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The Bluebird Experience...A Commercial Jingle...A Statler Brother


June 27, 2022

Monday morning has rolled around and right into the last week of June. And the weather dude is saying that below average temperatures are on the way for the south. That won’t hurt my feelings any after the sauna we’ve been living in for a bunch of days now. 87 for a high today.



This past weekend started with a co-write with Kristen Leigh Bearfield of the group “High Road” and my talented young friend Lauren Mascitti on Friday morning at my publishing company. The two of them are as busy as I am out on the road. Kristen has a new solo bluegrass single coming out in a week or so that she’s excited about that she played for Lauren and me. No wonder she’s excited! And Lauren is also recording and singing shows all over the place, a lot of them here in Nashville recently. And she’s also put together this little girl trio with two of her friends that’s so good. Check them out in this video from a “live” show recently.


When we got down to writing, we selected a title and an idea that Kristen brought, and that turned out to be a very good choice to chase as we all walked out of the room loving the song, and what the song says about how just one person sometimes can be the right person and make a difference in one’s life. Fun fun productive Friday morning with those two.



I don’t think I can put into words how truly great Saturday night was playing at the Bluebird Café here in Nashville with my friends Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. All three of us have played at the Bluebird before, numerous times, but it was the first time our “Hits & Grins” trio got to play the room together. Every show there sells out in minutes. Hard to get in. But those who do seem to appreciate the experience as much as the songwriters do that GET to play in that intimate listening environment. EVERY songwriter wants to play there. And once you do get to play there, you want to play there again as soon as possible. You can see how much fun the crowd had in thislittle video.


I can’t remember the last time I hear a crowd THAT receptive. Loud applause and whoops after almost every single song. We did a couple of brand-new songs, a bunch of familiar songs that are always in our set, some hit songs, some funny songs and it didn’t seem to matter to this crowd that was there from all over the country. And even an Australian was in the house. Just one of those nights that you wish could have been much longer than it was. And now we too can’t wait to be invited back. Thank you to all of you who came and made our night, and to the Bluebird for having us.



My Missouri friend Becky Denton and her talented musician husband Will contacted me over the weekend to tell me a song we wrote a couple of years ago is indeed going to be turned into a big commercial jingle for a huge seed company in Iowa. It will run on radio, TV and who knows what else maybe by August. We’re working out final details, and as soon as that’s done, I’ll tell you the company is, and the name of the song that Becky is also going to be releasing as a single. Some good news there for sure.



The world cup tournament for soccer has decided to increase player rosters from 23 to 26. Why? COVID. They want to make sure teams will have enough folks to field a full team if a player or two catches COVID.


More masks?  A Broadway show is back to requiring theater goers to wear their masks. The reason given is that the audience is VERY close to the stage. I will say, I’ve not seen a lot of masks anywhere. But Saturday night at the Bluebird Café, I saw a few. A couple staff members or three and a couple folks in the audience.


Pfizer is saying it’s two Omicron focused boosters improve a person’s immune response to COVID.



The one that reads, “Cremation Is My Last Hope For Having A Smoking Hot Body”. Where do I get one of those?



A sealed VHS tape of the movie “Back To The Future” just sold for $75,000.  Highest price ever paid for a VHS so far. Who knew?  VHS for crying out loud.



You can now buy the bus that Charlie Daniels toured in. They’ve dropped the price of the 1994 Prevost to just $200,000.


And if that star bus doesn’t do it for you, Dolly Parton is now renting out her tour bus for $10,000 over a 2-night stay that’s located at her Dream More Resort in Pigeon Forge. She’s not using it anymore, so it will be used this way. A lot of Dolly memorabilia is apparently onboard. I’ve played at the resort, and I will share that the hotel itself is worth staying at that also has a lot of “Dolly” stuff in it.


So…pick a bus.



Friday night after our Bluebird show our group gathered at a local watering hole to celebrate the show. One of the members of our group has a fleet of buses. He shared with us that it now costs $1,000 to fill up one of those and he had to do it 4 consecutive days in a row on one bus that was out on tour with an artist. A year ago it was about $400 or so. Man.


And I don’t know if electric will save the day or not. Cadillac just announced their all-electric luxury sedan could cost you $300,000 to drive one of those. I’m going need to have a couple of winning lotto tickets to travel soon.



Great movie. And it’s already made over $500 million at the box office. It’s only the 17th movie ever to reach that mark, and it’s not done yet with lots of movie goers going back to see it multiple times. And worldwide the movie has now made over a BILLION dollars.  It’s so big now, I’m wondering why someone is not making a “spoof” of it like they did with movies like “Airplane” and “Naked Gun”.



Colorado will launch the highest “loop” coaster with the steepest free fall drop next month at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood, Colorado. The coaster will be called “Defiance”. Now, I like coasters. But I’ve never been particularly crazy about those with “loops”. They’re okay, and steel coasters are fine too. But for me?  The old wooden coasters are still my fave. Like the incredible “Beast” I’ve mentioned here before at Kings Island just outside Cincinnati. BUT if I were near Glenwood? I’d have to get on once. And then pray that my corndog doesn’t come back up on the loop.



Woman Charged With Indecent Exposure At Louisiana Fest. It’s her quote that makes this the headline of the day. She said after being arrested, “All my bits were covered”. I’m looking up “bits” to make sure I know what she’s talking about.




Looking forward to rhyming with Jimmy Fortune today. It’s been a bit so it will be fun to hear about all the projects and shows he’s involved with. Jimmy of course is a former Statler Brother and has all those great stories he can share about those days. But he’s an incredible solo vocalist as well and is one of the 4 great singers in the group “Brotherly Love”. And if you’ve not heard them, watch, and listen to this video, and wait until the end when Jimmy leans in and hits the high note on this gospel classic. Amazing.


Have a great Monday!



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