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New Gospel Song Coming...Podcast...Bluebird Cafe



Friday June 24, 2022


Friday morning in Twang Town.



It was a full Wednesday for sure that started with a co-write with Irene Kelley who I had not seen in a bit. Irene is such a great writer-singer and she surprised me a bit by playing some of a new song we had written last year that’s going to be on her new album out soon. A gospel grass thing that just turned out great. Our mutual friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge will be adding harmonies on it, and I can’t wait to hear that. The duo also put their voices on this song Irene, and I wrote that was on her last album and it’s one of my favorite gospel things I’ve ever written, “Walk With Me.” If you listen to Darin and Brooke’s harmony on that song, you’ll hear why we are excited that they’ll sing harmony on the new tune also.  Thank you for loving the song, Irene! 


Irene has been spending more and more time over in the Smokie Mountains and I’d do the same if I had bought a lot and built a little cabin with the view she’s got there. We referenced the point of view in the first song we wrote yesterday. And then we tackled a wonderful “big” idea she brought with her. We still have a little work to do on that one, but we’ll get to it the next time we get together.



Right after I finished writing I drove about 30 minutes to Dave Lenahan’s home which is where Dave records his podcast “SongwriterConnection” that now has over 100,000 folks checking it out. Conversations and music with songwriters. Dave and I worked some together in and the interview he did with me, Steve Dean and Victoria Venier, our “Hits and Grins” trio was great fun. The podcast will be available to listen to in early August. Soon as I get the exact date, I’ll pass it along to you along with the link that will let you listen to the fun we had today.


And next up, our “Hit’s and Grins” trio plays a sold out 6 pm show at the Bluebird Café here in Nashville. Always an honor to play in that room.



If you ever get a chance, do get a ticket, and go the to the Bluebird and see a songwriters show. Truly the greatest small room listening experience. You can hear a pin drop in the place and that’s because folks know they’ll be asked to leave if they table talk.  Can’t wait to play there again Saturday night.


My favorite place to catch a bigger is easily the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. You can see and feel the history in that place. And many folks in the know agree that it has the best acoustics of any theater in the country.  Get you a ticket and sit on one of those old church pews in the Mother Church of Country Music sometime. You’ll thank me later.



A new study claims that 20 million lives were saved from vaccines in the first year of the pandemic. Over 4.3 billion worldwide have now received at least one shot.


Meanwhile, more studies are concluding that there are a lot of “negative” results coming back when folks do have COVID. The difference is that if they have been vaccinated or have had COVID already and now have some antibodies that they’re not as sick and it doesn’t show up as “positive” which is why they suggest taking more than one test if you get a negative reading.


And with all of that, doctors are urging the CDC to revise stringent COVID-19 measures for kids saying, “They have been steamrolled.”



The University of Cincinnati will now offer Bitcoin and Crypto classes as part of their curriculum. I need to sign up as I really have no clue yet what that’s all about, along with NFT’s and the whole Tik Tok craze. As hard as I try to move along and keep up in a digital world, sometimes I still feel like I’m an 8-Track tape. Hard to keep up.



Saw a picture of a menu for a restaurant yesterday that had “Seizure Salad” as a healthy option. Uh huh. 



Two subjects come up almost every day when I’m in a room getting ready to write with other folks. That would be COVID and inflation. The price of everything continues to climb. Here’s a new one. In a lot of places wine pours are shrinking WHILE the price goes up on that smaller portion of wine in your glass. The good news is that it might motivate change. You start messing with peoples Vino and they tend to get upset.


This one doesn’t really affect me as I can’t tell the difference between a good wine or a bottle of Boone’s Farm. However, I did order a pretty good glass or red the other day with my “seizure salad.”



With inflation, more folks are paying attention to deals. Amazon Prime Day is coming up like July 12, I think. Those Amazon drivers are going to stay busy. Although judging by the constant boxes that arrive here it’s going to be hard for me to tell the difference between Prime Day and a regular day around here. I won’t say who’s ordering…. but…okay…I won’t say.



Because of inflation smaller gas efficient USED car prices are soaring as well. The top models driving the increase? Hyundai Sonata 47.8% increase in price. Nissan Leaf 41.4%. Toyota Prius Prime 38% and the Toyota Prius 36.5%. And that’s if you can find one folks.



The family of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is throwing open the doors now on the Crocodile Hunter Lodge in Australia. It will cost you $900 a night to stay. You get a couple of perks, like free admission to the zoo there in Queensland, but 900 dollars for a night?  Who do they think they are?  Nashville? 


I’ve stayed in a couple of upscale hotels. But someone else paid. The Hollywood Roosevelt was cool and I’m sure the radio station bill was high for that stay of three nights to cover the Academy of Country Music Awards. And I remember covering the Garth Brooks concert in New York once for the radio station I worked at in Milwaukee at the time and the hotel they put us in was a very futuristic high-tech place that was so pristine and expensive looking that I felt like my pajamas should have been a 3-piece suit for bedtime.


So, I would stay at the Crocodile Hunter Lodge, but I’m going to need to cover awards show in Australia with a radio station footing the hotel bill. Otherwise, Tom Bodet…please leave a light on for me.



I’m writing with Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Bearfield today and writing with those two is always fun. Lauren, the former American Idol star is truly one of my favorite young girl singers in this town. Why she’s not already a star is a mystery to me. Check out this video of Lauren singing one of her original songs at the Station Inn a few nights ago alongside her co-writer on this song Renee Martin. And that’s the amazing songwriter Larry Cordle and Carl Jackson who played with Glen Campbell forever playing guitars. Amazing. Lauren is in studio making a new album, and so is Kristen Bearfield soon with her 4-girl gospel group High Road with Ben Isaacs as the producer. So, yea, I’m in a talented room today. Good thing I’m pretty!


Then I’m sneaking off to catch a little more baseball tonight.



So looking forward to being the Bluebird Café tomorrow night with “Hits & Grins”. I wish I could encourage you to get a ticket, but it’s sold out. A nice problem.


Have a great weekend.














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