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Writing With Jimmy...New Cuts...New Website Look


Tuesday June 28, 2022



Hello Tuesday. And where has June gone to? We’ll be blowing up firecrackers soon. 86 for a high here today in Nashville.



It’s always a pleasure to write with Jimmy Fortune. Something good always comes out of that writing room. And yesterday was no exception. While neither of us really had a great idea, we talked about a young artist I know who’s looking for “radio friendly” songs right now to put on his new album, so Jimmy almost instantly came up with a radio friendly guitar groove that allowed us to be inspired enough to write lyrics over that made sense. It just turned out great, so it was a win-win day as I got to rhyme with Jimmy, and we got something worth pitching to this artist at the same time.


Jimmy is truly one of my favorite folks and talents in this music town. Here’s his schedule. If he ever gets near you, get a ticket and then you can thank me later. Such an incredibly pure tenor voice that he used masterfully all those years he sang with the Statler Brothers, and now on his own. Good day at the office yesterday.



I got some great news from Rick Lang who is another co-writer of mine and heavily involved in the bluegrass scene. He sent me a text telling me that Terry Baucum and the Dukes of Drive is recording one of our Christmas songs for their bluegrass Christmas album that will be ou this season. And yet another one of our Christmas songs is being recorded by another noted bluegrass group Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers!  So, Santa put something in my Christmas stocking early this year. Thank you, Rick, for pitching and landing those two songs, and thank you to those two great grass groups for saying “yes” to them. Can’t wait to hear those.



This Thursday and any time after when you come to my website don’t be startled. It will have a brand-new look. Jon Wright and the folks at bythewaylabs.comhave been working behind the scenes to freshen up the look of my website and add more options, bells, and whistles if you will. I’m still learning how to “back door” manage some of it myself, so bear with me there. But I think you’ll like the new look come Thursday morning. 



The “Mo Mo” 50th Anniversary show that you’ve been reading about is getting close now. That will be this Friday night in Louisiana, Missouri. Tickets are still available as they have a lot of room. And if you’re interested in coming just read this article that will give you all the info you need to know about that old monster and the show itself. I’ll be coming home with a “Mo Mo” T-Shirt that the historical museum there will be selling for sure. It’s going to be an evening of history, fun, and music with a room full of family and friends I have not seen for way too long. I’m looking very forward to reliving the tale of old Mo Mo back home and visiting with folks Friday night.



Right after the Missouri trip I’ll be on a plane with 4 other Nashville songwriters to fly to beautiful Montrose, Colorado to write songs with veterans again for Freedom Sings USA. Our flight is dark and early one week from today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get there without delay or worse a cancelled flight like so many are experiencing right now. Yesterday another 770 flights were cancelled.



A WHO official says the more times an individual catches COVID the more likely they are to be unlucky and develop long term COVID.


The CDC added two destinations as high risk for Covid-19 risk. The Dominican Republic and Kuwait. Level 3…high.


Folks choose to get vaccinated…or not. Some choose to get vaccinated and then decide not to take the booster shots. Some roll up their sleeves for every booster. And many are conflicted of course. And then there are those who choose to be vaccinated because of pressure, or because they can’t travel somewhere they want to without all the shots. I had that conversation with a friend yesterday who told me about an upcoming trip to Europe. My friend did not know she had to be fully vaccinated to make this trip until yesterday. She’s had one shot only. And now, even though she doesn’t want the booster shots after having a bad reaction to the first shot, she’ll be rolling up her sleeve a couple more times so that she won’t have to miss this trip. And on it goes.



What person wakes up and thinks, “you know what? I think I’ll push a peanut up to Pikes Peak with my nose”?  More than one apparently. On July 9, a Bob Salem is going to attempt to do that. He’s not the first. There have been many failed “nose-nut” attempts, but I think 4 people did it successfully. The first guy was all the way back in the 1920’s when a guy named Bill Williams became the first to do it successfully. And now it’s become legendary.  FYI…Pike’s Peak?  14,115 feet in the air. That has GOT to be one REALLY slow roll with the nose.



If you’re putting together a 4th of July picnic? Food will now cost you 11% more. So while the bottle rockets are going up, so are food prices…and gas…and everything else it seems. It ain’t cheap being an American these days folks.



Guys, does your wife ever come to you when she’s trying to decide what to wear from an event or dinner or whatever and ask you, “which of these two do you like”? My wife does. She’ll hold up two dresses or outfits and then I’ll pick one. And then what does she do?  She wears the other one of course. I’ve come to learn that she must be thinking, “he has no taste so whichever he chooses, it’s the other one that’s best suited for the event”. Just me? I’ve gotten smarter about it through the years. Now if I for some reason want her to wear one of the choices, I’ll tell her my choice is NOT the dress I want her to wear. Sigh.


Jeff Foxworthy talks about that in his stand-up act a bit. He makes the observation that NO man ever goes to his wife with two pair of shoes while standing on one leg and asks, “These shoes…or these shoes”?



Some major retailers are saying they have so much inventory in stock now that they may change their return policy to where you can still get a refund for something you want to return, but then you keep whatever you’re returning so that they don’t have to deal with it.



I may have to move to Florida since they look to be passing a law that will allow the police to pull over and fine any motorist who has their music cranked up too loud in their vehicle. Ever pull up to a stop sign and some car pulls up with their music being blasted out of subwoofer huge speaker in the back? If the music travels more than 25 feet out of your car in Florida, you’ll get a ticket. And hopefully a reprimand for choosing awful music too. I’m hoping every police car that pulls over someone guilty of being a noise idiot will have the theme to “Cops” blasting out of speakers in the cop car. “Bad boys, bad boys”.



“Oh, you ran a 5K today? Cool. I buckled a toddler into a car seat twice today, so we both burned the same number of calories.”


I’m writing with Andrea Pearson today for the first time. Andrea is a young talented performer, background singer, Grammy winner, painter, horse lover and more. We met a few years ago when both of us were invited to sing in a choir for a song "We Are Houston" that the now late B.J Thomas was recording to help raise money for the city of Houston after that catastrophic flood they had. The great songwriter Sandy Knox who wrote “Does He Love You” that my friend Linda Davis sang on with Reba put that together as she is from Houston. Ray Stevens, The Oak Ridge Boys, LeRoy Parnell, Linda Davis, Bobby Tomberlin, and many other celebrity singers were also a part of that recording that day. So I’m looking forward to getting to know Andrea a little more and creating something together for the first time.


Have a great Tuesday!















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