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Grand Ole Circle...Huckabee Show...Fluffy Cows


Monday July 18, 2022


Monday morning in Twang Town after a busy weekend filled with music. We’re getting some needed rain today, and that’s going to cool things down to a high of just 84. We’ll take it.


Meanwhile, the UK could break a record today for highest temperature ever at 106 degrees! How would you like to be one of those Buckingham guards standing erect in one of those red suits with the Marge Simpson like hat on all day in that heat?



I worked into the weekend with a songwriting session with my long-time buddy and Hits & Grins partner Steve Dean along with Trop Rock artist Aubrey Wollett at my publishing company. Aubrey is working towards a new “beachy” kind of album so that was the mood Friday morning when we gathered. Steve brought a cool guitar lick that we all loved, and soon lyrics started falling all over that melody. We all loved the song when we got it done, and I’d bet my flip-flops that this song will make Aubrey’s next album. It’s never a bad writing day when the music takes you to the sand and the waters as this one did with us Friday morning.



I sat on the front row on a Huckabee TV Show that was taped Friday night and aired over the weekend to watch my friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge perform our song “Grand Ole Circle.” AND former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee played bass with the studio band when Darin and Brook sang our song. Click here and you can see Mike interview my friends talking about our song, and if you look, you’ll see me for a second too. Like you needed that.  My good friend and former longtime WSM and Grand Ole Opry announcer Keith Bilbrey is the announcer for the show, and it was the first time I’d seen him in a while, so it was a bonus getting to visit with him and the former Governor. The show ran all weekend on TBN, but in case you missed it, here’s that performance of “Grand Ole Circle”.


It’s an honor to have one of your songs sung on a national TV show. Thank you, Darin, and Brooke.


I went to nearby Percy Priest Lake to check out a little Trop Rock music festival that featured a couple of my friends including Aubrey Wollett & Mike Nash. It was outdoors and the temperature was way up in the 90’s and you could certainly feel it. So I didn’t stay too long, but long enough to hear some great beach music sitting along some of the parrot head faithful. 




Then I got another big dose of Darin and Brooke as I went to see their two-hour set Saturday night at the world-famous Station Inn here in Nashville with their full band, and that band is so good! They just really knocked the house down and they sang a couple of songs I helped write and they said some really nice things about that on stage. They credited this song “Corn” as the song that launched their career that I wrote with my dear friend Lisa Shaffer-Stone. I feel fortunate to be a small part of this talented couple’s musical journey. Thank you, Darin, and Brooke.




Guess what FINALLY came in? The car I ordered LAST September. I ordered a 2021, it took them so long to get one, it’s a 2022 instead. Unreal. When I ask the salesman if things are getting any better, he said it’s gotten worse and that it’s going to stay this way for a long time. No chips, no cars. Every car on the lot now is used, and jacked up in price, and they’re all spoken for…all the time.  Since my old ride has over 230,000 miles on it, I’m glad to be getting something new, especially with some long road trips coming up. He also told me the new “norm” is people ordering new cars and waiting as long as I did to get one. This dealership alone is waiting on something like 100 or so to arrive someday that have been ordered with folks waiting. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?


Much of the car shortage seems to be blamed on “chips”. This morning I read that some safety features like “blind spot” mirrors, heated seats and some onboard displays have been eliminated temporarily on some vehicles. Mine seems to have everything that’s supposed to be on it, but its buyer beware for sure.



Warner Brothers Studios, home of “Batman” and a ton of other big movies has a COVID outbreak. They had 43 cases reported last Tuesday alone. The numbers spiked after they required employees to come back to their offices at least 3 days a week.


With the new variant spreading, some of our National Parks are now reinstating mandatory mask wearing indoors. Those parks include Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier, the Grand Canyon, and Denali in Alaska.


And in California where some mandatory mask wearing is going to be mandated indoors again, hospitalizations have quadrupled from COVID cases.



Here’s an observant tweet someone posted.


2020…We weren’t allowed to go in public.

2022 …We can’t afford to go in public. 



A baseball player for the Washington Nationals, Juan Soto, just turned down a 440 MILLION dollar offer to stay with the team. He’s going somewhere else, for more money. I did NOT spend enough time developing fundamentals playing Khoury League baseball. Sigh.



I’m not a big peach guy. I like peaches but can’t remember the last time I ate peaches. If you are a big peach person, check out thisvideo of how to “pit” a peach with a pair of needle nose pliers. Proof you can do anything with pliers. I remember pliers reaching into my mouth as a kid to remove a tooth. And yes, I’m cringing right now thinking about it.



If you can fly a prop airplane, you can make $250,000 yearly right now for Connection Airlines out of Canada I believe because of the shortage of pilots. It’s a new start up airline. Salaries are up for almost anyone who can fly commercially right now, but that may be the top salary yet.



Folks have recently been gored by Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. Tourists will get out with their cameras and get too close, even though they know better. It’s gotten so stupid that park officials have now posted signs on the “web” that reads, “Don’t Pet The Fluffy Cows.”They should post a few more signs that read, "Not Responsible For Stupid".



“8% Of Men Believe They Can Beat A Lion In A Fist Fight”. Uh huh. I think I’ll take the lions and points.



The publication List Wire just printed what they consider to be the “Ten Worst US States To Live In.” Environmental standards, healthcare and crime were all considered in this survey. I found out that I’ve lived in three of these “worst” states. In reverse order they are: Nevada, Tennessee, Indiana, New Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, AND the worst? Arizona. Who knew? Happy to be living in one of the worst.



Two shows this week with my friend Brent Burns. Thursday night in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Friday night in Sullivan, Missouri. Only a few seats remain for the big theater show we’re doing in the Villages at Hot Springs, and 10 seats left for our indoor show at the Hangout House Concert Series in Sullivan. So if you’re thinking about catching one of these two, get your tickets.




First, I have to buy a Mega Million ticket because the odds are so against winning. That’s my shrewd lotto technique. When the payoff gets so large that I KNOW I have no chance of winning, I then plunk down my dollars for my ticket. And I went to college to gain this sort of insight and knowledge!


Then I’m off to write with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard who are expecting a Christmas baby this year!  And they are still busy as heck. In fact, Jenny is heading up an all-girl country music festival later this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, first of its kind. That’s where the couple got engaged, married, and where they filmed the video for her new single that I co-wrote with them, “That’s How I Got Married In AHonkytonk”. Very cool. So I’ll find out if there’s a baby bump yet, more about her festival, and we’ll get a start on a new song.


Have a great Monday!





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