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Idol In Town...New Show in KY...Easter Weekend


Friday April 7, 2023


Friday morning and it’s Easter weekend. AND…it’s the Masters Golf Tournament Weekend.  So it’s appropriate since the tournament falls on Easter Weekend that the golf course has an “Amen” Corner.



Things have cooled off after another storm rolled through Nashville.  Just 59 for a high today.



I wrote with American Idol star Alex Miller once again along with Josh Shilling. Both are getting ready to hit the road quite a bit as I am. Josh is actually out on the road playing piano and singing with Wynonna Judd starting next week, and Alex is all over the country. So it was fun to find enough time to sit together and write a new song from a great idea Josh brought into my publishing company where we wrote yesterday. 



Cool story. While we were writing Josh asked Alex to play “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” that was Alex’s first single on Billy Jam records that I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. I had forgotten that Alex was a special guest at the Rhonda Vincent Christmas show in Branson last year, and Josh was the piano player for that entire run with Rhonda. So Alex sang our song during that show while Josh played piano on it. And yesterday we it broke out in the room with the three of us playing and singing this fun “Swing” song that Alex recorded the heck out of. They filmed the video for this song at Alex’s grandparents farm up in Kentucky where he’s from. Pay attention, that’s Alex’s Grandaddy coming out of the Outhouse!  Too funny.

A little Mexican late lunch after the session and we wrapped up a very productive and fun day.





I got word yesterday that “Hits & Grins” with me, Steve Dean & Victoria Venier will be playing at the Kentucky Opry in Benton, Kentucky for the first time on the evening of July 28. Show time is at 7 pm that night. A “who’s who” of country acts have played this venue for years and years, and we are thrilled to be part of that roster of great acts. Come and see us if you can.



My next show will be this one with Freedom Sings USA in Shiloh, Illinois next weekend alongside some other Nashville songwriters as once again we each will sit with a veteran and write their stories into songs that will be performed Saturday night at a free concert for anyone who wants to attend and help us salute these veterans. 




A COVID vaccine nasal spray is showing a strong immunity response that researchers in the UK say could be a game changer. 2 doses to a hamster reveals a stronger response than a COVID shot.


Also in the UK…some cancer research there is showing that green bananas can prevent and reduce cancer by 60%.


And yet another study suggests that snoring increases the risk of stroke.



A guy came home to his wife and said, “Guess what? I’ve found a great job. A 10 a.m. start, 2 pm finish, no overtime, no weekends, and it pays $600 a week!”


“That’s great,” his wife said.


“Yeah, I thought so too,” he agreed. “You start Monday”.  



78-year-old Bonnie Gooch from Pleasant Hill, Missouri was arrested for robbing a bank. Yep. It’s a bit odd to think a 78-year-old is robbing a bank. But what makes it even odder is the fact that this is the second time she’s been caught doing that.


Girl. Use your Social Security check. Go play Bingo. Stay out of jail. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200.



The folks at Dodge say the Ram electric pickup truck can go 500 miles on a single charge. Now if they can find a way to make them more affordable, we might see more of them on the road. Right now the starting price is $73,00O! 




Remember that white 3-piece suit John Travolta rocked in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”? It’s up for auction later this month. Expected asking price? $200,000. Wow.



Confession. I owned a white 3-piece suit once and wore it on stage with my band back in that heyday of disco music. Though my band was mostly country we would do some “pop” songs in the clubs we played. And during the height of the hit from that movie “Stayin’ Alive”… whenever we performed it, the place would go nuts. And EVERYBODY got on the floor and danced. Gosh, that seemed so cool at the time, but now?  I think I’ll try and keep those pictures locked in a vault. “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother….”



This picture is not one we’re likely to see again considering the climate we live in. But in 1956 this picture was taken of some skyscrapers on Good Friday, and it’s Good Friday today of course. Powerful picture for a Holy Day.




This morning I’ll be songwriting with bluegrasser Troy Engle again online. He’s up in Pennsylvania and I’ll have a chance to say thank you to Troy for making “Back Home” that we wrote together his first single that’s out and getting some radio play. The song will be on a new album by Troy for Pinecastle Records later this year that will also include two more songs we co-wrote.


Then this afternoon I’ll be back online to write with a female songwriter who signed up to write with me. She has a song she’s started that she thinks needs a little help, so hopefully I can be that help today. She signed up with Brent Baxter’s online songwriting website Songwriting Pro. Looking forward to meeting her today.


And then it’s on to Easter weekend and some golf viewing of the Masters.


Have a great weekend!



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