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Song For A Queen...Frank Brown Schedule...George & Tammy Night


Wednesday September 21, 2022 


Hump Day again and we’ll have the AC cranked up. 97 for a high today then the next couple of days it will finally start to cool just a bit. A high of just 77 for on tap for this Friday.


Proof again that it’s hot and getting hotter on the planet. More than 300 all-time heat records were broken in the US alone this summer.



My day flipped yesterday from the norm, which is usually the case when I songwriter with someone from Australia. It was breakfast time there for Angus Gill when he joined me, and dinner time for me. Always odd to know that he’s just getting out of bed and downing some coffee while it’s the end of the day for me.


 We had a very productive creative meeting miles a world away from each other, despite my internet dropping a couple of times. We tweaked a very funny Christmas tune that Angus is going to record “Cheapskate Christmas” and then we tackled something very different.


Angus is producing or getting ready to produce an artist from England and thought writing something around the Queen Elizabeth might be cool idea. Now, I don’t know a ton about the royal family. Don’t really follow all of that for the most part.  But Angus had a wonderful title that was wrapped around a “code” phrase concerning the Queen that I did not now about. We wrote phrase into the title of our song, so I can’t share it right now. I dug into that phrase and did a lot of Googling about London, and England etc. So, I had two verses written before we started that Angus loved. We finished it together, and this morning I got a note that he has a piano player on the way today to help him record this so we can pitch to someone else other than the artist he’s about to record. Very cool. The song was a challenge to write, but gosh it turned out so great. We’ll see what happens with it down the road.



I read this morning that that if the Queen started to put lipstick on out in public, it was a sign to her aides that she was ready to go. I’m sure it got her out of some situations she didn’t want to be in.


I can share that back when I played with a band, we had our own code for a long while. If any band member got tied up with customer or got in a situation they needed to be out of, we would scratch the back of our heads. That would be a sign for another band member to come up and say, “hey, we need you for a minute” …and we’d be saved from a drunk, or someone who would just not let us move. It happens. You’re free to steal it if you’d like.



The full schedule rolled out yesterday for the Frank BrownSongwriters Festival this year, a festival that I’ve been attending and playing at for an awful lot of good years now down on the beaches of Gulf Shores-Orange Beach and Perdido Key.  Certainly looking forward to being back there again.


Here’s my full 2022 schedule.


Thursday November 10-Woodside Restaurant Gulf Shores- with Brent Burns at 5 pm.


Thursday November 10-Florabama Main Listening Room with “Hits & Grins”, alongside Victoria Venier and Steve Dean. 10 pm show. 


Friday November 11-Perdido Beach Resort with “Hits & Grins” at 8:30 pm.


Saturday November 12-Lulu’s with Brent Burns & Victoria Venier at 6 pm.


Complete details for all of these shows is now on my Tour page here on the website. This songwriter’s festival runs two weeks featuring a ton of great songwriters from Nashville playing their original songs and telling their stories in a beautiful setting. Make plans to hit the beach with us in November!




Fiona out in the Caribbean has ramped up to category 4 now with other storms forming. Tis that time of year. And from mid-October until mid-November, I’m pretty much going to be in a beach town playing music. Fingers crossed that it stays away from Port St. Joe, Gulf Shores, Mobile, Sarasota and Key West. All destinations on my show calendar during that period.



I had a little check up with my doctor yesterday and I asked her how much COVID she’s been seeing. She said not a lot over the past few weeks, but a lot before that. She seems to think like many that even if the pandemic has backed off, we’ll be living with COVID for a very long time. Hard not to believe that.


And now Canada is about to join in and drop their vaccine restrictions as a lot of countries have already done. Word is that you should be able to enter Canada without being vaccinated by the end of this month.


Scientists are working on a mask one can wear that will detect if you have COVID, the flu and or other infections. That would be more appealing to me than sticking a stick up my nose…I think.



The FDA had to come out and remind us that cooking chicken in Nyquil is not a good idea. A Tik Tok video of someone doing that and calling it “sleepy chicken” made the rounds on the world wide web and folks started doing that. They took the video down.


I’m not sure which is sadder. Someone posting their chicken swimming in Nyquil, or the fact that the FDA had to tell us that it isn’t a good idea to put your chicken and yourself to sleep.


I’m going to post a video of me cooking a chicken in a Nutri System shake for those who want to lose weight.



Kim Kardashian just bought a 3rd or 4th home…but who’s counting. This time she bought a former mansion in Malibu that was owned by supermodel Cindy Crawford. It only cost Kim 70 MILLLION dollars. Just a little fixer upper folks.




The Facebook King Mark Zuckerberg has lost 71 Billion dollars recently. That whole “Meta” thing he’s dropped a lot of bucks into is not taking hold. He will now have to figure out a way to survive on the 55.9 BILLION dollars he still has in the bank. I like his odds of surviving.



Aaron Judge is giving casual baseball fans a reason to tune in. Home run, after home run, and last night late in the game he tied Babe Ruth with the Yankees with his 60th home run SO FAR this season. If you missed it, here’s what it looked like. I played a lot of softball when I was young, and a little baseball. In all the years I did play, not once did I ever hit a ball over the fence. I hit homeruns occasionally, but the kind where you hit the gap and ran like crazy. Aaron Judge swings and then TROTS. A bit more impressive.



A guy in Nebraska grew an 846-pound pumpkin. So what does the guy do with it? Carves it out, then floats it down the Missouri River for 11 hours breaking a Guinness World Record. Yes, they have a record for that too. 



Wonder how many folks have a Guinness or two or three before attempting to break a Guinness record?



My wife and I have a little musical date to go out and see some friends pay tribute to George Jones and Tammy Wynette including our dear friends and my travel companions from time to time, Lang Scott & Linda Davis. It’s “Classic Country Night” that my friend Lauren Mascitti hosts once a month at a club called 3rd & Lindsley that features Lauren, a bunch of musical guests, and a full band. Last month she paid tribute to Glen Campbell. Tonight it’s George and Tammy.


My friend Lang joked that he was not going to show up. (If you know our George Jones history, you’ll laugh at that.)


 Have a great Wednesday!















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