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Miller Time...Tybee...Storage Gator


Wednesday January 18, 2023

Middle of the week trying to get over the ole “Hump” today. Some rain in our forecast, but warm with a high of 66 on tap. And with that warm weather comes the chance of severe thunderstorms as well as a possible tornado or two here in the south. It looks like Nashville in on the fringe of it. Stay away!



I wrote not one but two songs with my American Idol buddy and co-writer Alex Miller at my publishing company yesterday, and it didn’t take us long. That’s because Alex sent me an idea he had started using a new miniature slide guitar that sounds old school country when you play it. And we married that to his retro-honkytonk idea of a song he had. He sent it to me by e-mail the night before, and I dug into it before showing up for the writing appointment. We just had a blast writing that song with his new musical toy. When that was finished I showed him a verse and chorus of an idea I had brought that was also fun to finish up together. So a pretty good 2 for 1 day in Nashville with Alex. 

 Later we grabbed some lunch at a great Mexican restaurant nearby that we love and really caught up on his busy career. The Mexican restaurant we ate at now know him (as they too watched American Idol) and always shout out his name when the walks in. On top of that Alex is a big, tall drink of water (dwarfs me) so he’s unmistakable when he shows up anywhere. Just a great creative Tuesday in Nashville.




Today I thought I’d spotlight a little beach song that my Missouri friend Becky Denton recorded called “Take Me Back To Tybee.” The song was a digital single release and got a little play in the Trop Rock World. Becky and her husband-musician Will Denton love Tybee Island, Georgia where they vacation a bit and wanted to write a song about it. We did. And then it somehow was heard by a guy that rents sailing trips out of Tybee and he put the song under some footage of sailing pictures at his rental business office that sits on the water down there. So, if you go in to rent a boat…you’ll hear our little song. AND...if you click on the link above you'll get to see that video.



It’s always nice to see a music columnist or critic write something good about a song one is part of. This is a snippet from a review by Alan Cackett who reviews albums in the Americana, Roots, Country & Bluegrass category. The review is about some of the songs on my friend and co-writer Irene Kelley’s new bluegrass CD “Show White Memories”. This is what the reviewer Alan Cackett wrote about “Get Behind Me Satan” that I wrote with Irene that’s on this great project.


Bright notes open Satan Get Behind Me creating ripples of sound that whirl around one another and cascade in dazzling waves of positivity. The lyrics offer both solace and strength, all touching examples of how music and meaning can be melded together without sacrificing the impact of either.


Thank you Alan for the kind words.




Now some studies are saying that the COVID vaccine may make Botox less effective. Gosh, if that’s true, most of Hollywood will stop getting vaccinated.


Yet another study suggests that children who test positive for COVID and another respiratory virus may have a more severe reaction than adults.



An article I read this morning lists a bunch of things we men do that we think will impress women, but in reality they don’t.


Three that caught my attention.


Driving like a lunatic. (Most of us dudes ain’t Jeff Gordon.)


Owning a surplus of weapons. (Rambo is a “no” go)


And Gym selfies. (Yep. My wife has no desire to see me lifting a 2-pound dumbbell while grunting)



It’s interesting to read that Wyoming is trying to limit the electric car movement so as not to hurt its gas and oil industry there. Some want to ban sales completely in that state. It’s interesting because while I was in California a few days ago you could not miss the electric charging stations for cars at everywhere we stopped…seemingly. Wonder how Wyoming feels about some of the folks on Capitol Hill wanting to get rid of gas stoves? And with that, here’s a funny electric car joke making the rounds.


Apple is planning on getting into the electric car manufacturing business. (True) So the question is, will those Apple cars have windows?



Some guy shared this. “I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.”



I watch the TV show “Storage Wars” whenever it’s on. The cast bids on storage units, high bid wins, and then the TV audience gets to see what’s in those units. Sometimes they make money, sometimes they lose money. And they find all sorts of stuff. Wonder what they would think if the Storage locker they won had a “live” 3-foot alligator in it?  That’s what happened in New Jersey. A gator was found in a locked storage container. I’m guessing somewhere between the mattress and the golf clubs. 



Woman Sues Bar After Getting So Drunk She Blew Up A 10 Million Dollar Home. Uh huh. Pretty sure being drunk has nothing to do with being an idiot.



I’ll be playing at the Listening Room Café here in Nashville with my “Hits & Grins” trio alongside Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. It’s an 8:30 pm show. Great venue and I hope to see a bunch of you there tomorrow evening.




I’m headed out to write with Thomm Jutz for the second time at his home studio near me. Thomm is a talented songwriter-guitar player and he teaches songwriting classes here at Belmont University. I’m always afraid he’s going to make me take a pop quiz when we finish writing.


Have a great Wednesday!




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