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Busy Road Ahead...Hurricane Relief...Rats


Wednesday October 12, 2022


Wednesday “Hump Day” coming at ya from Nashville. 82 for a high, and rain, maybe a thunderstorm and even some hail today. I'm putting my helmet on just in case.



It was pretty much a lazy day here at the Whyte House after just getting off the road. So it gave me a chance to catch up on the stuff on my desk, and work ahead. The rest of this week will include a couple of songwriting appointments and an interview I’m going to do for a Trop Rock podcast hosted by Brad Jones and his friend Keith Enloe. I met Brad at a house concert I did this past summer in Sullivan, Missouri at the “Hangout” with my friend Brent Burns. Brad is from Jefferson City, Missouri, not far from where I grew up in the Show Me State and asked if I would do it. They will be here in Nashville this Friday morning, and I’ll join them to chat and have fun. As soon as I get their link to listen, I’ll post it here in case you’d like to listen.


And then next week a busy busy run begins downs south starting with the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival October 20-23. Here’s the schedule through November.


Then a big Trop Rock event “Flip Flop Stock” in Sarasota, Florida on October 28 with a bunch of tropical singers. I’ll be doing a set with Brent Burns. 


Key West for MOTM, the big Parrot Head gathering the entire first week of November where I’ll be doing two or three shows and emceeing. One of those shows will include a VIP comedy cruise. 


And then the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores November 10-12 with Hits & Grins. 4 shows this year.


And finally a two-city run to Virginia with “Hits & Grins”.


November 17 in Culpepper, VA

November 19 in West Point, VA



Brent Burns and I participated in a hurricane relief effort that ran over two days and raised quite a bit of money. We taped a segment, and they aired it over the weekend. It was a funny segment as well as being a bit serious to help raise some money for the cause. We sang our song “Jim Cantore” and if you’d like to see and hear those fun few minutes, hit this LINK then scroll down a bit to find "Day 2 is Live now". We are the first guests introduced so wait 3 or 4 minutes after it starts and you can watch our segment.



There’s a noticeable spike of COVID cases going on in England right now. Experts think we could be next.


A study shows that 49% of us have lied about having COVID during the pandemic or lied about whether or not we took safety precautions (quarantine).


And after a spike in China of COVID cases they are not only shutting down cities, but school systems again.



Stand-up comedian Tim Vine is responsible for this joke. This guy says to me, “As a young boy was your mother very strict with you? I said, “Listen, I want to make one thing clear. My mother was never a young boy”.



A list of the most dangerous cities to live in was just released. St. Louis, where I spent a fair amount of time in my youth is the most dangerous followed by Fort Lauderdale and San Bernadino, California.


The LEAST dangerous city to live in?  Austin Texas followed by Phoenix, Palm Bay FL and then Charleston.


I never thought of St. Louis as being dangerous when I was a kid. Of course, riots and times have changed that unfortunately. And it has much to offer if you visit. Go see a Cardinals game. Best fans ever. Go to Grants Farm, the Zoo, the restored Fox Theater, catch an outdoor show at the Muni and see the Arch. Maybe keep your eyes open…but go.



I played a show South Pittsburgh, Tennessee a few years ago at a wonderful theater with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Located near Chattanooga I may have to make a return trip because they just opened a CastIron Museum. What’s in a Cast Iron Museum?  How about the world’s largest cast iron skillet?


The skillet is 18 feet and weighs 14,360 pounds! That would hold a lot of lard, and a lot of fish to fry like my Mom used them for when I was growing up. Oh, and if you get into an argument with someone in the kitchen? They make a formidable weapon as well. 



New York City was nowhere near the top of the list for “Most Dangerous Cities.” Most would have guessed it would be. Nope. BUT…since 2020 rat sightings are up 71%!  Geez. I’ll take St. Louis.



The first time I was ever in the Big Apple was to broadcast my show on WMIL in Milwaukee covering the Garth Brooks concert at Central Park which was a huge deal for country music. My radio partner Scott Dolphin and I set up in a big empty conference room at the top of an old hotel where they had us staying. At 5:30 AM Milwaukee time we opened our microphones for the first time, and no more had we said “good morning” when a rat ran across the back wall in front of us. We both laughed and I think I said on air, “Welcome to New York.”



My wife and I are fans of “The Voice”. So it’s a bit sad to hear that Blake Shelton is retiring from the show this year after 23 seasons. Talk about someone who will be hard to replace. With that news, it looks like the producers are going to make a really big change and replace ALL the judges on the show including John Legend and Blake’s wife Gwen Stefani. And that might be the best way to start anew with Blake leaving. We’ll see.



“Nebraska Woman Gives Birth 48 Hours After Finding Out She Was Pregnant”. She’s a teacher, and she thought stress was making her feel the way she felt. Wrong.


I’m guessing they are on Amazon Prime right now ordering a bunch of baby stuff.



I’m online writing with a couple of bluegrass buddies this morning Rick Lang and Troy Engle. Both of them were in Raleigh a few weeks ago for the big Bluegrass Convention and Awards Show at the IBMA’s. Rick headed up several songwriter panels, and Troy headed up a panel talking about Tom T. Hall songs as he had worked with Tom T. several years ago before returning home to Pennsylvania where he now lives with his family. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories with those two.


Have a great Wednesday!





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