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Lunch With A Star...Song On TV...New Nashville Show Added


Wednesday October 26, 2022 


Doing that ole “Hump Day” Wednesday thing. A little rain popped up yesterday and cooled Music City down a bit. A high of just 65 today.



Well, somebody got killed in a song yesterday. That from an idea American Idol star Alex Miller brought into the writing room with him at Billy Blue Publishing yesterday. Alex is in from his small town of Lancaster, Kentucky to write and finish recording his second album for Billy Blue Publishing and had this “murder” song idea that’s a little dark, with mystery in it, and I was more than happy to wade into those murky waters and help him shape his story into what turned out to be a very cool song. Alex is working a ton all over the country these days after the attention he got from being on American Idol a couple of seasons ago. I found out what an impression he made on folks when after we finished writing and we grabbed lunch at a great Mexican restaurant nearby. Three different people stopped by our table all lit up because Alex was in the room, and they LOVED him. Nice to see. Alex is a who you see is who you get all the time. A really nice down to earth TALENTED young man. Felt like I was having a peanut butter and nanner sandwich with Elvis. Certainly enjoyed the time with him yesterday.


He sings a song every night in his shows that I helped write with my buddies Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson that was his first national single, “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit You”. In the video you’ll see his family, his grandfather’s farm in Kentucky, and a former Miss Kentucky in the “girlfriend” role. Check it out.



I got official word yesterday that a song I helped write “I’m Hanging Out” with Ryan Hydro a lot of years ago did indeed get placed on the “Monarch” TV show on Fox starring Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins. And, it MAY have been on last night’s show. I taped it and will watch it later today to see. The song is pretty much background in some scene BUT…they wrote us a check for it so it’s all good and then some. Ryan is now living back in Pennsylvania, which I did not know until I talked to him last night, and I have him to thank for getting the song placed. And another thank you to my longtime friend who used to intern on my radio show in Cincinnati for making it happen through her TV-Film placement company out in LA “Crucial Music”. Proof again that you never know where a song might wind up. 



A 3-hour cruise. I don’t know for sure if it’s 3 hours or not, but one of the shows on this long tour I’m about to go on will be on a boat off Key West with Brent Burns and Stoney Gable. It’s an all-comedy VIP tour that’s part of the MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) HUGE Parrot Head gathering happening the first week of November. The boat sets sail Friday morning November 4. It is a private event, no tickets available. And yes, I’ll be taking some Dramamine and an ear patch. It’s supposed to be a comedy cruise, but there ain’t much funny about getting sick on a boat. Been there…don’t wanna be there no more. 



Thanksgiving Eve I’ll be part of a songwriter show with my young friend Taylon Hope at 8:30 pm. So if for any reason you’re in Nashville over that holiday period, get a ticket and come join us at the Listening Room which is truly a great “listening” room. And they have great food too. 




The President yesterday warned the American people that nearly every COVID-related death this year will be because people have not received the updated vaccine.


Meanwhile, a new study concludes that booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer failed to raise levels of protective proteins called neutralizing antibodies against the dominant omicron strains any more than the four doses of the original COVID vaccine. Boiled down it means the new shots are no better than the old shots. And on and on it the differing facts and viewpoints go.


And in NYC a ruled that the city must rehire workers they let go because they would not get vaccinated.



Anyone who’s raising or has raised a toddle will probably smile at this assessment from a Mom who tweeted, “If you gave a toddler a DNA test the results would probably be 30% chicken nuggets, 67% ketchup, 3% unknown.”



Well, it looks like the new football stadium they’re going to build for our NFL team the Tennessee Titans. Yep. A billion bucks. Nashville got its first look at what that will look like in some renderings they released yesterday. Looks like a pretty cozy place to watch football. 




I’ve always hated snakes. Still do. And after reading about the grandmother who got swallowed alive in Indonesia, and them finding her body after they cut the snake open? My hate for snakes just quadrupled. Just wanted to get that out there. When I think about picking up bales of hay in hayfield when I was young only to find a snake underneath or worse, finding one tucked inside the bale of hay? I still shudder and will lose a night’s sleep. Did I mention that I hate snakes?



Farmers have learned to use their farms for other purposes than farming to make money. And many turn their farms into Halloween destinations. Hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, kid activities, apple cider…you name it. How successful is it?  It’s now a BILLION-dollar business! Wow. Our little family visited one near where my son in law and daughter live now in Alabama last year and it was great fun. And I prefer that at Halloween as opposed to visiting a Haunted House. When I did the farm thing I didn’t have to change my underwear later.



Rodney Dangerfield was always a guy who made me laugh at his one liner stand up jokes. He made a lot of folks laugh other than me too. Like Johnny Carson who would always be on the floor when Rodney was twisting his tie, sweating, and telling his jokes. I did not know until I read it this morning that on Rodney’s tombstone they chiseled “Rodney Dangerfield. There Goes The Neighborhood.” Making us laugh still.


He joins the late game show host and mogul Merv Griffin for having something funny on his tombstone. Merv’s reads, “I’ll Be Right Back After This Message”.



I’m songwriting with Jerry Salley (who's on the far right in the picture alongside Lauren Spring that was taken from our songwriter show in Port St. Joe this past weekend) this morning who has a great and kind of funny idea for a song title inspired by a big old Willie Nelson-Lefty Frizzell song “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time”. Jerry has a little twist on that title that we’re going to play around with today.



Have a great Wednesday!




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