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Robo-Ump...Shows Coming Up...Deer In A Bed


Wednesday April 26, 2023


Wednesday, and it’s the last Hump Day of April…already! Sunny and 72 here today.



A lazy day for me. That was my Tuesday. So I caught up on some stuff, got to the gym and then slipped behind home plate at the Nashville Sounds baseball game last night on a “bring your jacket” kind of evening as it cooled down a bit. The park had a couple of surprises last night. First it was dog night. I probably should not have brought my danged cat.




Secondly, it’s the first ballgame I’ve been to and witnessed the Robo-Umpire. A computer let the home plate umpire know if the pitch was a ball or a strike. It’s something the Major Leagues are testing out in the minors. On our gigantic guitar scoreboard you could also see the pitch being traced to Homeplate so you could see what the computer was seeing. I kept waiting for the robo-manager to come out and kick dust on the Robo-Umpire but it never happened. 



I have to admit I did not dislike it at all surprisingly. But if it catches on in the Major Leagues I’m surely going to miss seeing managers like Earl Weaver and Lou Pinella going crazy on an umpire over a call. 





Here’s a look at the shows that are up next on my calendar. As you can see May is going to be busy.


This Sunday April 30 I’ll be at the Commodore Grille here in Nashville to help raise money for my buddy and co-writer Gerald Smith who piled up some big hospital bills after a long stay recently. I play at 6 pm with Janelle Arthur of American Idol fame and Donnie Winters. Come out and help us if you can.



May 4 at Culpepper High School in Culpepper, Virginia with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier and our “Hits & Grins” show.


May 6 at Robinson-Olsson Auditorium in West Point, Virginia with “Hits & Grins”.


May 11 at Bucyrus Elementary School Auditorium with Linda Davis & Lang Scott and our “Evening in the Round” show.


May 15 in Canton Illinois at the High School with “Hits & Grins”.


More details on all of these shows and others can be found under the TOUR tab here on the website.



A Harvard Health studies says there’s a LOT more melatonin and CBD’s in those sleep aid gummies that are popular than what’s advertised. More than 300% more. No wonder folks are sleeping so soundly.


Who knew? Apparently if you were born before 1959 you can still get free Covid test kits.


According to some scientists a Parkinson’s cure could be in reach after they found a breakthrough in the blood brain barrier. ( I have no idea what that means, but let’s hope for that breakthrough.)



And now Hank Jr. is going to open yet another celebrity bar on Lower Broadway here in Nashville. It will be called the Hank Williams Jr. Boogie Bar and will have 11,985 feet of bar stuff. No opening date yet, but it will be located near Alan Jackson’s popular bar. So officially, all his “Rowdy Friends” will now have a place to hang…or Hank.


Harry Belafonte passed away at the age of 96. Many will remember him as an actor and or an activist. I think some forgot what a wonderful singer Harry Belafonte was. Who doesn’t know “Day’o”?  RIP.



There’s a group that tracks and points out really stupid posts that folks fly out there on the social networks. Here’s three examples that qualify.


“I hate grapes. They discuss me”. (There’s a thing called “Grammarly”)


“I ran into a glass door and I think I might have a Caucasian”. (Please turn in your phone)


And finally this brain stumper of a question from some dude who posted: “Why do the women never have to take a DNA test to see if it’s their child”?  (Please think about going back to school and getting your GED. Thank you.)



Yesterday our city council approved the funding and building of a new football stadium for our Tennessee Titans. It will cost 2.1 BILLION to put up. With that kind of money going into it one can only hope that they eliminate the long lines for women at the bathrooms. 




That would be this first ever electric Corvette that sold at auction for 1.1 MILLION. Someone really wanted the bragging rights as the car will be sold for around $104,000 to the general public. It went to NASCAR team owner Rick Hendricks. Don’t expect to see it racing at Talladega.




There’s a new Broadway play coming that’s all about the making of the movie “Jaws”. “The Shark Is Broken” will open sometime this Fall. That should be different. Wonder how many times will hear that scary music? Da duh…Da duh…



The Animal Control folks in Philly were called to remove an alligator from a home. It was an 8-footgator! This couple got married and got the gator when it was a baby. They kept it in the basement. When they divorced he left her with the reptile and she no longer wanted it. In come the police with a rope and gator catching stuff dragging it out of the house hissing and lunging. A sanctuary in Michigan will be its new home. Hopefully the ladies next pet will be a hamster.



We have a LOT of deer that ramble around and rest in both our back and front yards. So far we’ve not had one do what this one did. Break into a home and take a place on the bed. I need to remind myself not to leave our doors open. 




I’m writing with my friend Rick Lang out east today on the computer. Rick is working on not one but two new albums that will be filled with his songs. One will be a follow up to “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” that garnered a Grammy nomination a few years ago. An album that was filled with bluegrass gospel songs that Billy Blue Records will release.


The second one will be a Christmas album that Daywind Records will put out and promote. Every song on each of those albums will be songs that Rick wrote or co-wrote with folks like me that will be sung by some very familiar artists to those who follow those two genres. I’m very happy to have at least a couple of songs on these two upcoming albums.


Have a great Wednesday!






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