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Cyber Monday...Cowboy Christmas Song...Plane In The Wire


Monday November 28, 2022 


Happy Monday morning. The turkey’s gone, and Christmas is on the way. Yikes.



Lazy weekend for me. Leftover turkey, lots of football, and we got our Christmas tree up in the stand and it’s ready to decorate. My wife and I are both feeling better now after a bout of COVID so we’re grateful for that, and we’re ready to attack the week ahead. And no, I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping. 


Apparently there were small lines at retail stores this year. Less people got run over by those trying to get that Big Screen TV and air fryer on sale. And all of that is because online sales this year is breaking all the records. 9.12 BILLION sold online on Black Friday.



That’s today. Followed by Leftover Tuesday Sales then Wednesday’s “We Still Got Stuff To Sell”. I have a small Christmas gift list this year but have zero clue what to get any of them. Sigh. Apparently there a great deals to be. had on those robot vacuums. I guess one could say “that don’t suck”, but one shouldn’t.



I’ve been blessed to have a few Christmas songs of mine recorded through the years. So, since it is the season, I’m going to start sharing those here on the blog. The first is this great cowboy Christmas song that I wrote with Jenny Tolman (about to be a Christmas Mom) and her husband Dave Brainard. A few years ago Jenny toured Texas and fell in love with the cowboy culture. We’ve written a couple of songs about cowboy for her through the years including this Christmas song called “I Want A Cowboy For Christmas”. I love cowboy music too, and those great harmonies you hear in that kind of music. This one makes you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire hearing it sung while the logs on fire crackle and pope. Click on the link above and check it out.



China continues to add more lockdowns and restrictions and a lot of their citizens are protesting their Zero-Covid policy big time. Daily Covid records are being broken right now in China.


Australia too is seeing a big spike, a 5th wave in that country. I write with a few Aussie’s online and have heard their stories about how strict some of their lockdowns have been. Will there be another there as well?


Meanwhile, COVID concerns did not stop folks from flying over the Thanksgiving holiday period. More that 2 million flew, and that surpasses the pre-COVID era numbers on some of those days.



This will make you smile. A parent tweeted”


I sent my daughter a text and she responded with “I’m looking into it”. So I guess we’re business associates now”.



Bob Iger assumed the CEO big chair at Disney for a second time. Already he’s come out and said that he thinks the admission price at the Disney Parks is too steep. Ya think? A one-day pass into Disney World will now set you back $109 to $159 per day.  Imagine the cost for a family of 4 or 5 by the time you hit all four parks, pay for rooms and meals and souvenirs and transportation and or flights to get there.


One comic joked, “There’s a sign in front of the entrance to Space Mountain that reads, “You must have a net worth this high to ride.”



Over the weekend, over 2,000 Australians shed their clothes for Cancer Awareness. Next year there’s a movement for a “Put Your Clothes Back On and Carry A Sign “for Cancer Awareness. We’ll see how that goes.



Get this. Twice the number of Americans were carrying handguns in 2019 compared to 2015. And the number has gone up since then. Buy stock in gun ranges folks.



How about the light aircraft carrying a pilot and passenger that hit some power lines in Maryland and got stuck up in those powerlines for 7 hours. Both got out alive, but 100,000 folks had no electricity for hours because of the incident. Pretty amazing looking. One word for the pilot. “Altitude”. 




How about this for someone on your “hard to buy for” Christmas list this year. This pocket telescope that attaches to your cell phone is pretty cool. Zoom in on something far away and see it on your cell phone screen. And it only runs like 50 bucks. 



I go to a lot of baseball games. It would allow me to zoom in on a favorite baseball player from afar. Or if I was driving and saw a plane stuck in electrical wires high above, I could check that out as well.




I Gave Birth Inside A McDonald’s. We’re Calling Her “Little Nugget”. Okay then. Want fries with that baby?



My writing appointment got cancelled for this afternoon, so I have one more free day to think about doing some of that Cyber Monday shopping thing.


Then this evening I’m headed for what will be a wonderful gathering of friends. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow here on the Blog.


Have a great Monday!






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