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 Hello Tuesday. Cloudy again this morning with a high of 83 in Nashville today.


Pretty non-eventful around the Whyte House yesterday. We’re on a gloomy run lately of weather and I’m ready for the sun to start popping its head back out again. I did get to the gym and did start a couple of song ideas so there’s that. Oh, and I may finally have a new car after ordering one last September. It took so long that the 2021 turned into a 2022.

I read this morning that the average age for a vehicle on the road is at an all-time high for the 5 th  year in a row. 12.2 years! Folks are keeping and repairing their cars since they’ve had trouble getting new one and saving money by driving them until the wheels fall off. Pretty much what happened with the one I’m driving now.


The Army is reporting nearly 100% vaccination, claiming only a 1% refusal among troops.

Pfizer says 3 doses of their vaccine provides strong immunity against COVID for kids aged 6 months to 5 years.

Meanwhile, North Carolina and a few other states report that there are more fully vaccinated patients in hospitals as opposed to unvaccinated.


Memorial Day coming up. Be American and buy a danged mattress. Judging from the sales every year, it might be some law I don’t know about. You can’t miss the signs and the ads right now. I’m holding out for the 2 for 1 Memorial Day Sale Special. Buy a mattress, get free grill.


The park, not the popular TV show is 150 years old. Wow. Gorgeous place to visit for sure. The Teton park that leads into Yellowstone for me may be even prettier from the south end. If you go in from the north end? Try and drive the Beartooth Mountain Highway like I did a few years ago with my friends  Linda Davis  and  Lang Scott  when we played just outside Bozeman, Montana. Incredibly beautiful. And the road will dump you into the northern part of Yellowstone where the sulfur pots and springs and mountains are.


Will be called “connect the chigger bumps”. I’ve got enough right now to play the game for a while. All I have to do is step into the yard and I come back with another bump that itches like crazy. Had em’ all my life growing up in the country. And it occurs to me that not once have I actually seen a danged chigger! And they’re never on display at the zoo when you go either. Mysterious. The must be in some kind of insect witness protection program.


In NYC they just removed the LAST pay phone booth. It did occur to me that I don’t know if my daughter ever took out a roll of quarters or dimes to make a call home or anywhere else. And her generation, and a lot of ours now no longer have a land line. And when I try and explain what a “party line” is to my daughter I see her eyes glaze over. Times do change.


I didn’t write this joke, but it’s pretty dead on from the husband who wrote, “When my wife had to rush to the hospital unexpectedly, she asked me to bring a few items from home. One item on the list was “comfortable underwear”. Worried I’d make the wrong choice, I asked, “How will I know which ones to pick”?

The wife replied, “Hold them up and imagine them on me. If you smile, put them back”.


This would do it. Climb in a jet with  Tom Cruise  and sit there while he puts your heart up in your throat with some aerial tricks. TV late night show host James Corden jumped out of a plane with Tom Cruise a few months ago. This is even better as the two were doing the stunt to promote Tom’s new  Top Gun  movie. Shows you what a skilled pilot Tom Cruise is too.

I can feel what James Corden was feeling when I watch this video. When I was on air in Indianapolis, I got invited to fly in a small stunt plane. The pilot had broken the record for most consecutive barrel rolls. That alone should have made me say, “maybe not”. But I climbed in the back seat of the little two-seater on a very hot day in Indy. That made it hot in the back seat with the canopy pulled over our heads. Not good when you’re about to do aerial tricks. We did some rolls and a couple of tricks and I kept repeating to myself “you’re not going to throw up, you’re not going to throw up”. Somehow, someway I did not but after the pilot put us in a hammerhead maneuver (the plane is nosediving straight down) I’d had enough. That pilot told me after we landed that I pulled 3 or 4 G’s. And then told me the week before he was in Canada and that Shania Twain was sitting the seat I was in that day and pulled 7 or 8 G’s and could not get enough. I got enough. More than enough.


I’m writing for the first time online with Stephen Lee Veal who lives down in Alabama. He plays some gigs down around the coastline and recently caught a show of mine in Mobile. And the conversation led to today’s writing session. It will be interesting to see what we can come up with together.

Have a great Tuesday!


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