that if you are a procrastinator that you should take a cold shower. Supposedly that will get you moving. It would me.



And this one comes from comedian Chris Rock who said, “When you get a CAREER there Ain’t enough hours in the day. When you get a JOB there’s too much time.”


I actually met a lady yesterday who told me she had a tech job. High stress. Nobody is ever happy when they come to her. They need their computer problem fixed and they need it yesterday. I asked her how she wound up landing in that job and she told me she knew she could make a good check. She does. But she’s not happy.


We all do what we have to do to pay bills and support our families. But it’s such a good thing when one is able to have a CAREER and not a JOB as Chris Rock correctly pointed out.



Here in Tennessee after that awful shooting our Governor is proposing a 140-MILLION-dollar bill that help hire armed guards for every school in the state. Sad Ain’t it? One should buy stock in the Armed Guards business as the demand unfortunately is going to grow.



U.S. job vacancies have fallen to their lowest level since 2021. Folks are going back to offices…and more folks are working.


Some jobs have disappeared though. I stopped at a Steak n Shake for a quick lunch after I came out of the recording session yesterday. It had been awhile since I walked in and sat down to eat there so I was surprised to see there were no waiters or waitresses anymore. You order on a Kiosk, pay, sit down and they bring it to you from the grill. I think I stood in front of the Kiosk for 5 minutes trying to figure out the correct tip amount for a danged Kiosk.





When I was on the radio I suggested that businesses sponsor potholes. Or that they buy space on those orange barrels during construction season. Well, Domino’s Pizza apparently did that. They sponsored potholes. They paid for fixing several and their logo went down on the asphalt. Pretty cool marketing there.




Yesterday I talked about how a movie Trailer helps me determine whether I will go see a movie or not. After seeing the BARBIE trailer? Uh…I will not. Maybe every young girl and older girl who’s ever owned that doll will go…I dunno. But I think I’ll sit this one out.




This is pretty cool. If you book a flight with Google Flight (new)…and the price goes down on what you paid before you board that flight, they will refund the difference up to $500. I’m going to be trying that in the near future, as long as they promise me that the inflight movie will NOT be “Barbie”.




“Tree Cut Down Because The Dog Won’t Stop Barking”. (The owner may live to regret that decision as I see his dog using his car tires to pee on from now on.)



I’m writing this evening online with producer-singer-musician Angus Gill in Australia. It will be like 9 in the morning there, and 5 in the evening here when we hook up. Always fun writing with this guy for sure.



Have a great Wednesday!



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