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Boston Rhymes...Shiloh...March Madness Weekend


Friday March 24, 2023


Friday morning and the weekend is on us. 78 for high today and we’re on alert for what could be some nasty weather tonight.



I caught up with Rob Bellamy out in the Boston area online and wrote a new song from an idea he brought to the table about simple living and how it’s not a bad way to live. Sort of like how I grew up in Missouri. I got a nice bonus out of it when his wife Ayla Brown who does mornings for the country radio station in Boston and is a talented singer songwriter herself. In fact Ayla finished top 5 one year on American Idol.


She had been out walking and came in and introduced me to their 8-month baby boy Barrett better known as “Bear” who was of course too cute for the room. It was nice to see how greet things are going for the entire family. Could not be happier for them. 




I had lunch with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott at Cracker Barrel. I was deep in the middle of the Clampetts’s version of the Rubik Cube when they sat down. Such a frustrating game. Geez.



We caught up and all 3 of us are looking forward to hitting the road to Stephens City Virginia next weekend for our show at the Bible Valley Church there. A few tickets remain so grab yours if you’re in that area and thinking about coming. We’d love to have you.




I got a few more details for our writers retreat coming up in Shiloh, Illinois March 14 and 15 near St. Louis with Freedom Sings USA. We’ll be sitting once again with veterans and writing their stories into song. And the event is sponsored by the city of Shiloh itself which is a cool thing. All the details are here on this poster. 




Researchers say that sitting cross legged is not a good idea. It restricts blood flow that could lead to clots not to mention realigning your hips in a bad way. Who knew?


A new study says that people who live to be 100 have some common habits. They move every day. They maintain hobbies. And they work beyond retirement. In other words you can’t just sit on the sofa and watch March Madness all day and night. (note to self)


Smart needles that were designed to treat cancerous, malignant tumors with high precision may help cut back on the need for invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, or radiation according to a new study.



“I hate having a messy house. Not enough to actually clean it, but enough to give it a disgusted stare from my seat on the couch".



An asteroid is coming big enough to wipe out an entire city. The good news is it will miss us. Thank goodness asteroids have such bad aim.



Could Blockbuster stores be coming back?  Hard to imagine but apparently they are relaunching their website which has Blockbuster fans (and yes there’s like a cult out there) excited. At one time there were 9,000. Now there’s just one in Bend, Oregon that’s become a tourist attraction. I just don’t see folks making a trip to Blockbuster to rent a VHS or DVD and then have to return it. Nor do I see a large number of folks wanting to dust off an old VHS player or DVD player. 



As a creative person, I hate and love streaming. I hate it because it’s taking away a ton of money from creators but at the same time I’m no different than anyone else who loves the convenience of pulling up almost any movie, show, music you name it with a remote control from a Lazy Boy.


Ironic that Blockbuster has gone away but Lazy Boys still remain.



The FTC is trying to make it easier to cancel a subscription or free trial offer. Ever sign up for any “free trial” thing then spend a ton of time trying to find out how to cancel the danged thing before they start charging you? By design. A nice big red “cancel” button on their homepage would be a good thing. I should have never subscribed to the underwear of the week online club. Sigh.



They have become the first state to enact legislation that will restrict children and teens from using social media with parental approval. They’re worried about “poor mental health outcomes” for young people.


Yea kids. Go do something healthier like I did when I was a kid. Crawl up on a jungle gym or bail out of a swing at tree top height. Man, I wish I had had the social network then to post some of that!  I’d have gone viral. 




The Federal Trade Commission is busy. They are also warning us to beware of scam calls from someone that sounds like a family member or someone you know in a panic asking you to send them money. It’s voice cloning. There are cloning machines that allow one to mimic the voice of someone you know. All they need a is a little audio recording of that person and they can duplicate it enough to fool some folks. Beware. They say to hang up then call that person to make sure.


Me? I think I’ll get one of those voice cloning machine and tape a response as Mike Tyson to them.



Hyundai and Kia are recalling 570,000 cars because something about the trailer hitch helps set them on fire. Not good. In fact they have said those that own these cars should make sure to park them outside so you don’t catch your house on fire. Yikes. So finally someone else will be the brunt of those jokes the old Ford Pintos used to get.




And these are real


Enraged cow injures farmer with ax.


If strike isn’t settle quickly, it may last awhile.


Man struck by lightning faces battery charge.



I’m off to write with Thomm Jutz at his little home studio not too far from me. Thomm has been out singing and promoting songs off a great new bluegrass album that he recorded my buddy Tim Stafford titled “Lost Voices” with great songs like this one “Take A Shot”. It will be fun to see what we can come up with this morning.




Pretty sure I’ll be locked into March Madness this weekend and do a little pre-packing for the road trip to Virginia coming next Friday.


Have a great weekend!





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