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 Sneaking towards the weekend this Friday morning. And then next weekend will be Memorial Day weekend…already. It does feel like that time of year here in Nashville with the temperatures now hitting 90 degrees. 93 for a hot high today.


I’ve found out that quite a few bands-singers in bluegrass have a murder song tucked away in their arsenal. Not all…but a lot. So yesterday I got to write one of those kind of songs with my buddy  Troy Engle  up in Pennsylvania. I had a pretty good start on it when Troy popped up on my “Google Hangout” screen and he got into it quick as he loves that kind of stuff too. So, a complete work of music fiction with a cool story line in it got created yesterday.

I grew up in Missouri, and near where we live flows the Cuivre River. (Cuivre rhymes with river). And I’d always wanted to write a song that would reference that river. Yesterday it happened as the song itself is titled “Cuivre River.”


I wrote a song with  Jimmy Fortune  &  Sydni Perry  awhile back that’s one of my favorites, taken from something Winnie the Pooh said. “How Lucky Am I.” One of my second Mom’s grandchildren posted that little saying on her Facebook after  Dean Raymer  passed and it touched my heart so much that I wanted to write a song using that line to dedicate to Dean. I read the line at her funeral in Missouri when I got up to speak that day. The song was not completed but was written shortly afterwards with both Jimmy and Sydni singing an amazing version of the song.

Yesterday my heart was touched with my friend  Joe Dan Cornett  who’s the creative director at Billy Blue-Daywind where I wrote asked me to send him another copy. He lost his grandfather in Kentucky suddenly and wants to send our song to all the family to help comfort. That’s about as good as it gets for a songwriter, and I feel honored. And I’m sorry for his loss.

The chorus of the songs is:

How lucky am I?

How lucky am I?

To have someone who loved me with all their heart

How lucky am I?

How lucky am I?

To have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

How lucky am I?


The CDC now recommends booster shots for 5–11-year-olds.

Our Nashville minor league baseball team has a chicken mascot. His name is “Booster.” I’m starting to wonder if Booster’s last name is Shot.

The CDC also recommended yesterday COVID testing for all domestic flyers.


One of those would be “clean your plate.” With folks thinking healthy these days, not all parents want their kids to eat a big plate load of anything. I used to hear “clean up your plate” from my parents. Of course back then you’d see a coffee can of leftover grease sitting on top of the stove too. So there’s that. My wife is so danged healthy that she has tofu leftovers. Sigh.


It’s gotten so bad that more and more kids are moving back in with their parents as they can’t pay their own bills because of the price of everything going through the roof. I think that will make my friend  Brent Burns  song even more popular now “ Please Don’t Let Those Kids Move Back Home .”

Inflation is so concerning right now it does make me wish that congress would cancel their UFO talks and talk about what to do with inflation. Anyone else?


There are songs written for everything you can think of. That includes “Break Up” and “Make Up” songs. I have a song coming out in Australia soon recorded by a female artist there titled “Making Up, Breaking Up and Making Up Again.” So I’ve got both sides of that covered in this song I wrote with my Australia friend  Angus Gill  that  TC Cassidy  recorded. It got me researching “make up” and “break up” songs. So here’s a Top 5 list of “Breaking Up” and “Making Up” songs that some experts chose.


5 “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin” by the Righteous Brothers

4 “Neither One of Us” by Gladys Knight & the Pips

3 “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

2 “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Elliott Smith

And the number one breaking up song is:

“ I’d Rather Go Blind ” by Etta James


(And I’ve not heard a lot of these choices)

5 “Whatever It Takes” by Lifehouse

4 “We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah

3 “Strong Enough To Bend” by Tanya Tucker

2 “It’s Not Over by Second Hand Serenade

And the number one making up song:

“ Just Give Me A Reason ” by Pink & Nate Ruess


That old cornhole game is big in Cincinnati where I did morning radio for a lot of years.  The American Cornhole Organization  (it exists) is based there. This week they have a major cornhole tournament going on. Here’s how big the game is in the Queen City.

Years ago an actress and a movie producer came into my studio to be interviewed about a movie they had just shot in Cincinnati. The movie was a comedy based around the cornhole phenomenon. The premiere of " Cornhole The Movie " was in the Queen City.

After the interview I asked if they were using music for the movie and the producer said that they were indeed looking, and I asked if I could send them a song? He said yes and left me his contact info. Now, I had no song about “Cornhole”. None. But after they left and my show was done, I went into another studio with my guitar and wrote a song about “Cornhole” in about 10 minutes. Just me and the guitar and I sent it to them never expecting to hear back. But I did. They told me they LOVED the song and wanted to use it over the credits at the end of the movie. The ENTIRE silly song. So I told them “great” that I could get a singer in studio and produce a real recording of the song for them. They didn’t want that. They wanted to use the song as is. Just me and the guitar. And that’s exactly what they did.

The movie went straight to DVD and never made any money. Neither did I for the song. But you can still find the movie if you’d like and watch it. And then don’t turn it off until you hear my tune, “Cornhole The Song” at the end of the movie!


Back on the computer today with my buddy  Tim Stafford  who’s over in Knoxville. Tim is part of a tremendous bluegrass group called “Blue Highway”. The group is so big they are throwing their  own festival  with a tremendous lineup of acts that include my friend  Darin & Brooke Aldridge ,  Tommy Emmanuelle , October 7 & 8 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. That will be pretty special.

Then tonight I’ll be sitting behind home plate watching a little minor league baseball.

Have yourself a great weekend!


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