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A TV Taping...The Road Ahead...Biscuit Beer


Wednesday August 31, 2022

The last day of August!



I felt so fortunate to be in the studio audience yesterday afternoon for the taping of the new Brotherly Love project coming out soon. Two of my favorite co-writers are in this amazing quartet. Jimmy Fortune and Mike Rogers. The quartet also includes Ben Isaacs of the amazing Isaac Family, and Bradley Walker.


Yesterday their quartet taped over 20 songs inside the old studio where Hee Haw was filmed that will be included on a Gaither Family released DVD and CD, and you’ll also be able to download it of course.


What a great mixture of songs. From old gospel songs I used to sing like “Church in the Wildwood” and “Precious Memories” to popular songs like “Let Em’ In” from Paul McCartney and Wings and “I Can See Clearly Now” and a great version of “My Girl”. And they also included the great song Jimmy Fortune wrote that was a hit for the Statler Brothers, the quartet he was part of for 21 years, "More Than A Name On The Wall". And Don Reid introduced the quartet on stage to a standing ovation. It was the first appearance Don has made since he and the Statler Brothers retired. 


There were a ton of music folks there including Grand Ole Opry Star Mr. "Rose Colored Glasses" John Conlee who I bumped into in the Opry building hallway. Couple of old radio guys in this picture. Yep, that's how John a radio announcer in Nashville. 


Also in the crowd was Rory Feek of “Joey & Rory”, Jerry Salley, Ricky Skaggs (who jumped up and played mandolin on one song, the entire Isaacs Family, and my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott who I sat next to during the show. Just amazing really. It reminded me once again why I love living in Music City.


If you are a music lover, you’ll love this album and DVD show that will be everywhere very soon.



Here’s a peek at my show schedule for September & October. There’s a few chances to come see me on a beach!


This Saturday September 3 I’ll be at the Listening Room in Nashville for a 6 pm show with “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier.


September 8 at Americanaville in Livingston, TN for a songwriter show with Wil Nance.


October 5 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville for a private show with songwriters Jenny Tolman, Dave Brainard, Steve Dean, and very special surprise guest.


October 8 in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns at a venue to be announced soon.


October 9 in Mobile, Alabama at the Peoples Room with Juanita Smith. (A comedy show)


October 20-23 at the “Blast on the Bay” songwriters festival in Port St. Joe Florida.


October 28 in Sarasota, FL for a Trop Rock event with several artists.



Funding looks to have run out for COVID shots. As early as January you may have to pay for a shot, or hopes your insurance covers it if you want the latest dose…booster…add on or whatever.


Goldman Sachs announced they are rolling off all COVID restrictions, and all employees must return to the office. Non vaccinated as well as vaccinated.


The FDA is going to approve the new Omicron booster shot coming to a booster shot place near you soon.



Walmart has SO much inventory on hands right now that they are dropping the prices on everything. Good time for a bargain if you’re a Walmart shopper.


There’s been a few songs written about shopping at Walmart. My friend Brent Burns recorded the “Walmart Greeter Tribute” song that’s funny. And this one from the comedy duo Doyle & Debbie is hysterical, “Too PrettyTo Shop At Walmart”. If you need a laugh, check those out.



Southern Geist Brewing has just put out a Hardee’s biscuit flavored beer.  Uh huh. The Strawberry Biscuit Ale is available. I’m not a big Hardee’s guy, but my friend Gerald Smith wo I write with a lot has sung the praises of their biscuits more than once. Every morning he drops by to get one for breakfast. Can’t wait to tell him about this new beer. 



Rolling Stone Magazine just listed their top 100 Country Albums of all time. Here’s their entire list if you’re interested in knowing. But here’s the top 5 in their opinion.


5…Dixie Chicks “Fly”


4…Ray Charles “Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music”. (one of my favorites because of great songs like this.)


3…Willie Nelson “Red Headed Stranger”


2…Waylon Jennings “Dreaming My Dreams”


And their choice for best Country Album all time is “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton.


Every music lover would probably have different choices for their top ten list. “Folsom Prison” by Johnny Cash would have been in my top 5. But the albums they listed are all iconic and great albums. I have all five in my personal collection.



A Mom shared this true story. She said, “I choked on some water and during my coughing fit, my 4-year-old asked me to be quiet so he could hear the TV.” The Mom then added, “I should start saving for a nursing home now”.


I’m writing for the first time in a long while with a young talent in North Carolina named Larry Frick who’s a wonderful traditional country singer. We wrote several years ago on a front porch in Nashville, and recently he reached out and asked if I ever wrote online?  I do…a lot. And that’s what we’ll do this morning. Looking forward to it.


Then tonight I’ll be in the stands watching our minor league baseball team that wraps up play for the year in mid-September. Hard to believe that football is already about to take over.


Have a great Wednesday!


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